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BlackBerry 10 Releases

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RIM published a roadmap for the BlackBerry 10 Releases at Inside BlackBerry DevBlog on July 19, 2012. The releases are as follows:

  • R4, May 2012
  • R6, July 2012 - [BlackBerry 10.0.06][BlackBerry_10_0_06]

BlackBerry 10.0.06 is the second beta of the [BlackBerry 10] platform. It is also described as R6 (see SDK Roadmap.

Release Schedule

The release includes updates to the BlackBerry 10 OS as well as the SDKs, and many samples. The accompanying open source repositories for all these have been released too.

Also See

[WebGL Samples][WebGL_Samples], [WebGL], [TunnelTilt]

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