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Support Sensors not supported by HTML5 #301

nukulb opened this Issue · 3 comments

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The ones that are supported through HTML5 will not be done by webworks obviously
Here is overal list that might be possible

  • Accelerometer: /dev/sensor/accel

  • Magnetometer: /dev/sensor/mag

  • Gyroscope: /dev/sensor/gyro

  • Proximity: /dev/sensor/prox

  • Light: /dev/sensor/light

  • Gravity: /dev/sensor/gravity

  • Linear Acceleration: /dev/sensor/linAccel

  • Rotation Vector: /dev/sensor/rotVect

  • Orientation: /dev/sensor/orientation

  • Rotation Matrix: /dev/sensor/rotMatrix

  • Azimuth, Pitch and Roll: /dev/sensor/apr

  • Face Detect: /dev/sensor/faceDetect

  • Holster: /dev/sensor/holster

  • Compass: /dev/sensor/compass


This is awesome !!! I saw a great sample created by Shadid today (All cascades), I'll share if interested?

@kwallis kwallis referenced this issue in blackberry-webworks/BB10-WebWorks-Framework

Sensors API #227


Rotation vector won't be supported, it is only there for android support, rotation matrix provides the same functionality


Face detection has also been removed as it is covered by the proximity sensors

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