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Header file for use by GLUI controls.
Everything you need is right here.
/* This is the main GLUI external header */
#include "glui.h"
/* Here's some utility routines */
#include "glui_internal.h"
A GLUI_Control-drawing sentinal object.
On creation, saves the current draw buffer and window.
On destruction, restores draw buffer and window.
This is way nicer than calling save/restore manually.
class GLUI_DrawingSentinal {
int orig_buf, orig_win;
GLUI_Control *c;
/** The constructor sets up the drawing system */
GLUI_DrawingSentinal(GLUI_Control *c_);
/** The destructor cleans up drawing back how it was */
// Do-nothing routine to avoid compiler warning about unused variable
inline void avoid_warning(void) {}
/** Just drop a GLUI_DRAWINGSENTINAL_IDIOM at the start of your draw methods,
and they'll return if we can't be drawn, and
automatically save and restore all needed state.
#define GLUI_DRAWINGSENTINAL_IDIOM if (NOT can_draw()) return; GLUI_DrawingSentinal drawSentinal(this); drawSentinal.avoid_warning();
/** Return the time, in seconds. */
inline double GLUI_Time(void) {return 0.001*glutGet(GLUT_ELAPSED_TIME);}
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