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* This file should be #included as the first header in all *.c files.
#if !defined(ALUT_INTERNAL_H)
#define HAVE_CONFIG_H 1
#include "config.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#elif _MSC_VER < 1300
typedef char int8_t;
typedef unsigned char uint8_t;
typedef short int16_t;
typedef unsigned short uint16_t;
typedef int int32_t;
typedef unsigned int uint32_t;
#include <basetsd.h>
typedef INT8 int8_t;
typedef UINT8 uint8_t;
typedef INT16 int16_t;
typedef UINT16 uint16_t;
typedef INT32 int32_t;
typedef UINT32 uint32_t;
#error Do not know sized types on this platform
typedef int16_t Int16BigEndian;
typedef uint16_t UInt16LittleEndian;
typedef int32_t Int32BigEndian;
typedef uint32_t UInt32LittleEndian;
#define UNUSED(x) x __attribute__((unused))
#define UNUSED(x) x
#include <AL/alut.h>
#define AU_HEADER_SIZE 24
/* see:, G.72x are missing */
enum AUEncoding
AU_ULAW_8 = 1, /* 8-bit ISDN u-law */
AU_PCM_8 = 2, /* 8-bit linear PCM (signed) */
AU_PCM_16 = 3, /* 16-bit linear PCM (signed, big-endian) */
AU_PCM_24 = 4, /* 24-bit linear PCM */
AU_PCM_32 = 5, /* 32-bit linear PCM */
AU_FLOAT_32 = 6, /* 32-bit IEEE floating point */
AU_FLOAT_64 = 7, /* 64-bit IEEE floating point */
AU_ALAW_8 = 27 /* 8-bit ISDN a-law */
/* in alutCodec.c */
typedef ALvoid *Codec (ALvoid *data, size_t length, ALint numChannels,
ALint bitsPerSample, ALfloat sampleFrequency);
extern Codec _alutCodecLinear;
extern Codec _alutCodecPCM8s;
extern Codec _alutCodecPCM16;
extern Codec _alutCodecULaw;
extern Codec _alutCodecALaw;
/* in alutError.c */
extern void _alutSetError (ALenum err);
/* in alutInit.c */
extern ALboolean _alutSanityCheck (void);
/* in alutInputStream.c */
typedef struct InputStream_struct InputStream;
extern InputStream *_alutInputStreamConstructFromFile (const char *fileName);
extern InputStream *_alutInputStreamConstructFromMemory (const ALvoid *data,
size_t length);
extern const char *_alutInputStreamGetFileName (const InputStream *stream);
extern size_t _alutInputStreamGetRemainingLength (const InputStream *stream);
extern ALboolean _alutInputStreamDestroy (InputStream *stream);
extern ALboolean _alutInputStreamEOF (InputStream *stream);
extern ALvoid *_alutInputStreamRead (InputStream *stream, size_t length);
extern ALboolean _alutInputStreamSkip (InputStream *stream,
size_t numBytesToSkip);
extern ALboolean _alutInputStreamReadUInt16LE (InputStream *stream,
UInt16LittleEndian *value);
extern ALboolean _alutInputStreamReadInt32BE (InputStream *stream,
Int32BigEndian *value);
extern ALboolean _alutInputStreamReadUInt32LE (InputStream *stream,
UInt32LittleEndian *value);
/* in alutLoader.c */
extern ALuint _alutCreateBufferFromInputStream (InputStream *stream);
extern void *_alutLoadMemoryFromInputStream (InputStream *stream,
ALenum *format, ALsizei *size,
ALfloat *frequency);
/* in alutOutputStream.c */
typedef struct OutputStream_struct OutputStream;
extern OutputStream *_alutOutputStreamConstruct (size_t maximumLength);
extern ALboolean _alutOutputStreamDestroy (OutputStream *stream);
extern void *_alutOutputStreamGetData (OutputStream *stream);
extern size_t _alutOutputStreamGetLength (OutputStream *stream);
extern ALboolean _alutOutputStreamWriteInt16BE (OutputStream *stream,
Int16BigEndian value);
extern ALboolean _alutOutputStreamWriteInt32BE (OutputStream *stream,
Int32BigEndian value);
/* in alutUtil.c */
extern ALvoid *_alutMalloc (size_t size);
extern ALboolean _alutFormatConstruct (ALint numChannels, ALint bitsPerSample,
ALenum *format);
extern ALboolean _alutFormatGetNumChannels (ALenum format,
ALint *numChannels);
extern ALboolean _alutFormatGetBitsPerSample (ALenum format,
ALint *bitsPerSample);
/* in alutWaveform.c */
typedef struct BufferData_struct BufferData;
extern BufferData *_alutBufferDataConstruct (ALvoid *data, size_t length,
ALint numChannels,
ALint bitsPerSample,
ALfloat sampleFrequency);
extern ALboolean _alutBufferDataDestroy (BufferData *bufferData);
extern void _alutBufferDataDetachData (BufferData *bufferData);
extern ALvoid *_alutBufferDataGetData (const BufferData *bufferData);
extern size_t _alutBufferDataGetLength (const BufferData *bufferData);
extern ALfloat _alutBufferDataGetSampleFrequency (const BufferData
extern ALboolean _alutGetFormat (const BufferData *bufferData,
ALenum *format);
extern ALuint _alutPassBufferData (BufferData *bufferData);
#endif /* not ALUT_INTERNAL_H */