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Update README to indicate that the build script takes a new option

that indicates if they are built statically or dynamically
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1. Open a command prompt (building from Linux and Windows works; Mac has not been tested).
2. Execute bbndk-env.bat or from root of NDK install.
3. Navigate to local boost repo.
-4. Change to the rim-build directory. Run the script using this command:
+4. Change to the rim-build directory. The script can build static or dynamic libraries. For example, to build dynamic libraries, use this command:
- ./ install
+ ./ install dynamic
This will invoke the bjam executable to build the libraries in subdirectories of bin.v2 as well as copy them to a staging directory (under rim-build/boost-stage).
All the libraries are compiled, not just the ported ones. The Boost.Python library can be enabled by setting the `PYTHON_SRC_DIR` variable in to the Python source location.
- Use `./ clean` to clean the build.
+ Use `./ clean <static|dynamic>` to clean the build.
## Test Instructions

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