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PAUL24 commented Feb 19, 2013

I was trying to use mm-renderer library in cascades! But while using it , the project is not creating any binary! Also there is no code line error! Please help me!


surashid commented Feb 20, 2013

Hello @PAUL24 ,

Are you including the required libraries in the .pro file for your project (for example: mmrndclient)? You can modify the .pro file manually or add the libraries to your Cascades project via the IDE's GUI steps.

You can figure out all the required libraries from the existing native sample app for using mm-renderer (on github):


PAUL24 commented Feb 20, 2013

Hi surashid,
I appreciate your help! I have included all library as, LIBS+= -bps -screen -mmrndclient -strm
also tried, LIBS += lbbmmrndclient in property file! But the result is same!
There is no error while adding these codes,
mmr_connection_t connection;
mmr_context_t *context;
const char
context_name = "AnyNameYouWant";
int output = 0;

  int input = 0;

But after including this,

  connection = mmr_connect(NULL);

Its not creating the binaries!
Please help me to solve this!

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