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AutoFill blocking solution for Password AutoFill in UITextField

This sample demonstrates how to block AutoFill suggestions in UITextField instances. BBDAutoFillBlockerField is a subclass of the native UITextField for AutoFill blocking. AutoFill blocking is achieved by providing custom secureTextEntry implementation and modifying textContentType property. Custom secureTextEntry implementation tries to match the system one and includes:

  • text obscuring with bullets.
  • copy/paste blocking.
  • text autocorrection prevention.
  • dictation and custom keyboards blocking.
  • emoji prevention.


To block AutoFill for UITextField instances on a particular screen make sure that all text fields on the screen extend BBDAutoFillBlockerField. If at least one UIView instance on the screen has secureTextEntry enabled, then AutoFill suggestion may appear randomly on any other UITextField instances on the same screen. See:

The solution has a module for dictation and custom keyboards blocking for secured text fields. Custom keyboards blocking is achieved by overriding shouldAllowExtensionPointIdentifier method of UIApplicationDelegate(see NSObject+KeyboardBlocking category). In the case if an application already has this method implemented in application delegate, that method needs to be rewritten in the same way as NSObject+KeyboardBlocking category works.


  • Boris Zinkovych - Initial Work


This sample is released as Open Source and licensed under Apache 2.0 License.

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