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HelloOggVorbis - Basic Ogg file handling using OpenAL and OggVorbis

Sample Description.

This sample is extended from the original cascades cowbell sample at \ The objective of this sample is to serve as a tutorial for setting up OpenAL and OggVorbis SDK to play compressed .ogg vorbis sound format. The sample also shows how to decode the regular .wav files without ALUT.


BlackBerry 10 Native SDK Beta

Running the example:

  1. Download the source code
  2. Launch BlackBerry 10 Native SDK Beta, and from the File menu, select Import.
  3. Expand General, and select Existing Projects into Workspace. Click Next.
  4. Browse to the location of the source code project, and then click OK.
  5. The sample project should display in the the Projects section. Click Finish to import the project into your workspace.
  6. In the Project Explorer pane, Right-click the the project and select Build Project.
  7. In the Project Explorer pane, Right-click the the project and select Run As > BlackBerry C/C++ Application.
  8. The application will now install and launch on your device if not you might have to set up your environment:
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