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The Build folder contains custom made project files for Visual Studio 2010 and XCode4.
To build for the QNX platform on Windows, run cmd.exe and execute the following commands:
> cd [bbndk] where [bbndk] is where the QNX NDK was installed (i.e. C:\bbndk)
> bbndk-env.bat
> cd [box2d]/qnx where [box2d] is the directory where Box2D was extracted to
> make
Following this, the relevant binaries should reside in the following subdirectories:
[box2d]/qnx/arm/a.le.v7 (ARM release)
[box2d]/qnx/arm/a.le.v7.g (ARM debug)
[box2d]/qnx/x86/a (x86 simulator release)
[box2d]/qnx/x86/a.g (x86 simulator debug)
For other platforms you need to run premake in this directory. You can get premake here:
For example, on Linux, you would type:
premake4 gmake
This will create a gmake folder in the Build directory. From there you can run:
make config="debug"
If you have build problems, you can post a question here:
=============== OLD METHOD ====================
Box2D uses CMake to describe the build in a platform independent manner.
First download and install cmake from
For Microsoft Visual Studio:
- Run the cmake-gui
- Set the source directory to the path of Box2D on your PC (the folder that contains this file).
- Set the build directory to be the path of Box2D/Build on your PC.
- Press the Configure button and select your version of Visual Studio.
- You may have to press the Configure button again.
- Press the Generate button.
- Open Box2D/Build/Box2D.sln.
- Set the Testbed or HelloWorld as your startup project.
- Press F5 or Ctrl-F5 to run.
For Unix platforms, say the following on a terminal: (Replace $BOX2DPATH with the directory where this file is located.)
cd $BOX2DPATH/Build
make install
You might want to add -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/Box2D or similar to the cmake call to change the installation location. make install might need sudo.
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