The BB10 WebWorks Packager bundles the App content with the BB10 WebWorks Framework to create a BAR to run on the BB10 Device (or simulator)
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BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Packager

WebWorks is an application framework and packaging tool that allows a developer to create a standalone BlackBerry application using HTML5/CSS/JavaScript. Web developers can create a device application experience, including AppWorld distribution and monetization to system security policy enforcement, to deep device system and service integration. All using the technologies they are familiar with, leveraging the power of the industry leading web platform being built for BlackBerry 10. This repo contains the code for the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Packager and submodules the Framework.


  1. Install node[v0.6.10] and npm and add to path.
  2. Install BlackBerry 10 Native SDK.
  3. Install BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK.
  4. [Windows] Add Git bin to PATH. i.e. *Installation Directory*\bin
  5. [Linux] Build node[v0.6.10+], ensure it works on your distro and copy the binary into third_party\node\linux\ folder.

Setup and Build

  1. git clone
  2. cd BB10-Webworks-Packager
  3. git checkout master
  4. Setup bbndk environment variables: (must be done within each session, prior to jake)
    • [Mac/Linux] source *BBNDK installation directory*/
    • [Windows] *BBNDK installation directory*\bbndk-env.bat
  5. Copy Dependencies:
    Copy the dependencies directory from the latest BlackBerry 10 WebWorks SDK into the cloned BB10-WebWorks-Packager folder. For more details on how to install go here.
  6. Configuration:
    • [Mac/Linux] ./configure [from terminal]
    • [Windows] bash configure [from command prompt]
  7. Run jake or jake build and check that the output folder is created under the "target/zip" subfolder.
  8. Run jake test and check that jake runs and completes

Building an application

[Mac/Linux] ./bbwp test/ -o <output dir>
[Windows] bbwp.bat test\ -o <output dir>

Please ensure you build your application from the "target/zip" folder and not the root of your BB10-Webworks-Packager clone; Otherwise the resulting bar won't launch.

Common issues

Cloning into dependencies/webplatform... error: Couldn't resolve host '' while accessing

Solution: This error can be ignored, but please see the "Setup and Build" - "Webplatform setup:" section above for instructions on copying the necessary webplatform files.



To contribute code to this repository you must be signed up as an official contributor.

To add new Samples or make modifications to existing Samples:

  1. Fork the BB10-Webworks-Packager repository
  2. Make the changes/additions to your fork
  3. Send a pull request from your fork back to the BB10-Webworks-Packager repository
  4. If you made changes to code which you own, send a message via github messages to one of the Committers listed below to have your code merged


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