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### Description
-This page maintains a Wish List of Open Source Components that want to be ported to help the BlackBerry
+This page maintains a Wish List for porting of Open Source Components to help the BlackBerry
Developer Community.
If you have a suggestion, please modify the table
on the <a href="{{ site.stage }}{{ page.url | replace:'.html','.md' }}" target="_blank">Source Page</a>
using the in-browser edit facility, see [Help Page](other/Quick_Edit.html).
+Add the name of the component, a link to the main entry point, the License, and your name, including
+the use case. If the component already exists, consider adding your name; the more names, the
+higher a priority we will give to the request.
-Add Component Name, Main Link, License, Why, and your name, one name per line.
+This list is *not* exhaustive and it does not include
+many components that are being ported right now, by RIM and non-RIM developers.
### Components

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