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=== 01 ===
* How does RoR handle [Foo Bar] => Map to something automatically so I dont have to add the [](???)
=== 02 ===
* On Flat vs Structured arrangement
** Having multiple subdirectories makes cross-links (from pages in different subdirectories) more complicated and unstable.
** A better solution might be to use a "category" and group pages by category
** Exception might be FAQ (?)
people, product, organization
This might be addressed by the answer to 01 above where the reference is unique but the location varies
If we can do that, one approach is
One example of a benefit of the separation is that it means we don't have to be exhaustive in people.
Maybe some links can even go out of the site?
=== 03 ===
What are the frameworks / pillars? E.g. HTML5 or WebWorks?
=== 04 ===
How to handle "Also see:"?
>>>>>> NOTE TO SELF <<<<<<
On how to use more of markdown in wiki
(0) Manually include the common references in each Wiki page
(1) Create a new filter that uses that map of common references
probably move Description and Contacts from the layout to the free portion of the page
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