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Cascades_Samples now redirect to Cascades_Samples_and_Tips

Added reference for the same
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commit be06188995f4b825b067e9135581593e6feb10d4 1 parent b9fa687
@pelegri pelegri authored
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  2. +2 −1  _includes/
@@ -1,21 +1,7 @@
-title: Cascades Samples
-oneline: Showcasing the Cascades Technology
-tags: cascades, native, blackberry10, samples
-layout: basic
+title: Cascades_Samples
+redirect-page: Cascades_Samples_and_Tips
+redirect-seconds: 0
+redirect-message: "Please wait while we redirect you to Cascades_Samples_and_Tips"
+layout: redirect
-{% include %}
-### Description
-Repositories from RIM (official) and The Community (unofficial, both RIM and non-RIM)
-containing Samples useful for developers using the [Cascades] Framework:
-* [Cascades-Samples][repo:cascades-samples] - Official samples using Cascades
-* [Cascades-Community-Samples][repo:cascades-community-samples] - Community Samples using Cascades
-More to come...
-### Also See
-[Cascades], [HTML5_Samples], [HTML5]
3  _includes/
@@ -14,7 +14,8 @@
[bugs]: <Bugs.html> "Filing and Searching for Bugs"
[camera]: <Camera.html> "Camera APIs"
[cascades]: <Cascades.html> "Cascades"
-[cascades_samples]: <Cascades_Samples.html> "Cascades_Samples"
+[cascades_samples]: <Cascades_Samples.html> "Cascades Samples"
+[cascades_samples_and_tips]: <Cascades_Samples_and_Tips.html> "Cascades Samples and Tips"
[debugtoken]: <DebugToken.html> "DebugToken"
[events]: <Events.html> "Events"
[frogatto]: <Frogatto.html> "A 2-D Game"
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