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  • Cordova 2.9.0 or higher.
  • BlackBerry 10.1.0 or higher.


This sample is a Cordova implementation that leverages the LowLatencyAudio plugin available here:

The application contains four actions on the Action Bar (left-to-right):

  • Choose Sound Kit: This will provide a display to select an audio pack.
  • Play Toggle: Will begin/stop playback of the currently loaded audio pack / sequences.
  • Repeat Toggle: Will loop playback when the end of the sequence is reached.
  • BPM Slider: Increase or decrease the speed of playback.

At 120 BPM (default) each square node represents 1 second with the ability to play sounds at half-steps.

Special Thanks

  • Ken Huynh for the LowLatencyAudio plugin implementation.
  • Anzor Bashkhaz for the splashscreen, background images, and moral support.
  • Tomas Pettersson for his sfxr tool; used to create the sound kits.


Included in this implementation is LLAudio.js which bridges the default HTML5 Audio implementation with the LowLatencyAudio plugin. While still a work in progress, the goal is that LLAudio.js can be re-used in any HTML5 application with an existing Audio implementation and the wrapper should provide a low latency implementation.

Not all audio implementations will be compatible with this wrapper.

Create Cordova Project

Here is a quick overview of the steps and command-line scripts necessary to create a Cordova project to build your own version of LowLatencySequencer. Full BlackBerry 10 documentation is available on the Cordova website.

  1. Download the latest version of Cordova.

  2. Create a new BlackBerry 10 Cordova project using the bin\create command.

    C:\cordova-2.9.0>bin\create LowLatencySequencer
  3. Delete the default contents of your www folder and copy the contents of this repository to the www folder.

  4. Download the LowLatencyAudio plugin to your PC.

  5. Install the LowLatencyAudio plugin to your LowLatencySequencer project using the cordova\plugin add command.

    C:\cordova-2.9.0\LowLatencySequencer>cordova\plugin add C:\WebWorks-Community-APIs\BB10-Cordova\LowLatencyAudio
  6. Copy cordova.js from:


    To your www folder:


Your project is now set up and you can use the Cordova build or run commands to deploy the application to your device.

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