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title: bbUI.js name: bbUI.js oneline: WebWorks framework to provide BBOS and BB10 Look-and-Feel status: Beta platform: HTML5 complink: license: ASL2

tags: OpenSource, WebWorks, Component

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The objective of the bbUI toolkit is to provide a BlackBerry® User Experience and Design Language for HTML5 applications using the BlackBerry [WebWorks] framework. It provides common UI constructs that are found on the BlackBerry operating system so that you can create an application that follows system UI guidelines and looks at home on a BlackBerry with very little effort.

The framework started within [WebWorks-Samples][repo:webworks-amples] but later became a top project. The project is an incubation project and [Tim Neil] is the project lead.

Currently the support for BBOS smartphones is more complete than that for PlayBook. We expect this to change quickly.

Additional Links

  • [Project Site at GitHub][repo:bbuijs]
  • The Project Wiki has a wealth of information

Articles and Posts

RIM Articles

Non-RIM Articles



[Tim Neil]

Also See

[WebWorks], [ASL2], [HTML5]

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