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White List: Blank page is displayed after clicking on a non-whitelisted URL and dismissing the alert #85

ishneur opened this Issue April 27, 2012 · 4 comments

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Igor Shneur Nukul Bhasin Adrian Lee
Igor Shneur

1. Run the attached app and click on the first URL.
2. Click OK to the "Access not allowed" alert

Expected: The app stays on the start page
Actual: There is another Access alert for a file on atg05-yyz followed by a blank page


Build: \\Share\SCM Builds\BlackBerry Webworks SDK for BB10 1.0.0 Bundle 7

Adrian Lee

This issue is also reproducible with any URL that points to a .htm or .html.

Nukul Bhasin
nukulb commented May 18, 2012

We need more details, when exactly is this happening?

Adrian Lee

A non-whitelisted URL continues to load even after our whitelist logic denies the page. Although the page does load and only a white screen is displayed, there is a request for the favicon of the page which is also denied by our whitelist.

I am creating an app which doesn't use our webworks logic and just sends a DENY to the NetworkResourceRequest to prove it is not our fault.

Adrian Lee

Here's a non-webworks app which denies all NetworkResourceRequests except the start page.

You will see that any URL which ends with a .htm or .html will lead to a white page.


Nukul Bhasin nukulb closed this July 22, 2012
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