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Recent Changes

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New additions and major updates to pages. Listed in reverse chronological order.

  • Added: [Porto]
  • Staged: [BlackBerry Messenger][bbm], [BlackBerry Analytics Service][bb_analytics], [BlackBerry Advertising Service][bb_advertising]
  • New: [BlackBerry Services], [BlackBerry Payment Service][bb_payment], [BlackBerry Push Service][bb_push], [BlackBerry Web Services][bws]
  • New: [Amsterdam] and [Netherlands]
  • New: [Gameplay]
  • Updated: [All Pages] - Now uses 3 columns
  • New: [NodeBeat] - We are still figuring out product pages
  • New: [Python]
  • New: [BlackBerry Platform Services][bps], [QNX Sound Architecture][qsa]
  • New: [QR Code], [HTML5 Tools]
  • New: [AliceJS], [HTML5 Samples], [HTML5]
  • New: [Adobe AIR] (aka [AIR])
  • New: [Buenos Aires], [Cape Town], [Dubai], [Mexico City], [Sao Paulo], [Sydney]
  • New: [Bangalore], [Beijing], [Berlin], [Delhi], [Jakarta], [Montreal], [Moscow], [Singapore], [Toronto], [Warsaw]
  • Updated: [bbUIjs]
  • New: [Recent Changes]
  • New: [Code Samples]
  • Updated: other/Contribute, etc.
  • New: [QML], [Qt]
  • New: [URL Launcher]
  • New: [Camera]
  • New: [Guatemala]
  • New: [Austin], [Barcelona], [London], [Milan], [New York], [Paris], [Santa Clara]
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