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Splash screen specified in the image tags loads even after the user specifies a wrong language in the image tags: #160

issp opened this Issue June 23, 2012 · 3 comments

4 participants

Smita Pillai Ken Wallis Nukul Bhasin Rosa Tse
Smita Pillai
issp commented June 23, 2012

Description: Load a widget with the rim:splashScreen as follows with a wrong language entered within the text tags and compile and load the widget in the playbook device.

<text xml:lang="de">splash-1024x600.jpg</text>
<text xml:lang="ee">splash-600x1024.jpg</text>

After the user changes to "German" language in the device and starting the widget in portrait mode still runs the specified splash screen.

Build #: http://ci0000003863287:8080/hudson/job/BB10-Webworks-Packager-next-splashscreen-multires/16/

Widget - #160
Bar file -

Nukul Bhasin
nukulb commented July 10, 2012

@rwmtse @issp - is this still valid?

Rosa Tse
rwmtse commented July 10, 2012
Smita Pillai
issp commented July 10, 2012

Shall I close this issue?

Ken Wallis kwallis closed this September 17, 2012
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