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Quick Edits to Wiki Pages

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This page describes how to do quick edit to an existing Wiki Page; see How to Contribute and [Technology Overview] for more details.

GitHub, Git and Markdown

This wiki is hosted at GitHub. Technically the Wiki is a Git repository using GitHub Pages and Jekyll, but you can mostly ignore that for these instructions

Wiki pages are written in Markdown and the source files end in .md.

Staged and Released Wikis

There are multiple wikis. The released Wiki is, while the staged Wiki is at These are the only two Wikis you will encounter although some individuals may create forks of the Wiki to create complex contributions.

You submit contributions to the staged wiki, which are then accepted and eventually promoted to the released wiki.

If you have enough privileges, your contribution will be accepted automatically, otherwise it will show as a GitHub pull request in the queue of a Wiki editor.

GitHub inline Edits

Each Wiki Page has an Edit This Page link to the corresponding .md file. Once there you can use GitHub's inline file editing ([1], [2], [3]) to edit and preview your change. The main limitation is that the visual feedback is limited to Markdown without layouts.

Login and Edit

Combining all the steps, to contribute a quick edit:

  • Log into GitHub
  • Visit the Wiki Page
  • Click on its Edit this Page link
  • Edit the content, previewing the changes
  • When satisfied with the changes, enter the comment for your change and submit.

If necessary, a wiki editor will interact with you through comments on your commit contribution and will help you integrate your change into the Community Wiki.


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