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blackberry.system - info.isPlugged is undefined in #139

ishneur opened this Issue · 5 comments

4 participants

Igor Shneur Nukul Bhasin Ken Wallis Jeffrey Heifetz
Igor Shneur
  1. Run the attached app
  2. Click on addEventListener('batterystatus', onBatteryStatusChangeOne)
  3. Plug the device in to a power source

Expected: batterystatus event is triggered
Actual: batterystatus event is not triggered

  1. Change the battery level by charging or draining the battery (on a real device), or modify StateOfCharge in the file pps/services/power/battery on the simulator's file system

The battery level (info.level) is shown correctly, but the battery status (info.isPlugged) is undefined:

On the file system, in the file /pps/services/power/charger, the field ChargingState is missing for both simulator and real device. When I add this field on the simulator and set it to DC, then the batterystatus event is triggered and info.isPlugged becomes "true". This is probably why info.isPlugged is undefined and batterystatus is not triggered when connecting to a power source.

SCM build:
Device/simulator build:

Nukul Bhasin

@kwallis - the pps object seems to have changed, I doubt we can fix this in time for this release. Do you think it's gating? Wecan try to fix it today of you think it's gating.

Ken Wallis
Jeffrey Heifetz

@ishneur this has been fixed, correct?

Jeffrey Heifetz

Clearing milestone for now

Igor Shneur

Tested on and it works now.

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