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title: HTML5 Samples oneline: Showcasing the HTML5 Technology tags: html5, blackberry10, samples

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Repositories from RIM (official) and The Community (unofficial, both RIM and non-RIM) containing Samples useful for developers using the [HTML5] Framework:

[PictureWall][repo:picturewall], by [Gord Tanner]
Displays pictures on a wall of devices. The pictures are delivered from a server that is running nodeJS and are pushed to the tablets using

[WebWorks-Samples][repo:webworks-samples], by multiple Authors
Commmunity Samples using WebWorks. Includes Aura, KitchenSink, SketchPad, SwipeMenu, Weather and many more samples.

[WebGL-Samples][repo:webgl-samples], by [Jonathan Feldstein] and others
Samples specially using WebGL. Includes TunnelTilt

More to come...


Lemma for PlayBook, by Sully Syed
A free, Open-Source Twitter app for BlackBerry PlayBook (see website. The implementation uses [bbUI.js], [jsOAuth] and other open source components. Available at BlackBerry App World.

Unit Converter, by Marco van Hylckama Vlieg
A unit converter for BlackBerry Playbook that uses [jQuery Mobile]. Available at BlackBerry App World

Khan Academy, by Levi De Haan
The Open Source Khan Academy app for the BlackBerry PlayBook, written using the Khan Academy API. Uses [jQuery Mobile] and other [jQuery] APIs. Available at BlackBerry AppWorld.

Database-BB10, by Łukasz Dzierżak
A simple database app for BB10 using HTML5 and HTML5 SQL. Includes BARs to be used in BB10 Simulator and BB10 Alpha devices.

Also See

[Cascades Samples], [Cascades], [HTML5], [HTML5 Tools]

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