IP address is not shown in the Web Inspector alert on the simulator #196

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ishneur commented Aug 10, 2012

When web inspector is enabled, the web inspector alert doesn't show the IP address on the simulator. It just says "Web inspector enabled".

This happens on simulator


jeffheifetz commented Aug 13, 2012

Does it display properly for the browser once enabled?


nukulb commented Aug 13, 2012

Our code deviates from the browser here.


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Does it display properly for the browser once enabled?

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ejzn commented Aug 15, 2012

This doesn't work because we don't have the same PPS object do we? The alert message is from the PPS object.


kwallis commented Sep 18, 2012

Fixed in latest?


ejzn commented Sep 18, 2012

Not as of yet. I checked this morning.

Any more work on this issue? I'm having it with BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK, BlackBerry10Simulator-BB10_1_X-1483. Not showing the IP with Web inspector enabled apps or when I turn on Web inspector in the browser. However, I can access the web inspector through and find my browser in the list, but no apps. Would help with my issue I've brought up here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17993669/web-inspector-not-finding-blackberry-10-simulator-webworks-app


jeffheifetz commented Aug 1, 2013

@conorrobotham Are you saying that the dialog that appears displyaing the web inspector address and port is missing its port value?

@jeffheifetz It's not displaying the IP address either. I just got the IP from the bottom left-hand corner of my simulator and I got the port number online. Here's screenshots. Cheers for your answer on Stack Overflow btw, everything is working fine now.
web inspector pop-up app
web inspector browser


jeffheifetz commented Aug 2, 2013

Glad it helped, for some odd reason when I read what you had posted I thought you were somehow seeing the issue on device.

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