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NativeAndOpenGLWindows - combining Native and OpenGL windows on single display

Sample Description:

 The NativeAndOpenGLWindows sample is an application that is designed to show
 you how to combine rendering to Native window and OpenGL window at the same

 When you run the application, you will see four windows on the screen:
 - Native background window that just serves as a yellow background
 - Small Native window that draws hour glass with transparent background
 - Another Native window with moving vertical stripe
 - And on the top OpenGL window with red semitransparent triangle

 Feature summary
 - Initializing and drawing to Native window
 - Initializing and rendering to OpenGL window
 - Transparency
 - Windows Z-order


 - BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS 2.0 or later
 - One of the following:
   - BlackBerry PlayBook tablet running BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 or later
   - BlackBerry Tablet Simulator 2.0 or later

Importing a project into the Native SDK:

 1. File->New->Blackberry Tablet OS C/C++ Project
 2. In 'Project name' field type in 'NativeAndOpenGLWindows'. Press Next.
 3. Select 'Language:' C, 'Build Style:' Managed, 'Project Type:' Empty Application.
    Press 'Finish'.
 4. Right click on this Project's src folder in Project Explorer and choose Import...
 5. Choose 'File system' and navigate to main.c file from this repository. Hit Finish.
 6. Right click on this Project in Project Explorer and choose Properties.
 7. In 'Configuration:' choose preferable configuration (Simulator- or Device-Debug).
 8. Under C/C++ Build->Settings->QCC Linker->Libraries add following libraries in
    'Libraries (-l)' section: screen, egl, GLESv2. Click OK.
 9. Build and deploy.