Unclear error message is printed out when typing "bbwp -v" or "bbwp --verbose" #136

ishneur opened this Issue May 20, 2012 · 4 comments

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Description: At the command prompt, type "bbwp -v" or "bbwp --verbose"

Output of Tumbler and Snarf:
[INFO] Parsing command line options
[ERROR] Invalid command line parameters
(Usage/Help information for Tumbler or Snarf...)

Output of BB10 packager:
[INFO] Populating application source
[ERROR] Error: Unable to find end of central directory record

Build: \CI0000000094259.rim.net\Share\SCM Builds\BlackBerry Webworks SDK for BB10 1.0.0 Bundle 11


The behavior now is a bit different. Now packager prints out the following output when typing the above commands, which is also unrelated to the command:
[INFO] Populating application source
[WARN] webworks.js is now packaged as local:///chrome/webworks.js
[INFO] Parsing config.xml
[ERROR] No config.xml file was found at the root of the .zip file


How can I run this command in ripple? The Package section doesn't have the -v option and I don't think you can run your own commands.


If I'm not mistaken the root of the issue is that no application source (zip file or directory) has been provided. Shouldn't the message say something more like that?

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