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WebView Example - A simple jquery example of leveraging a webview in Cascades


This is a rather feature-rich template to create an app that performs extremely fast when built entirely in Cascades with a webview for dynamic content. Cascades provides a simple wrapper and animation effects, while all the program logic lies within the assets folder as Javascript.

The logic goes out and runs JSONp against the IMDB movie database, returns and parses the JSON result into a nice view within Jquerymobile. The animations are designed and timed precisely to limit the user's awareness that web-service calls are waiting to be returned. This is a great way to give a web app the appearance of running natively!

See inline docs for more information...

How to Build

  1. Import the project into QNX Momentics IDE.

  2. Build the application using build option in IDE.

  3. To deploy use the Run option from IDE.

File Structure

bar-descriptor.xml - Cascades project file. Contains application parameters and permissions.

assets: /images: images and icons for the application.

Known Issues

  • Cannot utilize WebWorks extensions directly with this model

More Info

Contact me with any questions or concerns at @latestlinux or email me

Icons are from Crystal - Free and reusable without permission.

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