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Contact's "Personal" email addresses do not come through #300

mdineen opened this Issue · 13 comments

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May be an issue for the contacts team, as the "Personal" flags do not show in the contact summary screen either. Doesn't appear to be any way to return these through webworks.

Dev alpha 320287


cc @rwmtse


"Personal" needs to map to blackberry.pim.contacts.ContactField.HOME, I think.


@mdineen I just want to make sure I understand the issue here. Are you saying the email that has "type" set to ContactField.HOME is not persisted with the expected type?

I just ran a test on (I believe the underlying Contact code should be the same), and it looks fine to me.

This is the contact I create:

var first_name, last_name, new_contact;
first_name = "Alessandro";
last_name = "Smith";
new_contact = contacts.create(); = new contacts.ContactName(); = first_name; = last_name;
new_contact.emails = [ new contacts.ContactField("home", "", false),
new contacts.ContactField("work", "", true) ]; // ContactField.HOME is set to "home"

After save, I did a search and I could see both emails and I could see "" is tied to type "home".

Am I understanding the issue correctly?

I do notice the Contacts app does not show the "Personal" for the personal email in the details screen. But the WebWorks api does not seem to have the same problem.


@mdineen I could reproduce the problem you observed. I am checking with the related teams now. Seems like the native api does not return email associated with type "Personal".


@mdineen I've followed up with the Contacts app people. They should really use the "home" type as oppose to "personal" type on their end. So it's something they need to fix.

@kwallis There isn't anything that WebWorks has to fix for this issue. The contact is not created properly by the Contacts app. PR 222710 has been created to track it.


Let's leave this open for now to track as known issue etc. Once the PR is fixed and we have public builds out there we can close. Make sense?


Sounds good.


@rwmtse Whats the status of this?


PR222710 has been fixed.


So can this issue be closed, or should it be re-targetted to the next release?


Can be closed.

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