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- Added a missing word in Building.txt.

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1 parent 90a64e2 commit e22eec492d8730a45ab30bb2632d478471b70069 @chrisculy chrisculy committed Oct 5, 2011
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2 Building.txt
@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@ Following this, the relevant binaries should reside in the following subdirector
[box2d]/qnx/arm/a.le.v7 (ARM release)
[box2d]/qnx/arm/a.le.v7.g (ARM debug)
- [box2d]/qnx/x86/a (x86 release)
+ [box2d]/qnx/x86/a (x86 simulator release)
[box2d]/qnx/x86/a.g (x86 simulator debug)
For other platforms you need to run premake in this directory. You can get premake here:

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