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The sample applications for Cascades for BlackBerry 10 beta

Way more information over at

Bucket List: One hundred things to do before you kick the bucket. A relatively basic list based application which illustrates the usage of the multi select handler. Moreover the application loads and saves data from a JSON file. Use the multiSelectHandler in order to select several list entries at once. Add ActionSets and contextActions to a ListView. Load and save data from a JSON file.

Cascades Cookbook: The Cascades Cookbook shows you various controls and demonstrates their look and feel. This sample features two downloads: one written with QML and one with C++. Each individual "recipe" is designed for reuse should you want to use these in your own app. ActivityIndicator, Adding images, Animations, Buttons, CheckBox, Colors, DateTimePicker, DropDown, Labels, ListView, Layouts, Navigation, Ninesliced Images, ProgressIndicator, StockCurves, RadioGroup & RadioGroupOption, Slider, Text input

Cowbell: A cow, a bell and Cascades are the only things you need to build a simple instrument app. In this sample, a rotation animation is used to animate a bell hanging around the neck of a cow. Handle rotation animations, Trigger C++ functions from QML, Use an AbsoluteLayout, Play a basic sound with OpenAL

Hello Cascades: This is a very basic Hello World application for Cascades. Add an image to the UI, Add text to the UI, Use layouts in QML

HelloForeignWindow: This is a an application that shows how to put a hole in a UI from Cascades to show your own content there.

Kakel: This is a puzzle game testing your logic skills. The game has some decorative and interaction elements set up in QML while the actual game board and logic is handled in C++.
Load part of the UI in QML and part of it in C++, Dynamically change the part loaded in C++.

Lightning Crossfade: Use a slider to crossfade between two images. Add images to a UI, Use layouts with several UI elements, Add a slider and listen to slider events, Do all of the above in C++ & QML.

PhotoBomber: The PhotoBomber is a camera application that lets you take photos and then have them "bombed" by someone that jumps in automatically. Use the cascades multimedia library with Camera, Take a picture, Manipulate the image to be grayscale, Add a image over another image.

PoemMaker: The Poem Maker is a simple application with three lines of text (labels) and a button. Clicking the button will generate a random "refrigerator" poem. Add and position basic UI components (Label/Image), Attach an event listener that reacts to user interaction, Play animations, Use JavaScript functions in QML

PullMyBeard: this sample application illustrates how to set up a very basic touch interaction. This is illustrated by moving an image in response to a touch event and animating it back to position when the touch ends. Move an image by touch (simple drag and drop), Trigger animations

Quotes: Quotes is an application that shows you how to deal with dynamic data in a list. It displays a list with some of our favorite sayings from clever people when it comes to programming and technology. The list of quotes is stored in an SQL database but you will also be able to add your own quotes and delete the ones you don't agree with (or edit them to better fit your purpose). Set up a ListView with predefined item visuals, Load data with the SqlDataAccess, Sorting with the help of a GroupDataModel, Adding, updating and deleting items from a list.

Speed Writer: This is a challenging game for testing your typing skills on the virtual keyboard. Consequently, one of the things you learn with this sample is how to handle text input. The speed is measured using a gauge which is implemented as a Custom Control. Create a Custom Control in C++ and add it to a QML document, Monitor changes in a TextField and update a TextArea.

StampCollector: A philatelist collection of stamps is used to illustrate how to create a simple list and trigger changes in the UI on selection. List control signals are used to listen for item clicked events. Set up a ListView with customized item controls, Populate a List Control to a JSON and XML data model, Perform list selection event handling, Handle list item focus/unfocus events

Starship settings: This sample shows a simple control panel for your average starship. You will learn how to use the QSettings api for persistent storage of the different settings.

Weather Guesser: Weather guessing has been a human activity that has gone on for thousands of years. Nowadays there are even television programs devoted to this phenomenon. The main objective of this app, apart from producing more or less accurate weather forecasts is to show how one goes about setting up an application using tabbed and navigation panes. It also shows how to load data using both SQL and nonlocal JSON feeds. How to use the NavigationPane and TabbedPane, How to populate a list using a GroupDataModel and JSON data, How to populate a list using a GroupDataModel and SQL, both asynchronously and synchronously.

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