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Warning during packaging and application icon is not displayed if 2 icons are specified in config.xml #125

ishneur opened this Issue · 8 comments

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Igor Shneur Nukul Bhasin Adam Stanley Ken Wallis Rosa Tse
Igor Shneur

1. Specify 2 icons in config.xml, e.g.:
<icon src="img/state/default_i_off.png" />
<icon src="img/state/default_i_on.png" rim:hover="true" />
2. Build the app

The following warning is displayed twice during packaging:
[WARN] Warning: Cannot find application or default icon

Also, after the application is installed, its icon does not appear.

This issue could be resolved once the following user story is implemented: #110


Build: \\Share\SCM Builds\BlackBerry Webworks SDK for BB10 1.0.0 Bundle 7

Nukul Bhasin

@ishneur instead of putting links to issues you should refer to them using this syntax - blackberry/BB10-Webworks-Packager#110.
This creates a link in the issue you refering to so, when someone looks at the User Story they will know that you are expecting this bug to fixed with it. Let me know if you have questions regarding this.

Adam Stanley

Thanks for filing this.

Remove the second <icon> element from the config.xml file:

<icon src="img/state/default_i_on.png" rim:hover="true" />

Note: Any developer trying to build the bbUI.js sample application will currently encounter this issue.

Ken Wallis

I assume this is no longer an issue with this release?

Igor Shneur

It doesn't happen anymore in SCM build

I my config.xml I specified this:
<icon src="tire.png" />
<icon src="bulbon.gif" rim:hover="true" />

There were no warnings during packaging.

At runtime, it shows the second icon (bulbon.gif) and not the first one. These icons differ in size - tire.png is 64x64 and bulbon.gif is 100x180, maybe that's the reason.

Adam Stanley

Curious if bulbon.gif would still be selected if the ordering of the elements was reversed? If it is bigger, then I kind of hope it will continue to be chosen (means the packager is doing its thing and picking the best fit for the BB10 home screen).

Igor Shneur

It still selects bulbon.gif after I reversed the order, with or without rim:hover="true".

Ken Wallis
Rosa Tse

BB10 packager totally ignores the rim:hover attribute, it doesn't care whether it's true or false or unspecified. And it's the BB10 OS that selects which icon to display. The packager just specifies all the icons (in the bar-descriptor.xml).

Ken Wallis kwallis closed this
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