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Whitelisting - No dialog is displayed on startup and application is stuck on the loading screen (followed by a crash) if the start page is external and is not whitelisted #255

ishneur opened this Issue · 6 comments

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Load and run the attached app - it doesn't have an <access> element in config.xml and the startup page is external.

The application is stuck on the loading screen, no whitelisting dialog is displayed, and the app crashes after about a minute with the following message: "Application did not open a window within the allotted time and has been slayed".



@kwallis - looks serious, I would like an assigned milestone.


I mean you should assign the next milestone to it.

assigned to Rel10


I was just about to do that...


This should be resolved now, the current behaviour should be that the page opens in childBrowser. @tracyli to confirm


verified in with http://ci0000003863287:8080/hudson/job/BB10-Webworks-Packager/149/ and scm build1.0.4.7: external page without whitelisting is opened in childBrowser as expected.

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