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SOAP and XML Sample

This sample shows how to access a SOAP service using QTSoap and handle the XML response.

What you will learn from this sample:

  • -- Interface with a SOAP C++ library
  • -- Register C++ classes for use in QML documents
  • -- Use both DockLayout and StackLayout
  • -- Use a DropDown menu
  • -- Execute different code for a Button onClicked based on the selected item in a DropDown menu
  • -- Use a custom control to notify when there is network activity
  • -- Use a C++ object's members
  • -- Use Javascript to control visibility of different parts of the UI
  • -- Style text using textStyle property of a Label
  • -- Create a custom control
  • -- Create an ActivityIndicator
  • -- Create Javascript functions for setting the title, starting and stoping the ActivityIndicator
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