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  1. Install node and npm and add to path. Download Here
  2. Install BlackBerry Native SDK. Download Here
  3. Install CMake. Download Here
  4. Add BlackBerry Native SDK bin directory to path. i.e. Installation Directory\host\win32\x86\usr\bin
  5. Add CMake bin to path. i.e. Installation Directory\bin
  6. Add Git bin to path. i.e. Installation Directory\bin [Windows only]

Setup and Build

  1. git clone
  2. cd BB10-WebWorks-Framework
  3. git checkout next
  4. Configuration:
    • For Mac: ./configure
    • For Windows: bash configure (run from command prompt)
  5. Run 'jake test' and check that jake runs and completes
  6. Setup bbndk environment variable
    • For Mac: Add "source installation directory here/" to your bash profile
    • For Windows: Run BBNDK Installation Directory\bbndk-env.bat.
  7. Run 'jake' or 'jake build' and check that the output folder is created under the "target/zip" subfolder. If on windows, run jake from command prompt.

Running Tests

  1. jake test - to run js tests using nodejs
  2. jake native-test - to run native unit tests
    1. To setup run jake upload-ssh-key[,] eg. jake upload-ssh-key[,~/.ssh/]
    2. To run the tests use jake native-test[,] eg. jake native-test[device,]


  1. cpplint is used for linting Cpp code. Source code is located under dependencies/cpplint
  2. JNEXT is used to build extensions. Original source of JNEXT was downloaded from here - Modifications are available in source code and located udner dependencies/jnext_1_0_8_3
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