Event API - Error occurs when closing an application while a battery event listener is running on 10.0.05 #140

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ishneur commented May 28, 2012
  1. Run the attached app
  2. Add an event listener for batterystatus, batterycritical or batterylow
  3. Close the app

The following error occurs: "application did not handle 'exit' message and was slayed"

This error happens on 10.0.5 ( and not on 10.0.4.

This issue happens in the next branch and in the following branches:

Attachment: https://github.com/downloads/blackberry-webworks/BB10-Webworks-Packager/GHI140.zip
Screenshot: https://github.com/downloads/blackberry-webworks/BB10-Webworks-Packager/GHI140.bmp

rwmtse commented Jun 21, 2012

@nukulb When the guy said PR 165663 is resolved, he opened another issue PR 166456 which is to ensure "application.exit" event is fired when the browser is closed. He relies on getting this event so that proper clean-up can be done. The 2nd PR is still open. Based on Jeff Rogers' comment, it doesn't seem like he can come up with a fix any time soon.

nukulb commented Jul 10, 2012

@rwmtse @ishneur - still happening?

ishneur commented Jul 10, 2012

Still happening on

ishneur commented Jul 10, 2012

Also, just opened this issue for battery events: blackberry/BB10-WebWorks-Framework#139

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