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IE 10 support #33

erothvt opened this Issue · 2 comments

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It turns out, at least in the release preview, IE 10 style element is case sensitive. So in the javascript where it is checking for "MSAnimation" this will always fail. But it will find "msAnimation". So if you update this code in alice.core from:
// Internet Explorer 10+
else if ("MSAnimation" in {
this.prefix = "-ms-";
this.prefixJS = "MS";

// Internet Explorer 10+
else if ("msAnimation" in {
this.prefix = "-ms-";
this.prefixJS = "ms";

Alice will then work in IE10 release preview.

However it turns out you do not need the ms prefix for css3 animations to work in IE10 but again it is case sensitive, so where all the style elements are being set, when in IE the first letter must be lower case for example when setting the "AnimationName" it must be "animationName".

Doing this will of coarse break everything when you do need a prefix, so for now it is probably best to keep the ms prefix.


Thanks a bunch for the info. I'll tend to that asap!

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Matt Lantz Issue #33
According to a friend we need lower case to achieve proper
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