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2008-02-07 Steve M. Robbins <>
* src/qttestrunner/MostRecentTests.h:
* src/qttestrunner/TestRunnerModel.h: Change from <qlist.h> to
replacment <qptrlist.h>; avoids use of compatibility headers.
2007-03-04 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/portability/FloatingPoint.h (floatingPointIsFinite): Change
return type to int, following the convention of isfinite(), finite(), etc.
2007-02-25 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* doc/cookbook.dox: changed suite() to return a TestSuite instead
of a Test to avoid introducing unnecessary complexity.
2007-02-24 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/portability/FloatingPoint.h: Include Portability.h.
2007-02-24 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp (assertDoubleEquals): Moved finite & NaN
tests to include/cppunit/portability/FloatingPoint.h. Changed
implementation assertDoubleEquals to explicitly test for NaN
in case of non-finite values to force equality failure in the
presence of NaN. Previous implementation failed on Microsoft
Visual Studio 6 (on this platform: NaN == NaN).
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.cpp: Add more unit tests to
test the portable floating-point primitive. Added missing
include <limits>.
* include/cppunit/portability/
* include/cppunit/portability/FloatingPoint.h: Added file. Extracted
isfinite() from TestAssert.cpp.
* include/cppunit/config-evc4:
* include/cppunit/config-msvc6: Added support for _finite().
2007-01-30 Steve M. Robbins <>
* examples/cppunittest/assertion_traitsTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/assertion_traitsTest.cpp: New. Test
* examples/cppunittest/ Add
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.cpp: Add
testAssertDoubleEqualsPrecision() to test precision of failure
2007-01-27 Steve M. Robbins <>
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.h: Remove declaration of
unimplemented functions testAssertDoubleNotEquals1 and
testAssertDoubleNotEquals2. Factor new method
testAssertDoubleNonFinite out of existing testAssertDoubleEquals.
* src/cppunit/Win32DynamicLibraryManager.cpp (doLoadLibrary):
Unconditionally use ANSI version of LoadLibrary() and other
functions with string arguments.
2007-01-26 Steve M. Robbins <>
* config/ax_cxx_have_isfinite.m4: New. Autoconf macro that tests
for finite() in C++ mode.
* Check for isfinite() and finite().
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.cpp (testAssertDoubleEquals):
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp (assertDoubleEquals): Account for
non-finite values.
2007-01-11 Steve M. Robbins <>
* examples/cppunittest/MockFunctor.h:
* examples/cppunittest/MockProtector.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiser.cpp:
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.cpp:
* src/cppunit/DynamicLibraryManagerException.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestCaseDecorator.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp:
* src/cppunit/XmlDocument.cpp: Arrange field initializers in
correct order.
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugIn.h (struct CppUnitTestPlugIn):
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFixtureFactory.h (class TestFixtureFactory):
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputterHook.h (XmlOutputterHook): Add
virtual destructor to virtual class.
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.cpp: Put a C++ statement in
the first argument of CPPUNIT_ASSERT_THROW() and
* examples/hierarchy/main.cpp (main): Return value now reflects
whether tests passed.
* examples/hierarchy/ (XFAIL_TESTS): New. Mark hierachy
test program as an expected failure.
* (dist-hook): Don't fail if $(distdir)/lib already
* config/bb_enable_doxygen.m4 (BB_ENABLE_DOXYGEN): Add quotes
around function name, BB_ENABLE_DOXYGEN.
2006-10-26 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* include/cppunit/ui/Config.h: fixed compilation issues with QtTestRunner.
2006-06-29 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* lib/.keepme: added dummy file to prevent lib/ removal by some
unzip clients. Fixed bug #1527877 .
* src/msvc6/TesRunner/TestRunner.rc:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunner.rc: Fixed bug #1528212
(some resources wrongly tagged as French).
2006-06-29 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/ui/text/TextTestRunner.h
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp: applied patch #1210013 to remove
hidden virtual function warning.
* applied patch #1449380 contributed by Sander Temme
to allow running autogen on Mac OS X.
* doc/header.html: updated to handle new tabs css required for
html doc generated with doxygen 1.4.7.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/MsDevCallerListCtrl.cpp: applied correction
provided to fix bug #1498175 (double click on failure does not
goto failure).
2006-03-04 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* contrib/xml-xsl/report.xsl: reported correction posted on the wiki.
* removed debian/ directory. An up to date patch can be found at:
* applied patch #1242905 partially (%post and %postun).
* integrated patch from Robert Leight to generate pkg-config.
2006-02-04 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h:
* src/qttestrunner/TestRunnerModel.cpp: removed compilation warning.
2006-02-01 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* examples/qt: integrated Ernst patch from qt examples.
2005-12-12 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/qttestrunner: integrated Ernst patch for QtTestRunner and Qt 3.x.
Enhanced qmake project files to handle multiple build configuration
2005-11-27 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* doc/cookbook.dox: fixed type (patch #1334567)
2005-11-06 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/config/SourcePrefix.h: disable warning #4996
(sprintf is deprecated) for visual studio 2005.
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: use sprintf_s instead of sprintf for
visual studio 2005.
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerPlugIn.cpp
* examples/DumperPlugIn/DumperPlugIn.cpp: use SourcePrefix.h. Fixed
wrong macro usage to implement DllMain.
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/ExamplesTestCase.h
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/ExamplesTestCase.cpp
* examples/simple/ExamplesTestCase.h
* examples/simple/ExamplesTestCase.cpp: removed divideByZero test case
as it cause some crash on some platforms.
2005-10-27 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: added missing #include <stdio.h>
2005-07-30 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/config/SourcePrefix.h: added, prefix added at begining of sources
to remove warning. Removed most warning when compiling with VC++ 6sp6.
* examples/money/Money.h:
* examples/money/MoneyTest.cpp: added assert equal usage.
2005-07-30 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/config/config-msvc6.h: auto-detect if RTTI are enabled
the _CPPRTTI macro (defined by the compiler when enabling RTTI).
* include/cppunit/config/config-msvc6.h: added missing macro definition
* src/cppunit/TestResultCollector.cpp: fixed memory leak in destructor.
2005-07-15 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* config/bb_enable_doxygen.m4: Rolled back Brad Hards patch as it break
generation of doc/
* Applied patch #1232555 from Patrice Dumas. This file is
use for RPM packaging.
* development snapshot release 1.11.0.
2005-07-09 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* doc/Money.dox:
* include/cppunit/TestSuite.h:
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputterHook.h: applied Brad Hards patch
that correct miscellaneous doc generation issues (unescaped <>, \...).
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugIn.h:
* include/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h:
* doc/CppUnit-win.dox: removed a few documentation generation warnings.
* config/bb_enable_doxygen.m4: applied Brad Hards patch to remove warning
when running ./ or aclocal.
* doc/money.dox: fixed bad usage of CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUALS.
2005-07-05 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* Examples/simple/ do not install 'simple' programm
(patch #1230784).
2005-07-05 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestResultCollector.h
* src/cppunit/TestResultCollector.cpp: fixed memory leak
occuring when calling reset().
* src/cppunit/DllMain.cpp: added work-around for mingw compilation
for BLENDFUNCTION macro issue when including windows.h.
* src/qttestrunner/TestRunnerDlgImpl.cpp: fixed display of multiline
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: better integration of compiler output
for gcc on Mac OS X with Xcode (contributed by Claus Broch).
2005-06-14 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ProgressBar.cpp: applied patch from bug #1165875,
(use system color for border instead of hard-coded color).
* src/cppunit/
* MinGW, cygwin: enable build of shared library when using
libtool. patch #1194394 contributed by Stéphane Fillod.
* cppunit.m4: applied patch #1076398 contributed by Henner Sudek. Fix
version number comparison in AM_PATH_CPPUNIT.
* contrib/xml-xsl/cppunit2junit.txt
* contrib/xml-xsl/cppunit2junit.xsl
* contrib/readme.txt: XSLT for compatibility with Ant junit xml formatter.
Patch #1112053 contributed by Norbert Barbosa.
2005-02-23 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* examples/hierarchy/BoardGameTest.h:
* examples/hierarchy/ChessTest.h: fixed compilation issue, prefixed access
to class member with 'this' (inheriting from template parameter
dependent class).
2004-11-19 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Message.h
* include/cppunit/SourceLine.h:
* src/cppunit/Message.cpp:
* src/cppunit/SourceLine.cpp: provided thread-safe copy constructor on
platform that do not provide thread-safe copy constructor for std::string.
2004-11-08 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: fixed portability bug pointed out by
Neil Ferguson.
2004-11-06 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: integrated Neil Ferguson patch for high
precision conversion to string for double number. Modified the patch
to works even if DBL_DIG C99 macro is not defined.
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: fixed EVC++ 4 detection.
* src/cppunit/Win32DynamicLibraryManager.cpp: integrated patch #1024428,
MinGW compilation under Windows XP.
2004-11-05 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h:
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp: integrated Neil Ferguson patch for missing
_MESSAGE assertion variants. Also enhanced the failure message of a
few assertions.
2004-09-10 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/StdAfx.h: add #error to prevent compilation on VC 7.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/MsDevCallerListCtrl.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/MsDevCallerListCtrl.h: integrated go to source line
features on double click contributed by Max Quatember and
Andreas Pfaffenbichler.
2004-08-01 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* include/cppunit/tools/XmlDocument.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlDocument.cpp:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp: integrated patch #997006 from Akos Maroy.
This patch makes the 'standalone' attribute in XML header optional.
2004-06-25 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: moved OStringStream alias definition to
portability/Stream.h. User need to define EVC4 to indicate that
config-evc4.h should be used. (how to we detect this automatically ?).
Notes that this means it might be needed to add #include <string> to some
headers since its no longer included by Portability.h.
* include/cppunit/portability/Stream.h: define alias OStringStream, stdCOut(),
and OFileStream. If CPPUNIT_NO_STREAM is defined (evc4 config), then provides
our own implementation (based on sprintf and fwrite).
* include/cppunit/config/config-evc4.h: config file for embedded visual c++ 4.
Still need to detect for this platform in Portability.h (currently relying on
EVC4 being defined...)
* *.[cpp/h]: most source files have been impacted with the following change:
#include <iostream> -> #include <cppunit/portability/Stream.h>
std::ostream -> CPPUNIT_NS::OStream
std::ofstream -> CPPUNIT_NS::OFileStream
std::cout -> CPPUNIT_NS::stdCOut()
std::endl -> "\n"
Also, code using std::cin as been defined out if CPPUNIT_NO_STREAM was defined.
The exact list of impact files can be obtain in CVS using tags:
2004-06-19 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* cppunit.m4: patch #946302, AM_PATH_CPPUNIT doesn't report result
if CppUnit is missing.
2004-06-18 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* Release 10.0.2
* include/cppunit/extension/TestSuiteBuilderContext.h:
* src/cppunit/TestSuiteBuilderContext.cpp: fixed bug #921843. This bug
was caused by a known STL bug in VC++ 6.
See <xtree> issue with shared
std::map in dll. As a work-around the map has been replaced by a vector.
* src/DllPlugInTester/*.cpp: bug #941625, string literal using char *
instead of const char *. Patch contributed by Curt Arnold has been
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugIn.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerApp.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerModel.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerModel.h: bug #952912,
memory leaks when loading/reloading plug-ins.
2004-06-17 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Portability.h:
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugIn.h: fixed report compilation issue
with mingw & cygwin. WIN32 is now always defined if _WIN32 is defined.
Bug #945737 & #930338.
* doc/ fixed bug #940650 => cp -dpR, removed option -p since
there is no link to preserve anyway (does not exist on SunOs).
* src/cppunit/TestPath.cpp: bug #938753, array bound read in
splitPathString() with substr if an empty string is passed.
* src/*/*.dsp: bug #933154, post build fail in directory with spaces.
2004-06-16 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* release 1.10.0
* install-UNIX.txt: added some notes concerning Sun CC 5.5 & AIX.
* examples/*/*.dsp: fixed project settings (rtti not enabled).
2004-03-13 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* release 1.9.14
2004-03-13 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* bug #903363, missing -ldl from the output of
cppunit-config --libs. Fixed thanks Eric Blossom patch.
* examples/qt/Main.cpp:
* examples/qt/ExampleTestCase.h: fixed bug #789672: QT example should
use CPPUNIT_NS macro.
* src/cppunit/UnixDynamicLibraryManager.cpp: applied patch #816563
from Gareth Sylvester. Adding RTLD_GLOBAL allows test plug-ins
to provide symbols to shared objects they load themselves.
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiserTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiserTest.cpp:
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: add the exception assertion macros
Updated unit test to use and test the new macros.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: deprecated the
test case factory that check for exception (CPPUNIT_TEST_FAIL &
2004-02-20 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* release 1.9.12
2004-02-18 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* config/ax_cxx_gcc_abi_demangle.m4:
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp: added patch from
Neil Ferguson <> to use gcc c++ abi to demangle typeinfo
name when available.
2003-05-15 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/plugin/testplugin.h: fixed bug #767358, wrong
preprocessor symbol for SHL_LOADER.
2003-05-15 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/config/config-msvc6.h: changed the compiler outputter
default format (CPPUNIT_COMPILER_LOCATION_FORMAT) for Visual Studio 7.0.
Assertion now appears in the task list.
2003-05-07 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/extensions/ removed TestSuiteBuilder.h
* config/ac_dll.m4
* examples/cppunittest/
* examples/hierarchy/
* examples/money/
* examples/simple/
* include/cppunit/config/SelectDllLoader.h
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugIn.h
* include/cppunit/tools/Algorithm.h
* src/DllPlugInTester/
* src/cppunit/
* src/cppunit/TestDecorator.cpp
* src/cppunit/ShlDynamicLibraryManager.cpp
* src/cppunit/UnixDynamicLibraryManager.cpp
* src/cppunit/Win32DynamicLibraryManager.cpp: applied patch from
Abdessattar Sassi <> to add support
for plug-in to hp-ux (patch #721546).
* INSTALL-unix: added build instruction for HP-UX.
2003-04-06 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h: removed (unused)
2003-03-31 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/cppunit/DynamicLibraryManager.cpp: fixed compilation issue on Mingw
(bug #711583)
2003-03-20 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestNamer.h:
* src/cppunit/TestNamer.cpp: Fixed bug #704684, TestNamer has non-virtual
2003-03-15 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/msvc6/testrunner/DynamicWindow/cdxCDynamicWndEx.cpp:
* examples/msvc6/CppUnitTestApp/CppUnitTestApp.cpp:
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostApp.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerApp.cpp: fixed compatibility
issues with vc7 MFC.
* include/cppunit/tools/Algorithm.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiser.*:
* src/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.cpp:
* src/cppunit/ProtectorChain.cpp:
* src/cppunit/StringTools.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestPath.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp:
* src/cppunit/XmlElement.cpp:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp:
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp: switched to using unsigned index in loop to
avoid signed/unsigned warning in vc7.
* include/cppunit/extension/ExceptionTestCaseDecorator.h: removed dll export
on template (caused link error on vc7).
2003-03-11 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* config/bb_enable_doxygen.m4:
* doc/ applied Luke Dunstan's fix for bug #700730 (spaces not
allowed in doxygen path)
* src/cppunit/XmlElement.cpp:
* src/examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformser.cpp: fixed bug #676505 (no space
between attributes of XmlElement).
* include/cppunit/tools/Algorithm.h:
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerModel.cpp: added removeFromSequence
algorithm in Algorithm.h to fix STLPort compatibility issue
(std::remove use the one of cstdio instead of algorithm). Bug #694971.
* src/examples/cppunittest/TrackedTestCase.cpp:
* src/examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.cpp:
* src/examples/money/Money.h: partially applied patch #699794. Fixed
compilation issues with Borland C++ 6.
2003-01-23 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestNamer.h: fixed bug #662666 (missing include
for typeinfo).
2002-12-12 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp: TestFailure are no longer passed as temporary,
but explicitely instantiated on the stack. Work around AIX compiler bug.
2002-12-03 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TextTestResult.h: added missing dll export for
operator << (bug #610119).
2002-12-02 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/plugin/DynamicLibraryManagerException.h: added constructor
to fix compilation issues on recents version of gcc and sun CC (bug #619059)
* include/cppunit/input/XmlInputHelper.h: added.
* src/cppunit/XmlOuputter.cpp: use iterator instead of const_iterator.
* src/src/msvc6/testrunner/DynamicWindow/cdxCDynamicWnd.cpp: added call to
IsUp() in cdxCDynamicWnd::DoOnGetMinMaxInfo() before calling
GetBorderSize() which caused an assertion. Bug #643612.
2002-09-10 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilderContext.h:
* src/cppunit/TestSuiteBuilderContext.cpp: added addProperty() and
getStringProperty(). Added macros CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE_PROPERTY.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp: integrated Tim Threlkeld's
bug fix #610162: browse button was disabled if history was empty.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/DynamicWindow/cdxCSizeIconCtrl.cpp: integrated
Tim Threlkeld's bug fix #610191: common control were not initialized.
* include/cppunit/extensions/ExceptionTestCaseDecorator.h: bug #603172,
missing Message construction.
* src/cppunit/DefaultProtector.cpp: bug #603172. Fixed missing ';'.
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp: bug #603671. Removed unguarded typeinfo
* examples/cppunittests/*Suite.h: bug #603666. Added missing Portability.h
2002-09-01 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/ui/text/TextTestRunner.h: fixed header guards.
2002-08-29 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp: fixed shouldStop() bug.
2002-08-29 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h:
* include/cppunit/Exception.h:
* include/cppunit/Protector.h:
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h:
* include/cppunit/TestPath.h:
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* include/cppunit/TestRunner.h:
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* include/cppunit/plugin/DynamicLibraryManager.h:
* include/cppunit/plugin/PlugInManager.h:
* include/cppunit/plugin/PlugInParameters.h:
* include/cppunit/TestPlugIn.h:
* src/cppunit/DefaultProtector.h:
* src/cppunit/ProtectorChain.h:
* src/cppunit/ProtectorContext.h:
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp: fixed a dew documentation bugs.
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp: moved documentation to header.
2002-08-29 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Asserter.h:
* include/cppunit/Message.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestNamer.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h:
* include/cppunit/tools/XmlDocument.h:
* include/cppunit/tools/XmlElement.h: Fixed a few documentation bugs.
2002-08-28 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: added CPPUNIT_STATIC_CAST.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFixtureFactory.h: extracted from
HelperMacros.h. Added template class ConcretTestFixtureFactory.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilderContext.h:
* src/cppunit/TestSuiteBuilderContext.cpp: added. Context used
to add test case to the fixture suite. Prevent future
compatibility break for custom test API.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: mostly rewritten. No
longer use TestSuiteBuilder. Added support for abstract test fixture
through macro CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE_END_ABSTRACT. Made custom test API
easier to use.
* examples/cppunittest/HelperMacrosTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/HelperMacrosTest.cpp: updated against
HelperMacros.h changes.
2002-08-27 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* CodingGuideLines.txt: updated for OS/390 C++ limitation.
* examples/cppunittests/MockFunctor.h: added. Mock Functor to help
* examples/cppunittests/MockProtector.h: qdded. Mock Protector to help
* examples/cppunittests/TestResultTest.h
* examples/cppunittests/TestResultTest.cpp: added tests for
pushProtector(), popProtector() and protect().
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: removed default message value from
assertEquals(). Caused compilation error on OS/390.
* include/cppunit/plugin/PlugInParameters.h:
* src/cppunit/PlugInParameters.cpp: renamed commandLine() to
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp: bug fix, disabled Browse
button while running tests.
2002-08-22 Steve M. Robbins <>
* cppunit.m4: Doc fix: MINIMUM-VERSION is not optional when using
this macro.
2002-08-04 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/cppunit/XmlDocument.cpp: fixed compatility bug with C++ builder.
* include/cppunit/plugin/Parameters.h: renamed PlugInParameters.h.
* src/cppunit/PlugInParameter.cpp: added. Implementation of class
* examples/DumperPlugIn/DumperPlugIn.cpp:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerPlugIn.cpp:
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.h:
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.cpp:
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugInDefaultImpl.h:
* src/cppunit/TestPlugInDefaultImpl.cpp:
* include/cppunit/plugin/PlugInManager.h:
* src/cppunit/PlugInManager.cpp: updated against PlugInParameter
2002-08-03 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputterHook.h: integrated Stephan Stapel
documentation update.
2002-08-03 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Exception.h:
* src/cppunit/Exception.h: added setMessage().
* include/cppunit/Protector.h:
* src/cppunit/Protector.cpp: added class ProtectorGuard. Change the
reportXXX() method to support Exception passing and SourceLine.
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h: removed 'expect exception' features.
It is now handled by ExceptionTestCaseDecorator and TestCaller no
longer need default template argument support.
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestCaller.h: runTest() is now public
instead of protected, so that it can be decorated.
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* src/cppunit/TestResult.h: added pushProtector() and popProtector()
methods. This allow user to specify their own exception trap when
running test case.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestDecorator.h:
* src/cppunit/TestDecorator.cpp: added. Extracted from TestDecorator.h.
The test passed to the constructor is now owned by the decorator.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestCaseDecorator.h:
* src/cppunit/TestCaseDecorator.cpp: added. Decorator for TestCase
setUp(), tearDown() and runTest().
* include/cppunit/extensions/ExceptionTestCaseDecorator.h: added.
TestCaseDecorator to expect that a specific exception is thrown.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: updated against TestCaller
* src/cppunit/DefaultFunctor.h: fixed bug (did not return underlying
test return code).
* src/cppunit/ProtectorChain.cpp: fixed bug in chaing return code.
* src/cppunit/DefaultFunctor.h: fixed bug.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ActiveTest.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ActiveTest.cpp: updated against
TestCaseDecorator ownership policy change. Moved inline functions
to .cpp.
* examples/cppunittest/TestSetUpTest.cpp: updated to use MockTestCase
and against the new ownership policy.
* examples/cppunittest/TestDecoratorTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/RepeatedTestTest.cpp: updated against
TestDecorator ownership policy change.
* examples/cppunittest/ExceptionTestCaseDecoratorTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/ExceptionTestCaseDecoratorTest.cpp: added. Unit
tests for ExceptionTestCaseDecoratorTest.
2002-07-16 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Protector.h:
* src/cppunit/Protector.cpp: added. Base class for protectors.
* src/cppunit/DefaultProtector.h:
* src/cppunit/DefaultProtector.cpp: added. Implementation of the default
protector used to catch std::exception and any other exception.
* src/cppunit/ProtectorChain.h:
* src/cppunit/ProtectorChain.cpp: added. Implementation of a chain of
protector, allowing catching custom exception and implementation of
expected exception.
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp: updated to use protector.
2002-07-14 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* CodingGuideLines.txt: added. CppUnit's coding guidelines for portability.
* include/cppunit/portability/CppUnitStack.h: added. wrapper for std::stack.
* include/cppunit/portability/CppUnitSet.h: added. wrapper for std::set.
* include/cppunit/ui/text/TestRunner.h: fixed namespace definition for
deprecated TestRunner.
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h:
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp: removed old deprecated functions that did
not use SourceLine. Moved assertEquals() and assertDoubleEquals() into
CppUnit namespace.
* src/cppunit/TestFactoryRegistry.cpp: use CppUnitMap instead of std::map.
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.h: use CppUnitDeque instead
* examples/cppunittest/*.h:
* examples/cppunittest/*.cpp: removed all usage of CppUnitTest namespace.
Everything is now in global space.
* examples/*/*.h:
* examples/*/*.cpp: replaced usage of CppUnit:: with CPPUNIT_NS::.
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerModel.h: use CppUnit STL wrapper instead
of STL container.
2002-07-13 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/ui/text/TestRunner.h:
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp: Renamed TextUi::TestRunner
TextTestRunner and moved it to the CppUnit namespace. Added
a deprecated typedef for compatibility with previous version.
* include/cppunit/ui/text/TextTestRunner.h: added.
* include/cppunit/ui/mfc/TestRunner.h:
* src/cppunit/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.cpp: Renamed MfcUi::TestRunner
MfcTestRunner. Added deprecated typedef for compatibility. Renamed
TestRunner.cpp to MfcTestRunner.cpp.
* include/cppunit/ui/mfc/MfcTestRunner.h: added.
* include/cppunit/ui/qt/TestRunner.h:
* src/qttestrunner/TestRunner.cpp: renamed QtUi::TestRunner QtTestRunner
and moved it to CppUnit namespace. Added a deprecated typedef for
compatibility. Renamed TestRunner.cpp to QtTestRunner.cpp.
* include/cppunit/ui/qt/TestRunner.h:
* src/qttestrunner/TestRunner.h: Moved TestRunner to CppUnit namespace
and renamed it QtTestRunner. Added deprecated typedef for compatibility.
* include/cppunit/Asserter.h:
* src/cppunit/Asserter.cpp: changed namespace Asserter to a struct and
made all methods static.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/SourceLine.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestAssert.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestPlugIn.h:
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: changed CPPUNIT_NS(symbol) to a
symbol macro that expand either to CppUnit or nothing. The symbol is
no longer a parameter.
* include/cppunit/portability/CppUnitVector.h:
* include/cppunit/portability/CppUnitDeque.h:
* include/cppunit/portability/CppUnitMap.h: added. STL Wrapper for
compilers that do not support template default argumenent and need
the allocator to be passed when instantiating STL container.
* examples/cppunittest/*.h:
* examples/cppunittest/*.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/*.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/*.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/*.h:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/*.cpp:
* src/qttestrunner/*.h:
* src/qttestrunner/*.cpp: replaced occurence of CppUnit:: by CPPUNIT_NS.
* src/cppunit/TestSuite.h:
replaced occurence of std::vector by CppUnitVector.
2002-07-12 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/config/Portability.h: If the compiler does not support
CppUnit assumes that STL are in the global namespace. If
CPPUNIT_NO_NAMESPACE is defined, then CppUnit classes are placed in the
global namespace instead of the CppUnit namespace.
* include/cppunit/config/config-bcb5.h:
* include/cppunit/config/config-msvc6.h: added definition of macro
* include/cppunit/tools/StringTools.h: use CPPUNIT_WRAP_COLUMN as default
parameter value for wrap().
* include/cppunit/*/*.h:
* src/cppunit/*.cpp: changed all CppUnit namespace declaration to use
macros CPPUNIT_NS_BEGIN and CPPUNIT_NS_END. Also, changed reference
to CppUnit namespace (essentially in macros) using CPPUNIT_NS macro.
* doc/
* doc/CppUnit-Win.dox: updated doxygen configuration files so that
CPPUNIT_NS_BEGIN and CPPUNIT_NS_END macros are expanded. This help
generates the documentation using the CppUnit namespace.
2002-07-11 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: added macro CPPUNIT_CONST_CAST.
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp:
* src/cppunit/Test.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestCase.cpp: replaced usage of const_cast with
* include/cppunit/Test.h:
* src/cppunit/Test.cpp: made findTestPath(), findTest() and resolvePath()
const methods.
2002-07-10 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/extensions/AutoRegisterSuite.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/Orthodox.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteFactory.h:
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h:
* examples/hierarchy/BoardGameTest.h:
* examples/hierarchy/ChessTest.h: replaced usage of 'typename' in template
declaration with 'class'.
* include/cppunit/ui/text/TestRunner.h:
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp: updated to use the generic TestRunner.
Removed methods runTestByName() and runTest(). Inherits
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h: removed templatized method
addTestCallerForException(). It is no longer used since release 1.9.8.
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestCase.h
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestCase.cpp: removed the usage of 'mutable'
2002-07-04 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/DSPlugIn.dsp: updated so that only the release
configuration get copied to the lib/ directory.
2002-07-03 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h: fixed XmlOutputter constructed default
value initializatino which caused compilation error with BC5.
* src/cppunit/PlugInManager.cpp: added missing CPPUNIT_NO_TESTPLUGIN guard.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.dsp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.rc:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TreeHierarchyDlg.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TreeHierarchyDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunner.dsp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunner.rc:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerApp.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerDlg.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerDlg.h: applied Steven Mitter
patch to fix bug #530426 (conflict between TestRunner and host
application's resources). Adapted patch to compile work with Unicode.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ResourceLoaders.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ResourceLoaders.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/Change-Diary-ResourceBugFix.txt: added, from
Steven Mitter's patch. Simplified loadCString() to compile with Unicode.
* src/cppunit/cppunit.dsp:
* src/cppunit/cppunit_dll.dsp:
* src/DllPlugInTester/DllPlugInTester.dsp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.dsp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunner.dsp: all lib, dll and exe are
now created in the intermediate directory. A post-build rule is used to
copy them to the lib/ directory.
2002-06-17 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/AdditionalMessage.h:
* src/cppunit/AdditionalMessage.cpp: added. Class to help passing
additional message parameter.
* include/cppunit/Asserter.h: added makeExpected(), makeActual() and
makeNotEqualMessage(). Removed methods made unnecessary by the
use of AdditionalMessage.
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: added CPPUNIT_WRAP_COLUMN to define
CppUnit default wrap column.
* src/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.cpp: use CPPUNIT_WRAP_COLUMN instead
of hard-coded value.
2002-06-16 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* bumped version to 1.9.9
* release 1.9.8
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugIn.h: updated documentation.
* include/cppunit/tools/XmlDocument.h: updated documentation.
* include/cppunit/tools/StringTools.h:
* src/cppunit/StringTools.cpp: added split() and wrap() functions.
* include/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.cpp: extracted wrap() and
splitMessageIntoLines() to StringTools.
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputterHook.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputterHook.cpp: removed rooNode parameter from
beginDocument() and endDocument(). It can be retreive from document.
Renamed 'node' occurences to 'element'.
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp: updated against
XmlOutputterHook changes. Renamed 'node' occurences to 'element'.
* src/cppunit/Message.cpp:
* src/cppunit/XmlElement.cpp: added missing include <stdexcept>
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerXmlHook.h:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerXmlHook.cpp: updated against
XmlOutputterHook changes.
* examples/cppunittest/MessageTest.cpp: removed std::string() from
assertion. Somehow gcc can't parse it. Added missing include <stdexcept>.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlElement.cpp: added missing include <stdexcept>.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlElementTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlElementTest.cpp: Renamed 'node' occurences
to 'element'.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp: updated against
XmlOutputterHook changes.
* examples/cppunittest/StringToolsTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/StringToolsTest.cpp: added. Unit tests for
StringTools. Turn out that VC++ dismiss empty lines in tools output,
which is the reason why empty lines where not printed in
2002-06-14 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/plugin/PlugInManager.h:
* src/cppunit/PlugInManager.cpp: added two methods to use the plug-in
interface for Xml Outputter hooks.
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugIn.h: added two methods to the plug-in
interface for Xml Outputter hooks.
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugInAdapter.h:
* src/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugInAdapter.cpp: renamed TestPlugInDefaultImpl.
Added empty implementation for Xml outputter hook methods.
* include/cppunit/tools/StringTools.h:
* src/cppunit/tools/StringTools.cpp: added. Functions to manipulate string
(conversion, wrapping...)
* include/cppunit/tools/XmlElement.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlElement.cpp: renamed addNode() to addElement(). Added
methods to walk and modify XmlElement (for hook). Added documentation.
Use StringTools.
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp: added hook calls & management.
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputterHook.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputterHook.cpp: added. Hook to customize XML output.
* src/DllPlugInTester/DllPlugInTester.cpp: call plug-in XmlOutputterHook
when writing XML output. Modified so that memory is freed before
unloading the test plug-in (caused crash when freeing the XmlDocument).
* examples/ReadMe.txt:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ReadMe.txt: added details about the plug-in
(usage, xml content...)
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerModel.h:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerModel.cpp: extracted from ClockerListener.
Represents the test hierarchy and tracked time for each test.
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerListener.h:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerListener.cpp: extracted test hierarchy
tracking to ClockerModel. Replaced the 'flat' view option with a 'text'
option to print the timed test tree to stdout.
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerPlugIn.cpp: updated to hook the XML
output and use the new classes.
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerXmlHook.h:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerXmlHook.cpp: added. XmlOutputterHook to
includes the timed test hierarchy and test timing in the XML output.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlElementTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlElementTest.cpp: added new test cases.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp: added tests for
2002-06-14 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp: added work around for bug #565481.
gcc 3.0 RTTI name() returns the type prefixed with a number (the
length of the type). The work around strip the number.
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerApp.cpp: registry key is now
set. Allow to save settings.
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerDlg.cpp: added layout
initialization for resizing.
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugRunner.rc:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunner.dsp: added TestRunner
project files. Somehow I can't get cdxCDynamicDialog to compile
as a MFC extension. Included all sources files and resources
as a very dirt work around.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerModel.h: those classes are no longer
exported in the MFC extension. See TestPlugInRunner issue with
* include/cppunit/Message.h:
* include/cppunit/TestPath.h:
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* include/cppunit/TestResultCollector.h:
* include/cppunit/TestSuite.h:
* include/cppunit/TestFactoryRegistry.h:
* include/cppunit/XmlElement.h:
* include/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.h: commented out STL template export
in DLL. This caused conflicts when instantiting the same template in
a user project.
2002-06-14 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.cpp: fixed bug #549762 (line wrap).
* src/msvc6/testrunner/DynamicWindow/*: added. Dynamic Window library
from Hans Bühler ( to resize window.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerModel.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerModel.cpp: removed dialog bounds from
settings. Added public registry keys for cppunit, main dialog, and
browse dialog.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TreeHierarchyDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TreeHierarchyDlg.cpp: dialog is now resizable.
Window placement is stored and restored.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp: replaced dialog resizing code
by usage of Hans Bühler's Dynamic Window library. Dialog placement
is stored/restored by that library. ProgressBar is now a child window.
Added edit field to see the details of the failure. List on show
the short description of the failure.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ProgressBar.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ProgressBar.cpp: is now a CWnd.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.rc: named all static fill ID for resizing.
Added an invisble static field for progress bar placement.
2002-06-13 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* doc/other_documentation.dox: fixed some typos.
* include/cppunit/NotEqualException.h:
* src/cppunit/NotEqualException.cpp: removed.
* include/cppunit/Exception.h:
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp: removed 'type' related stuffs.
* include/cppunit/TextTestResult.h:
* src/cppunit/TextTestResult.cpp: delegate printing to TextOutputter.
* examples/simple/ExampleTestCase.h:
* examples/simple/ExampleTestCase.cpp: reindented.
* src/qttestrunner/build:
* src/qttestrunner/
* src/qttestrunner/TestBrowserDlgImpl.h:
* src/qttestrunner/TestRunnerModel.h: applied Thomas Neidhart's patch,
'Some minor fixes to compile QTTestrunner under Linux.'.
2002-06-13 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Asserter.h:
* src/cppunit/Asserter.cpp: added functions that take a Message as a
parameter. Existing function have a short description indicating
an assertion failure.
* include/cppunit/CompilerOuputter.h:
* src/cppunit/CompilerOuputter.cpp: removed printNotEqualMessage() and
printDefaultMessage(). Updated to use Message.
* include/cppunit/Message.h:
* src/cppunit/Message.cpp: added. Represents a message associated to an
* include/cppunit/Exception.h:
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp: the message associated to the exception is now
stored as a Message instead of a string.
* include/cppunit/NotEqualException.cpp: constructs a Message instead of a
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h:
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp: updated to use Asserter functions that
take a message when pertinent (CPPUNIT_FAIL...).
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h:
* src/cppunit/TestCaller.cpp: exception not caught failure has a better
short description.
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp: better short description when setUp() or
tearDown() fail.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp: replace '/n' in failure message
with space.
* examples/cppunittest/ExceptionTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/NotEqualExceptionTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestCallerTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestFailureTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultCollectorTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultCollectorTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp: updated to use Exception/Message.
* examples/cppunittest/MessageTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/MessageTest.cpp: added. Unit test for Message.
2002-06-11 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* install-unix: added some hints extracted from bug #544684 on how to compile
for Solaris/Forte C++ compiler.
* TODO: cleaned-up and added new things.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE now declares
a class named ThisTestFixtureFactory which is a wrapper for the fixture
factory. This removes the need to cast the fixture to the correct type when
using the factory. Updated other macros implementation to use this new
factory. Modified CPPUNIT_TEST_CUSTOM(S) macros to use this new factory
class. Added macro CPPUNIT_TEST_ADD to help create new macros like
* examples/cppunittest/HelperMacrosTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/HelperMacrosTest.cpp: added unit tests for
2002-06-01 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* doc/cookbook.dox: fixed bug.
* install-unix: added compilation instruction for Solaris/Sun 6.0
2002-05-25 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h: updated to use TestNamer. Removed
template method addTestCallerForException() which should solve the compilation
issue with Sun 5.0/6.0 compiler.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: updated against TestSuiteBuilder
change. Added CPPUNIT_TEST_CUSTOM and CPPUNIT_TEST_CUSTOMS to add custom
tests to the fixture suite.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestNamer.h:
* src/cppunit/TestNamer.cpp: added, TestNamer to name test case and fixture.
2002-05-23 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp: extracted class XmlOutputter::Node to
XmlElement. Extracted xml 'prolog' generation to XmlDocument.
* include/cppunit/tools/XmlElement.h:
* src/cppunit/tools/XmlElement.cpp: added, extracted from XmlOutputter::Node.
* include/cppunit/tools/XmlDocument.h:
* src/cppunit/tools/XmlDocument.cpp: added, extracted from XmlOutputter. Handle
XML document prolog (encoding & style-sheet) and manage the root element.
* src/DllPlugInTester/DllPlugInTester.cpp: bug fix, flag --xsl was ignored.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp: updated for XmlOuputter changes.
extracted tests for XmlOutputter::Node to XmlElementTest
* examples/cppunittest/XmlElementTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlElementTest.cpp: added, tests extracted from
2002-05-21 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/msvc6/testrunner/MsDevCallerListCtrl.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/MsDevCallerListCtrl.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/Resource.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.rc:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerModel.h:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunner.rc:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerDlg.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerModel.cpp: integrated patch from
Marco Welti ( with a few clean up.
Display the name of the test being run during above the progress bar. Allow the
VC++ add-ins to works with TestPlugInRunner (COM init). DLL name can be specified
on the command line after flag '-testsuite'. Display wait cursor, clear and reload
history when reloading DLL.
* THANKS: added Marco Welti to the list.
2002-05-07 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.cpp: fixed compilation issue.
* src/msvc6/TestRunner/ActiveTest.h:
* src/msvc6/TestRunner/ActiveTest.cpp: reindented. bugfix: thread
handle resource leak (bug #553424).
2002-04-25 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp: bugfix, use ISO-8859-1 encoding if an
empty string is given.
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.h:
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.cpp:
* src/DllPlugInTester/DllPlugInTester.cpp: added option -w to wait for
the user to press a key before exiting (Philippe Lavoie patch,
with change).
2002-04-22 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/plugin/DynamicLibraryManagerException.h: removed
trailing ',' in enum.
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerListener.cpp: bugfix, average test
case time computation.
2002-04-21 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* bumped version to 1.9.7
* comitted stuffs I forgot to in 1.9.6.
2002-04-21 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* contrib/bc5/ updated, generic makefile for
Borland 5.5, contributed by project cuppa.
* examples/cppunittest/*Suite.h: integrated Jeffrey Morgan's patch,
to remove warning with gcc.
* release 1.9.6
2002-04-21 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/DllPlugInTester/ removed from LDADD flags.
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.h:
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.cpp: rewrote, fixed problem
with double quotes in command line...
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParserTest.h:
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParserTest.cpp:
* src/DllPlugInTester/DllPlugInTesterTest.cpp: added, unit tests for
* src/msvc6/TestPlugIn/*: removed.
* examples/Money/*: added. New 'hello world' example.
* doc/Money.dox: added. Article that go along with the Money example.
2002-04-21 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* THANKS: updated
* src/cppunit/DynamicLibraryManager.cpp: bugfix: did not pass
library name to exception.
* include/cppunit/TestPath.h:
* src/cppunit/TestPath.cpp: changed into value object.
* src/cppunit/BeosDynamicLibraryManager.cpp: integrated patch from
Shibu Yoshiki for BeOS ('cuppa' project team).
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.h:
* src/DllPlugInTester/CommandLineParser.cpp: added. Command line
* src/DllPlugInTester/DllPlugInTester.cpp: full command line support
with parameters for plug-ins.
* src/DllPlugInTester/
* examples/simple/
* examples/cppunittest/ integrated Jeffrey Morgan's patch,
Unix side should be working again.
* examples/ReadMe.txt: added. Brief description of each example.
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestPlugIn.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestPlugIn.dsp: added. New project to
build CppUnit's test suite as a test plug-in.
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestSuite.cpp: updated. Use new
helper macros to create the test suite hierarchy.
* examples/simple/simple_plugin.opt: added. Contains debug tab
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerListener.cpp:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerListener.h:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/Timer.cpp:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/Timer.h:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/WinNtTimer.cpp:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/WinNtTimer.h:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerPlugIn.cpp:
* examples/ClockerPlugIn/ClockerPlugIn.dsp: added. test listener
plug-in that times tests.
* examples/DumperPlugIn/DumperListener.cpp:
* examples/DumperPlugIn/DumperListener.h:
* examples/DumperPlugIn/DumperPlugIn.cpp:
* examples/DumperPlugIn/DumperPlugIn.dsp: added. test listener
plug-in that dump the test tree.
2002-04-19 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/cppunit/PlugInManager.cpp: fixed bug in unload().
* include/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.h:
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp: Implementation is now always available
is CPPUNIT_HAVE_RTTI is not 0. This removes the need to use
different libraries. CPPUNIT_USE_TYPEINFO_NAME can be set on a
case by case basis for HelperMacros.
* src/cppunit/TestFactoryRegistry.cpp: removed unused include of
* include/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.h:
* src/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.cpp: used endTest() instead
of done() to finalize.
* src/msvc6/TestPlugInRunner/TestPlugIn.h:
* src/msvc6/TestPlugInRunner/TestPlugIn.cpp: updated to use the
new test plug-in system.
* examples/simple/SimplePlugIn.cpp:
* examples/simple/simple_plugin.dsp: crossplatform test plug-in
example using 'simple'.
* examples/msvc6/EasyTestPlugIn/*: projects replaced with the
crossplatform projecct examples/simple/simple_plugin.dsp.
2002-04-19 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* added some
* contrib/readme.txt: updated.
* contrib/bc5/ added borland 5.5 makefile. Contributed by
project cuppa.
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp: fixed implementation to be more
2002-04-18 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* bumped version to 1.9.3
* FAQ: added question about 4786 warning on VC++.
* NEWS: updated.
* contrib/msvc/readme.txt: moved to contrib/readme.txt.
* contrib/xml-xsl/report.xsl: added XML style sheet contributed by
'cuppa' project team (
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.cpp: added tests for
* examples/simple/*: added. A simple example.
* include/cppunit/BriefTestProgressListener.h:
* src/cppunit/BriefTestProgressListener.cpp: added. Verbose progess listener
that print the test name before running the test.
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h: added startTestRun()/endTestRun().
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp: added runTest(), to be called to run
a test by test runner.
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestRunner.cpp: updated to use TestResult::runTest().
* include/cppunit/plugin/PlugInManager.h:
* src/cppunit/PlugInManager.cpp: added. Managers for all loaded plug-ins.
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugInDefaultImpl.h:
* src/cppunit/TestPlugInDefaultImpl.cpp: renamed TestPlugInAdapter. All
implementations are empty.
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugInSuite.h: removed.
* src/cppunit/TestPlugInSuite.cpp: removed. Replaced by PlugInManager.
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugIn.h: rewrote the plug-in interface to
provide more versatility. updated macros to match new interface.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactoryRegistry.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactoryRegistry.cpp: Added unregisterFactory().
Added convenience method addRegistry(). Rewrote registry life cycle
management. AutoRegisterSuite can now detect that the registry has been
destroy and not call to it to unregister its test factory.
* include/cppunit/extensions/AutoRegisterTest.h: on destruction, the registered
factory is unregistered from the registry.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: added macros
build test suite hierarchy.
* src/cppunit/msvc/DllPlugInTester/*: moved to src/cppunit/DllPlugInTester/.
* src/cppunit/DllPlugInTester/DllPlugInTester.cpp: removed UNICODE stuffs. Use
the PlugInManager instead of PlugInTestSuite. Simplified: only one test on
command line, but many DLL can be specified. Added configurations to link
against cppunit dll, those are now the default configuration (static linking
don't make much sense for plug-in).
2002-04-15 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* release 1.9.2.
* NEWS: updated.
* added include/cppunit/config/Makefile and
include/cppunit/plugin/Makefile to the list of target.
* doc/CppUnit-win.dox: enabled generation of HTML Help documentation.
* include/cppunit/config/
* include/cppunit/plugin/ added.
* include/cppunit/config-bcb5.h:
* include/cppunit/config-msvc6.h:
* include/cppunit/config-mac.h: moved to include/cppunit/config/.
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: updated config files location. Added macros
CPPUNIT_STRINGIZE and CPPUNIT_JOIN (implementation adapted from
* include/cppunit/Test.h: modified methods order.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: renamed macro
definition to include/cppunit/Portability.h.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestDecorator.h: Inherits Test instead of TestLeaf.
* include/cppunit/plugin/DynamicLibraryManager.h:
* src/cppunit/DynamicLibraryManager.cpp: added. DLL manager (load & lookup
* src/cppunit/BeOsDynamicLibraryManager.cpp:
* src/cppunit/UnixDynamicLibraryManager.cpp:
* src/cppunit/Win32DynamicLibraryManager.cpp: added. Implementation of
platform dependent methods of DynamicLibraryManager.
* include/cppunit/plugin/DynamicLibraryManagerException.h:
* src/cppunit/DynamicLibraryManagerException.cpp: added. Exception thrown
by DynamicLibraryManager.
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugIn.h: added. CppUnitTestPlugIn interface
definition. Helper macros to implements plug-in.
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugInSuite.h:
* src/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugInSuite.cpp: added. A suite to wrap a test
* include/cppunit/plugin/TestPlugInDefaultImpl.h:
* src/cppunit/TestPlugInDefaultImpl.cpp: added. A default implementation
of the test plug-in interface.
* src/msvc6/DllPlugInTester/DllPlugInTester.cpp: updated to use the
new TestPlugIn.
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultCollectorTest.cpp: fixed typo.
2002-04-14 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* NEWS: updated.
* include/cppunit/TestSucessListener.h:
* src/cppunit/TestSucessListener.cpp: renamed TestSuccessListener
* doc/cookbook.dox:
* src/msvc6/DllPlugInTester/DllPlugInTester.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultCollectorTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultCollectorTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp:
* include/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h:
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h:
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp:
* src/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.cpp: fixed 'success' typo (was misspelled
* include/cppunit/TestResultCollector.h:
* src/cppunit/TestResultCollector.cpp: updated (renaming of
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp: Changed SucessfulTests tag to
2002-04-13 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp: Made XML output more human readable. Idented element.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiser.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiser.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiserTest.cpp: modified to ignore trailing space
at the end of element content.
2002-04-13 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* Snapshot 1.9.0
* NEWS: updated
* doc/other_documentation.dox: addded new module for test plug-in.
* include/msvc6/DSPlugin/TestRunnerDSPlugin.h:
* include/msvc6/DSPlugin/TestRunnerDSPlugin_i.c: added. Those file are
generated by project src/msvc/DSPlugin. They are provided to allow
compilation of TestRunner without compiling DSPlugIn which does not
build on VC++ 7.
* examples/examples.dsw: removed DSPlugIn for workspace (fail to build
with VC++ 7). Added DllPlugInTester.dsp to workspace.
* examples/msvc6/TestPlugIn/TestPlugIn.dsp: added post-build unit testing
using the new DllPlugInTester.
* examples/msvc6/EasyTestPlugIn/*: a new project that
demonstrates the use of CPPUNIT_TESTPLUGIN_IMPL to create a test plug-in.
* src/cppunit/cppunit.dsw:
* src/TestPlugInRunner.dsw:
* src/TestRunner.dsw: removed. Should use src/CppUnitLibraries.dsw instead.
* include/cppunit/ui/text/TestRunner.h:
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp: removed findTestName() method. Replaced
by Test::findTest().
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/DSPlugIn.dsp:
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/DSAddIn.h: changed include for add-in. MIDL generates
files in sub-directory ToAddToDistribution. Generated file should be
copied to include/msvc6/DSPlugin when modified. This remove the dependecy
of MfcTestRunner on DSPlugIn.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ListCtrlFormatter.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ListCtrlFormatter.cpp: added GetNextColumnIndex().
* src/msvc6/testrunner/src/TestRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/src/TestRunnerDlg.cpp: set column number in
MsDevCallerListCtrl when initializing the list.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/src/MsDevCallerListCtrl.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/src/MsDevCallerListCtrl.cpp: column indexes for
file and line number are no longer static. Added methods to set those
indexes. Changed DSPlugIn header name.
* include/msvc6/testrunner/TestPlugInInterface.h: fixed inclusion of
windows header for WINAPI. Added macro CPPUNIT_TESTPLUGIN_IMPL to
automatically implements a test plug-in.
* src/msvc6/DllPlugInTester/*: added new project. A application to test DLL
and report using CompilerOutputter. Target for post-build testing and
debugging of DLL.
2002-04-13 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h: deprecated defaultOuputter(). Added
setLocationFormat() and format specifiation in constructor. A string
that represent the location format is used to output the location.
Default format is defined by CPPUNIT_COMPILER_LOCATION_FORMAT.
* include/cppunit/config-msvc6.h:
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: added CPPUNIT_COMPILER_LOCATION_FORMAT.
Use gcc location format if VC++ is not detected.
* include/cppunit/Test.h: fixed documentation.
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h: added startSuite() and endSuite()
callbacks. Added new example to documentation.
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp:
* include/cppunit/TestComposite.h:
* src/cppunit/TestComposite.cpp: Updated to inform the listeners.
* src/qttestrunner/TestBrowserDlgImpl.cpp: used Test new composite
interface instead of RTTI to explore the test hierarchy.
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestListener.h:
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestListener.cpp: updated,added support for
startSuite() and endSuite().
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.cpp: added tests for startSuite()
and endSuite().
2002-04-12 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* added examples/qt to tar ball release.
* TODO: heavily updated.
* contrib/msvc/CppUnit*.wwtpl: changed base class for unit test to TestFixture.
* include/cppunit/Test.h: removed toString() method. Not used by the framework
and source of confusions with getName().
Added getChildTestCount() and getChildTestAt(), introducing the composite pattern
at top level. Added utility methods findTest() and findTestPath().
* src/cppunit/Test.cpp: added. Implementation of new utility methods.
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h:
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp: inherits TestLeaf. Removed toString(), run(void) and
defaultResult(). Removed default constructor.
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestSuite.cpp: fixed some includes that used "" instead of <>.
* include/cppunit/TestComposite.h:
* src/cppunit/TestComposite.cpp: added. Common implementation of Test for composite
tests (TestSuite).
* include/cppunit/TestFailure.h:
* src/cppunit/TestFailure.cpp: removed toString().
* include/cppunit/TestLeaf.h:
* src/cppunit/TestLeaf.cpp: added. Common implementation of Test for single test
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h: added TimingListener example to documentation.
* include/cppunit/TestPath.h:
* src/cppunit/TestPath.cpp: added. List of test traversed to access a test in the
test hierarchy.
* include/cppunit/TestRunner.h: added. Generic TestRunner.
* src/cppunit/TestRunner.cpp: moved to TextTestRunner.cpp. Added new implementation
of includecppunit/TestRunner.h.
* include/cppunit/TestSuite.h:
* src/cppunit/TestSuite.cpp: inherits TestComposite and implements new Test
interface. Removed toString().
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp: moved from TestRunner.cpp. Implementation of
* include/cppunit/extensions/RepeatedTest.h:
* src/cppunit/RepeatedTest.cpp: removed toString().
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestDecorator.h: inherits TestLeaf.
Removed toString()
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.h: XML outputter now escape node content.
Add unit test for that bug (#540944). Added style sheet support. Modified
XML structure: failure message as its own element.
* src/msvc/testrunner/TestRunnerModel.h:
* src/msvc/testrunner/TestRunnerModel.cpp: used Test::findTest() to find a test
by name instead of using RTTI. Added toAnsiString() for convertion when
compiling as UNICODE.
* src/msvc/testrunner/TreeHierarchyDlg.h:
* src/msvc/testrunner/TreeHierarchyDlg.cpp: used new composite interface of Test
to explorer the test hierarchy instead of RTTI.
* examples/cppunittest/TestPathTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestPathTest.cpp: added, unit tests for TestPath.
* examples/cppunittest/TestCaseTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestCaseTest.cpp: added test for TestLeaf.
* examples/cppunittest/TestSuiteTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestSuiteTest.cpp: added test for TestComposite and
new Test interface.
2002-04-11 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* bumped version to 1.9.0
* NEWS: added version 1.9.0
2002-04-11 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* doc/FAQ: removed question about the Exception::operator =() problem.
* release 1.8.0
2002-04-11 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/ui/mfc/
* include/cppunit/ui/qt/
* include/cppunit/ui/text/ Set the libcppunitincludedir
variable. Correct case of header file ui/qt/Config.h.
* Output the new include/*/Makefiles.
2002-04-10 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* removed directory cppunitui from copy when making
the dist.
* include/cppunit/ui: added for dist and install.
2002-04-10 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunitui/: moved to include/cppunit/ui (fix unix
install problem).
* doc/cookbook.dox:
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.cpp:
* examples/msvc/CppUnitTestApp/HostApp.cpp:
* examples/msvc/HostApp/HostApp.cpp:
* examples/qt/Main.Cpp:
* examples/src/cppunit/TestRunner.cpp:
* examples/src/msvc6/TestRunner/TestRunner.cpp:
* examples/src/qttestrunner/TestRunner.cpp: updated to use
<cppunit/ui/...> instead of <cppunitui/...> in include directives.
* doc/CppUnit-win.dox: generated documentation give the include
path at the bottom of the page for each class.
* NEWS: added compatibility break for 1.7.10 users.
2002-04-05 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.cpp: never wait for a key press.
2002-04-04 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* NEW: added CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL_MESSAGE compatiblity break.
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: changed arguments order for
CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL_MESSAGE. 'message' is now the first argument
instead of the last (like CPPUNIT_ASSERT_MESSAGE).
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestCase.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestListener.cpp: updated to reflect
2002-03-28 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* bumped version to 1.7.11
2002-03-28 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* doc/cookbook.html: removed. Replaced by cookbook.doc.
* doc/cookbook.dox: added, conversion of cookbook.html to Doxygen
* doc/other_documentation.dox: added groups definition.
* doc/ replaced cookbook.html by cookbook.dox
Replaced cookbook.html by cookbook.dox.
* include/cppunitui/mfc/TestRunner.h: added, extracted from
include/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.h. Moved class TestRunner to
namespace CppUnit::MfcUi.
* include/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.h: deprecated. A simple
typedef to CppUnit::MfcUi::TestRunner.
* include/textui/TestRuner.h: added, extracted from
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp: renamed TestRunner.cpp. Moved
into namespace CppUnit::TextUi.
* src/msvc6/testruner/TestRunner.cpp: moved into namespace
* src/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.cpp: removed printing "- " before
NotEqualException addional message, for consistency between
different TestRunner (Mfc,Text...)
* include/cppunit/Asserter.h:
* include/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h:
* include/cppunit/Exception.h:
* include/cppunit/NotEqualException.h:
* include/cppunit/Outputter.h:
* include/cppunit/SourceLine.h:
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h:
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h:
* include/cppunit/TestFailure.h:
* include/cppunit/TestFixture.h:
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h:
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* include/cppunit/TestResultCollector.h:
* include/cppunit/TestSucessListener.h:
* include/cppunit/TestSuite.h:
* include/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.h:
* include/cppunit/TextTestRunner.h:
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/AutoRegisterSuite.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactoryRegistry.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteFactory.h: doc
update. organization in groups.
* examples/msvc6/CppUnitTestApp/CppUnitTestApp.cpp:
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostApp.cpp: updated to use
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.cpp: updated to use
2002-03-27 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/msvc/testrunner/TestRunner.h: updated doc. reindented.
* include/cppunit/Asserter.h:
* include/cppunit/Asserter.cpp:
* include/cppunit/TestResultCollector.h:
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* include/cppunit/SynchronizedObject.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestCaller.h: doc update.
* include/cppunitui/qt/TestRunner.h: doc update.
2002-03-27 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* added src/CppUnitLibraries.dsw, new contribution, and
* TODO: updated (doc).
* contrib/msvc/AddingUnitTestMethod.dsm: added, submitted by
* constrib/msvc/readme.txt: updated.
* include/cppunit/TestAsserter.h:
* include/cppunit/SourceLine.h: updated doc.
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h: reindented. updated doc.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: relaxed constraint on fixture.
Fixture base class may be TestFixture instead of TestCase.
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h:
* src/cppunit/TestCase.h: TestCase inherits TestFixture for setUp() and
tearDown() definition. Moved documentation to TestFixture.
* include/cppunit/TestFixture.h: updated documentation.
* include/cppunit/TestRegistry.h:
* src/cppunit/TestRegistry.cpp: Removed. Replaced by TestFactoryRegistry.
* include/cppunit/TextTestRunner.h:
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp: made printing progress using a
TextTestProgressListener optional.
* examples/cppunittest/ExceptionTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/HelperMacrosTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/HelperMacrosTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/NotEqualException.h:
* examples/cppunittest/OrthodoxTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/RepeatedTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestCallerTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestDecoratorTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestFailureTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultCollectorTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestSetUpTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestSuiteTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformizerTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformizerTest.cpp: changed base class for fixture
from TestCase to TestFixture.
* examples/hierarchy/BoardGameTest.h:
* examples/hierarchy/ChessTest.h:
* examples/hierarchy/main.cpp: updated to use HelperMacros for correct
fixture instantiation (the ChessBoard::testReset test case was using
BoardGame fixture instance instead of ChessBoard).
2002-03-26 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* bumped version to 1.7.9
2002-03-26 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunner.dsp: fixed release configuration.
2002-03-25 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/ removed TestRegistry.h
* include/cppunit/TestRegistry.h: removed. Obsolete, replaced by
* src/cppunit/ removed TestRegistry.cpp. Added cppunit_dll.dsp.
* include/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h:
* include/cppunit/NotEqualException.h:
* include/cppunit/SynchronizedObject.h:
* include/cppunit/TestFixture.h:
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h:
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* include/cppunit/TestSucessListener.h:
* include/cppunit/TextOutputter.h:
* include/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.h:
* include/cppunit/TextTestResult.h:
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactory.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactoryRegistry.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteFactory.h: minor doc update.
* include/cppunit/TestFixture.h: added DLL export.
* include/cppunit/msvc6/TestPlugInInterface.h: updated doc. Added automatic
exportation of TestPlugIn publishing function.
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp:
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h: inherits setUp() and tearDown() from
class TestFixture.
2002-03-25 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* bumped version to 1.7.7
2002-03-25 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/config-msvc6.h:
* include/cppunit/Portability.h
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactoryRegistry.h
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h
* include/cppunit/TestResultCollector.h
* include/cppunit/TestSuite.h
* include/cppunit/TextTestRunner.h
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h: removed warning when compiling CppUnit
as DLL.
* src/cppunit/DllMain.cpp: added some defines to speed up compilation a bit.
2002-03-25 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* INSTALL-WIN32.txt: updated for MFC Unicode TestRunner.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.dsp: added Unicode configurations.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ListCtrlSetter.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/ListCtrlSetter.h: replaced usage of std::string by
CString for easier ansi/unicode switch.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/MsDevCallerListCtrl.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerModel.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerModel.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TreeHierarchyDlg.cpp: made changes to compile with
either ANSI and UNICODE support.
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostApp.cpp:
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostApp.h:
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostAppDoc.cpp:
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostAppDoc.h: moved TestRunner execution to
HostApp::RunUnitTests() and removed the MainFrame application window.
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostApp.dsp: added Unicode configurations.
2002-03-24 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* INSTALL-WIN32.txt: added some info to build cppunit as a DLL.
* include/cppunit/config-msvc6.h: added definition of macro CPPUNIT_API
when building or linking DLL. Defined CPPUNIT_BUILD_DLL when building, and
CPPUNIT_DLL when linking.
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: added empty definition of macro
CPPUNIT_API when not building or using CppUnit as a DLL. When any of
those symbol is defined, the symbol CPPUNIT_NEED_DLL_DECL is set to 1.
* include/cppunit/extensions/RepeatedTest.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestDecorator.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSetUp.h:
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactory.h
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactoryRegistry.h
* include/cppunit/extensions/TypeInfoHelper.h
* include/cppunit/Asserter.h
* include/cppunit/Exception.h
* include/cppunit/NotEqualException.h
* include/cppunit/SourceLine.h
* include/cppunit/SynchronizedObject.h
* include/cppunit/Test.h
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h
* include/cppunit/TestFailure.h
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h
* include/cppunit/TestSuite.h
* include/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h
* include/cppunit/Outputter.h
* include/cppunit/TestResultCollector.h
* include/cppunit/TestSuccessListener.h
* include/cppunit/TextOutputter.h
* include/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.h
* include/cppunit/TextTestResult.h
* include/cppunit/TextTestRunner.h
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h: added CPPUNIT_API for DLL export.
* include/cppunit/TestSuite.h:
* src/cppunit/TestSuite.cpp: reindented
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSetUp.h:
* src/cppunit/TestSetUp.cpp: added .cpp. extracted inline method and moved
them to cpp file.
* src/cppunit/DllMain.cpp: added, contains Dll entry point.
2002-03-06 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.cpp: flush the stream after each
progess step.
2002-03-03 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* updated version number to 1.7.4
2002-03-03 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/
* src/cppunit/ added missing SynchronizedObject and
* generated 1.7.3 tar ball.
2002-02-29 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* inclued/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* inclued/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp: added optional parameter to constructor
to specify the encoding.
* updated version number to 1.7.3
2002-02-28 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* NEW: updated and restructured.
* include/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.cpp:
updated against TestResultChange. Changed TestResult to TestResultCollector.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: minor documentation fix.
* include/cppunit/Outputter.h: added. Abstract base class for all Outputter.
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: made the fix on OStringStream suggested by
Bob Summerwill to remove level 4 warning with VC++.
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: added macro CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL_MESSAGE.
* src/cppunit/TestFailure.cpp:
* include/cppunit/TestFailure.h: added method clone() to duplicate a
failure. Made all method virtual.
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h: changed signature of addFailure() to
addFailure( const TestFailure &failure ). Failure is now only a temporary
* include/cppunit/Outputter.h: added. Abstract base class for all
outputter. Used by TextTestRunner.
* include/cppunit/SynchronizedObject.h:
* src/cppunit/SynchronizedObject.cpp: added. Class extracted from
TestResult. Base class for objects that can be accessed from different
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h: TestFailure.h is no longer included.
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h:
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp: extracted all methods related to keeping track
of the result to the new TestResultCollector class which is a TestListener.
* include/cppunit/TestResultCollector.h:
* src/cppunit/TestResultCollector.cpp: added. TestListener which kept track
of the result of the test run. All failure/error, and tests are tracked.
* include/cppunit/TestSucessListener.h:
* src/cppunit/TestSucessListener.cpp: added. TestListener extracted from
TestResult. Is responsible for wasSucessful().
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h:
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp: reindented.
* include/cppunit/TextOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/TextOutputter.cpp: added. Copied from the deprecated
TextTestResult and modified to act as an Ouputter.
* include/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.h:
* src/cppunit/TextTestProgressListener.cpp: Copied from the deprecated
TextTestResult and modified to print the dot while the test are running.
* include/cppunit/TextTestResult.h:
* src/cppunit/TextTestResult.cpp: updated against TestResult change.
No compatiblity break. Deprecated.
* include/cppunit/TextTestRunner.h:
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp: updated to work with the new TestResult.
Use TextTestProgressListener and TextOutputter instead of TextTestResult.
Any outputter with interface Outputter can be used to print the test result
(CompilerOutputter, XmlOutputter, TextOutputter...)
* include/cppunit/XmlOutputter.h:
* src/cppunit/XmlOutputter.cpp: updated against TestResultChange.
Changed TestResult to TestResultCollector.
* src/msvc6/TestRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/TestRunnerDlg.cpp: fixed the 'fullrowselect' feature of the
list view. The dialog is a TestListener itself, it no longer use the
GUITestResult class.
* src/msvc6/TestRunner.rc: moved the "autorun test button" in such a way that
it did not overlap the progress bar anymore.
* src/msvc6/MfcSynchronizationObject.h: added. Generic SynchronizedObject
lock for MFC.
* src/msvc6/GUITestResult.h :
* src/msvc6/GUITestResult.cpp : removed.
* src/qttestrunner/TestRunnerModel.h:
* src/qttestrunner/TestRunnerModel.cpp: changed addFailure() signature to
reflect change on TestListener.
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.cpp: updated to use the new Outputter
abstraction and TextTestRunner facilities.
* examples/cppunittest/FailingTestCase.h:
* examples/cppunittest/FailingTestCase.cpp: removed. Replaced by MockTestCase.
* examples/cppunittest/FailingTestCase.h:
* examples/cppunittest/FailingTestCase.h:
* examples/cppunittest/HelperMacrosTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/HelperMacrosTest.cpp: Updated against TestResult change.
Use MockTestListener instead of TestResult to check for sucess or failure.
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestListener.h:
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestListener.cpp: the class now behave like a mock
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestCase.h:
* examples/cppunittest/MockTestCase.cpp: added. Mock TestCase object.
* examples/cppunittest/OrthodoxTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/OrthodoxTest.cpp: Updated against TestResult change.
Use MockTestListener instead of TestResult to check for sucess or failure.
* examples/cppunittest/SynchronizedTestResult.h: Updated against TestResult
* examples/cppunittest/TestCallerTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestCallerTest.cpp: Updated against TestResult change.
Use MockTestListener instead of TestResult.
* examples/cppunittest/TestCaseTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestCaseTest.cpp: Updated against TestResult change.
Use MockTestListener and MockTestCase instead of FailingTestCase and TestResult.
* examples/cppunittest/TestDecoratorTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestDecoratorTest.cpp: Updated against TestResult change.
Use MockTestCase instead of FailingTestCase.
* examples/cppunittest/TestListenerTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestListenerTest.cpp: removed. Those unit tests have been
rewrote and moved to TestResultTest.
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.cpp: Updated to test the new interface.
Tests from TestListenerTest have been moved here.
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultCollectorTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultCollectorTest.cpp: added. Tests for the class
that been extracted from TestResult.
* examples/cppunittest/TestSetUpTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestSetUpTest.cpp: renamed SetUp inner class to MockSetUp.
Changed interface to be more akin to a Mock object.
* examples/cppunittest/TestSuiteTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestSuiteTest.cpp: Updated against TestResult change,
and rewrote to use MockTestCase instead of FailingTestCase.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/XmlOutputterTest.cpp: Updated against TestResult change.
Added some utility methods to make the update easier.
2001-10-28 Steve M. Robbins <>
* INSTALL-unix: Add note about cygwin.
2001-10-24 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* examples/msvc6/CppUnitTestApp/CppUnitTestApp.dsp:
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostApp.dsp: use custom file build instead
of post-build/pre-link step to copy the TestRunner DLL to the
Release/Debug directory.
* src/msvc6/ProgressBar.cpp:
* src/msvc6/ProgressBar.h:
* src/msvc6/TestRunner.rc:
* src/msvc6/TestRunnerDlg.cpp:
* src/msvc6/TestRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testRunner.dsp:
* src/msvc6/TestRunnerModel.cpp:
* src/msvc6/TestRunnerModel.h: included Gigi Sayfan (
patch. The dialog can now be resized, and list view columns and dialog
sizes are saved.
* src/msvc6/ProgressBar.cpp:
* src/msvc6/ProgressBar.h: Minor refactoring.
* THANKS: added Gigi Sayfan to the list.
2001-10-21 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Bump version to 1.7.2.
* Release 1.7.1 (alpha).
* Merged changes from cvs BRANCH_1_6; details follow.
* examples/cppunittest/TestSetUpTest.h (class SetUp): Add
namespace qualifier to CppUnit::TestSetup() constructor call.
* include/cppunit/ (dist-hook): Restore hook to
remove config-auto.h from distribution.
* doc/ Move the definition of htmldir inside if DOC
conditional. Add "else" branch to conditional with dummy targets
for install-data-hook and uninstall-local. Move all-local outside
the conditional, and move "dox" target into both branches of the
2001-10-20 Steve M. Robbins <>
* examples/cppunittest/ (cppunittestmain_SOURCES):
Include XmlUnformiserTest files.
* doc/ (GENERATE_MAN): Do not generate man pages.
* doc/ Do not make man directories.
2001-10-19 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Exception.h:
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp: what(), added back the throw() qualifier.
2001-10-14 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunitui/* : added, Qt TestRunner.
* examples/qt/* : added, example showing the use of Qt TestRunner.
* src/qttestrunner : added, source of the Qt TestRunner DLL.
2001-10-08 Steve M. Robbins <>
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp (what): Remove "throw()" qualifier, to
match earlier change to header.
2001-10-07 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/CompilerTestResultOutputter.h :
renamed CompilerOutputter.h
* src/cppunit/CompilerTestResultOutputter.cpp :
renamed CompilerOutputter.cpp
* include/cppunit/CompilerTestResultOutputter.h :
* src/cppunit/CompilerTestResultOutputter.cpp : ajust max line length
for wrapping. Added static factory method defaultOutputter(). Print
the number of test runs on success.
* include/cppunit/CompilerTestResultOutputter.h : renamed
* src/cppunit/CompilerTestResultOutputter.cpp : renamed
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.cpp : use factory method
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/DSPlugIn.dsp : removed COM registration in
post-build step. IT is automatically done by VC++ when the add-in is
added. Caused build to failed if the add-in was used in VC++.
* NEWS : updated.
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp : modified deprecated assert
implementations to use Asserter.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlTestResultOutputterTest.h :
renamed XmlOutputterTest.h.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlTestResultOutputterTest.cpp :
renamed XmlOutputterTest.cpp.
* NEWS :
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.cpp :
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.dsp :
* examples/cppunittest/ :
* examples/cppunittest/XmlTestResultOutputterTest.h :
* examples/cppunittest/XmlTestResultOutputterTest.cpp :
* examples/msvc6/CppUniTestApp/CppUnitTestApp.dsp
* include/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.h :
* include/cppunit/ :
* include/cppunit/XmlTestResultOutputter.h :
* src/cppunit/CompilerOutputter.cpp :
* src/cppunit/cppunit.dsp :
* src/cppunit/ :
* src/cppunit/XmlTestResultOutputter.cpp : change due to renaming
CompilerTestResultOutputter to CompilerOutputter,
XmlTestResultOutputter to XmlOuputter, XmlTestResultOutputterTest
to XmlOutputterTest.
2001-10-06 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/CompilerTestResultOutputter.h :
* src/cppunit/CompilerTestResultOutputter.cpp : added. Output result
in a compiler compatible format.
* src/cppunit/CppUnit.dsp :
* include/cppunit/ :
* src/cppunit/ : added CompilerTestResultOutputter.cpp
and CompilerTestResultOutputter.h.
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.cpp : if -selftest is specified
on the command line, no standard test result are printed, but compiler
compatible result at printed.
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.dsp : added post-build step to
run the test suite with -selftest.
* NEWS : updated.
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp : skip a line after printing
2001-10-06 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestMain.cpp : application returns
0 is test suite run sucessfuly, 1 otherwise.
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp : bug fix, operator =() with VC++.
Removed call to std::exception::operator =() which is bugged
on VC++.
* doc/FAQ : added a note explaining why the test
ExceptionTest.testAssignment used to fail.
* NEWS : updated and detailed.
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h :
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp : added reset().
* include/cppunit/TextTestRunner.h :
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp : Constructor take an optional
TextTestRestult. The TextTestResult remain alive as long as
the runner. Added result() to retreive the result. Printing the
result is now optinal (enabled by default).
2001-10-05 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Asserter.h :
* src/cppunit/Asserter.cpp : added. Helper to create assertion macros.
* src/cppunit/cppunit.dsp :
* src/cppunit/ :
* include/cppunit/ : added Asserter.h and Asserter.cpp.
* include/cppunit/Exception.h :
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp : added constructor that take a
SourceLine argument. Deprecated static constant and old constructor.
Fixed some constness issues.
* examples/cppunittest/ExceptionTest.cpp : Refactored.
* NEWS : partially updated (need to be more detailed)
* include/cppunit/NotEqualException.h :
* src/cppunit/NotEqualException.cpp : added constructor that take a
SourceLine argument. Deprecated old constructor. Added a third element
to compose message.
* examples/cppunittest/NotEqualExceptionTest.cpp : moved to "Core"
suite. Added test for SourceLine() and additionalMessage().
* include/cppunit/SourceLine.h :
* src/cppunit/SourceLine.cpp : added. Result of applying
IntroduceParameterObject refactoring on filename & line number...
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h :
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp : deprecated old assert functions.
added functions assertEquals() and assertDoubleEquals() which use
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp : Modified for SourceLine.
* include/cppunit/TestFailure.h :
* src/cppunit/TestFailure.cpp : added failedTestName(), and
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp : modified to use SourceLine.
* include/cppunit/TextTestResult.h :
* src/cppunit/TextTestResult.cpp : corrected include order and
switched to angled brackets. Refactored. Don't print failure location
if not available. Not equal failure dump additional message if
* src/cppunit/TextTestRunner.cpp : run() now returns a boolean to
indicate if the run was sucessful.
* src/cppunit/XmlTestResultOutputter.cpp : replaced itoa() with
OStringStream. Refactored.
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiser.h :
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiser.cpp :
CPPUNITTEST_ASSERT_XML_EQUAL capture failure location. Refactored
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiserTest.h :
* examples/cppunittest/XmlUniformiserTest.cpp : added test for
* include/cppunit/XmlTestResultOutputter.h :
* src/cppunit/XmlTestResultOutputter.cpp : updated to use SourceLine.
2001-10-05 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* NEWS : updated.
* include/cppunit/Exception.h : added include Portability.h.
* include/cppunit/TestResult.* : changed TestFailures to a deque.
added tests().
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTest.dsp :
* examples/cppunittest/ :
* examples/msvc6/CppUnitTestApp/CppUnitTestApp.dsp : Added
XmlTestResultOutputterTest.*, XmlUniformiser.*, XmlUniformiserTest.*,
UnitTestToolSuite.h, OutputSuite.h.
* examples/msvc6/CppUnitTestApp/CppUnitTestApp.dsp : revised project
folders structure. Added missing NoteEqualExceptionTest.*.
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestSuite.cpp : added 'Output' and
'UnitTestTool' suites.
* src/cppunit/cppunit.dsp: removed estring.h. Revised project folders
structure. Removed TestRegistry.*. Added TestSetUp.h,
* src/cppunit/ added XmlTestResultOutputter.*.
* src/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp: removed disabled code.
2001-10-03 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestFailure.cpp :
* include/cppunit/TestFailure.h : fixed some constness issues. Added
argument to indicate the type of failure to constructor. Added
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h : removed addError(). addFailure()
now take a TestFailure as argument.
* include/cppunit/TestResult.h :
* include/cppunit/TestResult.cpp : removed errors(). Refactored. Fixed
some constness issues. Added typedef TestFailures for vector returned
by failures(). failures() returns a const reference on the list of
failure. added testFailuresTotal(). Constructor can take an optional
synchronization object.
* include/cppunit/TextTestResult.h :
* include/cppunit/TextTestResult.cpp : removed printErrors().
Refactored. Updated to suit new TestResult, errors and failures are
reported in the same list.
* examples/cppunittest/TestFailureTest.cpp :
* examples/cppunittest/TestFailureTest.h : modified to use the new
TestFailure constructor. Added one test.
* examples/cppunittest/TestListenerTest.cpp: removed addError().
Refactored to suit new TestListener.
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.h :
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.cpp : modified to suit the
new TestResult.
2001-10-02 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactoryRegistry.h
* src/cppunit/TestFactoryRegistry.cpp : fixed memory leaks that
occured when a TestFactoryRegistry was registered into another
* include/cppunit/extensions/AutoRegisterSuite.h : updated doc.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h : added macro
a named suite. Updated doc.
* examples/cppunittest/CoreSuite.h:
* examples/cppunittest/ExtensionSuite.h:
* examples/cppunittest/HelperSuite.h: added, declaration of suite for
* examples/cppunittest/ : added HelperSuite.h, CoreSuite.h,
ExtensionSuite.h, CppUnitTestSuite.h and CppUnitTestSuite.cpp.
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTestSuite.*: added.
* examples/cppunittest/ExceptionTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestCaseTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestFailureTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestListenerTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestSuiteTest.cpp: moved into named suite
* examples/cppunittest/OrthodoxTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/RepeatedTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestDecoratorTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestSetUpTest.cpp: moved into named suite
* examples/cppunittest/HelperMacrosTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestCallerTest.cpp: moved into named suite
* examples/cppunittest/CppUnitTest.dsp :
* examples/msvc6/CppUnitTestApp/CppUnitTestApp.dsp : added, HelperSuite.h, CoreSuite.h, ExtensionSuite.h,
CppUnitTestSuite.h and CppUnitTestSuite.cpp.
2001-10-01 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* NEWS : updated.
* doc/other_documentation.dox : added all the authors to the list of
* examples/cppunittest/HelperMacrosTest.*: added unit tests for
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.*: added unit tests for
CPPUNIT_FAIL. Corrected spelling error. Relaxed constraint on message
produced by CPPUNIT_ASSERT_MESSAGE. Refactored some tests.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h : added macro
CPPUNIT_TEST_EXCEPTION to create a test case for the specified method
that must throw an exception of the specified type.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h : made
makeTestName() public. Added addTestCallerForException() to add a
test case expecting an exception of the specified type to be
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h : added macro CPPUNIT_FAIL as a
shortcut for CPPUNIT_ASSERT_MESSAGE( message, false ).
2001-09-30 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Set version to 1.7.0.
2001-09-30 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Release 1.6.1.
* doc/footer.html: Do not meddle with font size.
* doc/header.html: Add link to FAQ. Do not meddle with font size.
* doc/ (PROJECT_NAME): Set to "CppUnit", to be
consistent on capitalization.
(PROJECT_NUMBER): Include "Version" in the string.
* doc/ (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute FAQ.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute contrib/msvc/CppUnit.WWTpl
and contrib/msvc/readme.txt.
(dist-hook): Change line endings of these files.
* include/cppunit/extensions/RepeatedTest.h
* src/cppunit/RepeatedTest.cpp (countTestCases, toString):
Add const qualifier to function.
2001-09-30 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* contrib/msvc/CppUnit.WWTpl: added, template for WorkSpace Whiz!
to create new classes and unit tests.
* doc/FAQ:
* INSTALL-WIN32.txt: moved FAQ from install-WIN32 to that file. Added
a generic question to hint at the helper macros.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: bug #464844, moved
declaration of ThisTestCaseFactory from CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE_END to
CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE where the Fixture class name is available from
the macro parameter.
2001-09-30 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/config-mac.h: New. Macintosh configuration,
courtesy of Duane Murphy.
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: Move <string> include inside
#if-block that needs it.
* doc/ (doc-dist): Creates tar file of HTML doc files.
Remove all wildcarded filenames. Do not bother with manpages.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute INSTALL-unix and
(man_MANS): Install cppunit-config.1.
(doc-dist): Use "make doc-dist" in doc directory.
* cppunit-config.1: Document --prefix and --exec-prefix.
* (Usage): Remove "[LIBRARIES]" from help string.
2001-09-29 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Set version to 1.6.1.
2001-09-29 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* example/cppunittest/TestCaller.*: remove some memory leaks.
TestCaller exception catching features is now tested correctly.
Previous test tested nothing!
2001-09-23 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Set version to 1.6.0.
* NEWS: Incorporate Baptiste's notes.
* BUGS: New file for list of known bugs.
* README: Note about file BUGS.
2001-09-24 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h : changed header order to remove
warning on VC++
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h : bugfix: threw 'new Exception'
instead of 'Exception'.
2001-09-23 Steve M. Robbins <>
* doc/footer.html: Put devel list in mailto tag.
* doc/ (man_MANS): Restore ability to install manpages.
(htmldir): HTML pages installed under $(pkgdatadir).
* doc/other_documentation.dox: Reference cookbook.html
in same directory. Remove obsolete text.
* Do not set CFLAGS; remove --enable-debug-mode.
* include/cppunit/Portability.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: Allow user
to request the old-style CU_TEST family of macros.
* doc/ (EXCLUDE_PATTERNS): Remove estring.h.
* README: Add contact and bug-reporting info.
* INSTALL-unix: New. Move the unix install notes here
from README.
* AUTHORS: Put myself on the list.
2001-09-21 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/TestFailure.h : made destructor virtual.
* INSTALL-WIN32.txt : added some more infos about DSPlugIn.
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/DSPlugIn.rgs: added some registry data
that where missing to register the COM object.
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/DSPlugIn.rc: updated some dll version info.
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/DSPlugIn.dsp: fixed the custom build step to
register the DLL using regsvr32.exe. Added a post-build step to
copy the dll to the lib/ directory. This prevent a blocking
compilation error if the DLL is in use by VC++.
2001-09-20 Steve M. Robbins <>
* (snapshot): Replace "date -I" GNUism with portable
specification for ISO date format.
(dist-hook): Correct rule to change line endings for INSTALL-WIN32.txt.
* include/cppunit/Portability.h:
* config/ac_cxx_have_strstream.m4 (AC_CXX_HAVE_STRSTREAM): Extend
to check for and use <strstream> in preference to <strstream.h>.
Patrick Hartling reports the former is required for the SGI
MIPSpro compiler.
2001-09-19 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* examples/cppunittest/ : added TestSetupTest.(cpp/h)
* examples/examples.dsw: removed some unnecessary dependencies.
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostApp.dsp: fixed release configuration
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/DSPlugIn.dsp: fixed release configuration, and
disabled the custom build command that does not work.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: reordered header to remove
some warning with VC++.
* INSTALL-WIN32.txt : detailed what was in each project. Added a FAQ
about the failing test case in cppunittest.
2001-09-19 Steve M. Robbins <>
* README: Describe how to check if libtool is fixed.
* (dist-hook): Include INSTALL-WIN32.txt in the list
of files to convert to MSDOS line endings.
(snapshot): Use ISO-8601 compliant date for filename.
(ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): Specify local directory.
2001-09-18 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/TextTestResult.h: Change include from <iosfwd>
to <iostream>. Sugggested by Peer Sommerlund.
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: Qualify ostrstream with std.
Suggested by Patrick Hartling.
2001-09-18 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* examples/examples.dsw:
* examples/msvc6/CppUnitTestApp/CppUnitTestApp.dsw:
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostApp.dsw:
* examples/msvc6/TestPlugIn/TestPlugIn.dsw: Added missing
project dependency.
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/DSPlugIn.dsp: fixed *.tlb output directory.
* include/msvc6/testrunner/TestPlugInInterface.h: does not define
NOMINMAX if already defined.
2001-09-17 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* Added INSTALL-WIN32.txt to EXTRA_DIST.
* INSTALL-WIN32.txt: added, short documentation for CppUnit and VC++.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: bug #448363, removed
an extraneous ';' at the end of CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE_END macro.
* examples/cppunittest/TestCallerTest.cpp: bug #448332, fixed
memory leaks.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunnerDlg.cpp: change to define
IDD to a dummy value when subclassing the dialog.
* src/cppunit/cppunit.dsp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.dsp:
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunner.dsp:
* examples/cppunitttest/CppUnitTestMain.dsp:
* examples/hierarchy.dsp:
* examples/msvc6/TestPlugIn/TestPlugIn.dsp:
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/HostApp.dsp: all configurations can be compiled.
* src/msvc6/testpluginrunner/TestPlugInRunner.dsw: added dependency to
cppunit.dsp and TestRunner.dsp.
2001-09-16 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Revert TestFixture-related changes from 2001-07-15:
* src/cppunit/cppunit.dsp (SOURCE): Remove TestFixture.h.
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp (setUp, tearDown): Restore function
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h (class TestCase): Do not derive
from class TestFixture. Restore member functions setUp()
and tearDown().
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h: Do not include
* include/cppunit/ (libcppunitinclude_HEADERS): Remove
2001-09-14 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.dsp: fixed release configuration.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.dsw: added DSPlugIn.dsp. TestRunner
depends on DSPlugIn.
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunner.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.h:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/TestRunnerDlg.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/MsDevCallerListCtrl.cpp:
* src/msvc6/testrunner/MsDevCallerListCtrl.h:
* src/msvc6/DSPlugIn/*: integrated patch from
Patrick Berny ( An add-ins for VC++. Double-cliking
a failed test in the TestRunner, VC++ will open the source file and
go to the failure location.
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp:
* include/cppunit/Exception.h: compile fix, call to overrided
operator = of parent class failed. Using typedef to the parent
class fix that.
* src/cppunit/cppunit.dsp: added TestFixture.h
* src/cppunit/TestFactoryRegistry.cpp: removed <utility> which isn't
needed any more.
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h:
* include/cppunit/TestSuite.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactoryRegistry.h: added
include <Portability.h> before any other includes to remove warning
with VC++.
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: moved platform specific includes at
the beginning of the header. fixed CPPUNIT_HAVE_CPP_SOURCE_ANNOTATION
* include/cppunit/config-msvc6.h: removed pragma once (useless, should
be put in each header to have an effect).
2001-08-07 Steve M. Robbins <>
* doc/ Add workaround for broken Doxygen.
* src/cppunit/TextTestResult.cpp (operator<<): Remove CppUnit::
* Add check for <cmath>.
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp: Use <math.h> if <cmath> not
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp: Do not include <cmath>.
* include/cppunit/config-bcb5.h (HAVE_CMATH):
* include/cppunit/config-msvc6.h (HAVE_CMATH): Add.
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp: Qualify std::exception.
* examples/cppunittest/OrthodoxTest.h (TestCase): Add assignment
operator. MIPSpro fails to compile without one.
* Removed automake conditional "DOC".
* doc/ Placed "DOC" conditional around
rules that invoke Doxygen.
* config/ Removed.
* Do not create config/Makefile.
* (EXTRA_DIST): Distribute config/*.m4.
(SUBDIRS): Do not descend into config.
2001-07-15 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/TestFixture.h: New. Declare class TextFixture.
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h:
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h:
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp:
* include/cppunit/ Subclass TestCase from TestFixture.
2001-07-14 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/Exception.h:
* include/cppunit/Test.h:
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h:
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h:
* include/cppunit/TestFailure.h:
* include/cppunit/TestListener.h:
* include/cppunit/TestSuite.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/RepeatedTest.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestDecorator.h:
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp: Add documentation.
2001-07-13 Steve M. Robbins <>
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.h:
* examples/cppunittest/TestAssertTest.cpp: Add tests
2001-07-12 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Set to version 1.5.6. On the assumption that
backwards compatibility has been broken (though I'm not certain),
set the binary age and interface age to zero.
* examples/cppunittest/TestFailureTest.h:
* include/cppunit/Exception.h:
* include/cppunit/NotEqualException.h:
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp:
* src/cppunit/NotEqualException.cpp: Add "throw()" to overridden
std::exception destructors; required for GCC 3.0.
2001-07-07 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/ Clean config-auto.h using
* doc/ Temporarily disable manpage installation.
Fix html installation to ensure files removed by uninstall.
* src/cppunit/estring.h: Removed.
* src/cppunit/
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TextTestResult.cpp: Recode to avoid use of estring.
* examples/cppunittest/OrthodoxTest.h: Add const qualifier
to operator== methods.
* include/cppunit/config-bcb5.h:
* include/cppunit/config-msvc6.h: Define CPPUNIT_HAVE_SSTREAM to 1.
* config/ac_cxx_have_sstream.m4: New. Defines macro
AC_CXX_HAVE_SSTREAM. Taken from the autoconf archive.
* config/ac_cxx_have_strstream.m4: New. Copy of above,
modified to check for presence of strstream; defines
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: Define class
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h:
* src/cppunit/TestFactoryRegistry.cpp: Replace std::ostringstream
by CppUnit::OStringStream.
2001-07-06 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Add --disable-typeinfo-name option.
* README: Add note about new configure option.
* INSTALL: Update to version from autoconf 2.50.
2001-07-05 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/Portability.h: Remove definition of
* Define USE_TYPEINFO_NAME in config.h.
* include/cppunit/config-msvc6.h (CPPUNIT_USE_TYPEINFO_NAME):
* include/cppunit/config-bcb5.h (CPPUNIT_USE_TYPEINFO_NAME): Add
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TypeInfoHelper.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h:
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestFactoryRegistry.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp (toString):
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp: Remove include of estring.h.
* Invoke AC_PROG_CC to workaround a automake
bug. Move probes for CC/CXX ahead of the libtool macros.
* examples/hierarchy/
* examples/cppunittest/
* src/cppunit/ (INCLUDES): Search
$(top_builddir)/include for <cppunit/config-auto.h>.
2001-06-27 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* examples/msvc6/CppUnitTestApp/CppUnitTestApp.dsp:
moved dll copy from post-build to custom build setting, so that the
dll is copied even if the CppUnitTestApp was not modified.
* examples/msvc6/TestPlugIn/: a new example of test plug in.
* src/msvc6/TestRunner/ListCtrlFormatter.*
* src/msvc6/TestRunner/ListCtrlSetter.*:
added, helper to manipulate list control.
* src/msvc6/TestRunner/TestRunnerDlg.*: change to make the error list
more compact. text moved to string resources. icons added for typ
test tfailure type.
* src/msvc6/TestRunner/MostRecentTests.*: added, classes that will
replace the current implementation of MRU test which make it hard
to subclass the dialog.
* src/msvc6/TestRunner/res/errortype.bmp: added, bitmap with error
types (failure and error).
* src/msvc6/TestPlugInRunner/: A test runner to run test plug in.
Test plug in are DLL that publish a specified plug in interface.
Those DLL are loaded and reloaded by the TestPlugInRunner to run
tests. This remove the need to wrap DLL with a executable to test
* src/cppunit/cppunit.dsp:
removed config.h from project
added Portability.h and config-msvc6.h
* include/cppunit/config-msvc6.h:
2001-06-20 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Stop when tool fails. Try /usr/local/share/aclocal
only if aclocal fails without it.
2001-06-18 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/Portability.h (CPPUNIT_USE_TYPEINFO):
default values.
2001-06-17 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Require autoconf 2.50 or better.
2001-06-17 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* moved config.h from include/ to config/
* config/ac_create_prefix_config_h.m4: added
* removed include/cppunit/config.h from AC_OUTPUT
* include/cppunit/ obsoleted by
* config/bb_enable_doxygen.m4: moved doxygen stuff into
* include/cppunit/ removed config.h, added config-auto.h,
config-msvc6.h, config-bcb5.h, Portability.h
* include/cppunit/ added dist-hook to exclude
config-auto.h from dist tar
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TypeInfoHelper.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h:
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestRegistry.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestFactoryRegistry.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp: replaced #include of <config.h> with
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp: use new macro name
2001-06-12 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/NotEqualException.h
* src/cppunit/NotEqualException.h:
Fixed constructor and operator = (aren't unit test nice?). Added
methods expectedValue() and actualValue().
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h:
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp:
Use NotEqualException to report equality failure.
* src/cppunit/TestFactoryRegistry.cpp: fixed makeTest(). It did not use m_name for
naming the suite.
* src/cppunit/TestResult.cpp:
Report expect/was on different line for assertEquals failure.
* examples/cppunittest/NotEqualExceptionTest.*: added unit tests for
* examples/cppunittest/OrthodoxTest.*: operator ! use explicit construction.
* examples/msvc6/CppUnitTestApp/CppUnitTestApp.cpp: modified so that the dialog
is not displayed after the tests are run.
2001-06-11 Steve M. Robbins <>
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.cpp (testAddTwoErrors,
testAddTwoFailures): Replace vector::at() with more portable
vector::operator[]; GCC doesn't have the former.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestDecorator.h (countTestCases):
Declare return type.
* src/cppunit/ (libcppunit_la_SOURCES): Add
TestAssert.cpp, RepeatedTest.cpp.
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h (NoExceptionExpected): Fix
constructor name.
2001-06-11 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* include/cppunit/Exception.h: now inherit from std::exception
instead of ::exception. Added clone(), type(), and isInstanceOf()
methods for subclassing support. Changed UNKNOWNLINENUMBER type to
long for consistence with lineNumber().
* include/cppunit/NotEqualException.h: addded, exception to be
used with assertEquals().
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: changed TestAssert into a
namespace instead of a class. This remove the need of template
member methods and does not cause compiler internal error on
VC++. Macro CPPUNIT_ASSERT_MESSAGE has been added to fail test
with a specified message.
* include/cppunit/TestCaller.h: added "Expected exception"
support. Based on Tim Jansen patch (#403745), but use a traits
instead of RTTI to distingh between "No expected exception" and
"Excepted exception". Exception type name is reported using RTTI
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: static method suite()
implemented by CPPUNIT_TEST_SUITE_END macro now returns a
TestSuite instead of a Test.
* include/cppunit/extensions/RepeatedTest.h: corrected
countTestCases, operator = declaration.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestDecorator.h: removed const from
run() method. Did not match run() declaration of Test class.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestFactory.h: fixed a comment.
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSetup.h: corrected run() method
declaration. Methods setUp() and tearDown() were not declared
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h: added a method
addTestCaller() which take a pointer on a fixture.
* include/cppunit/NotEqualException.cpp: addded, exception to be
used with assertEquals().
* src/cppunit/RepeatedTest.cpp: added to reduce header dependency
(TestResult.h was missing).
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp: added to put non template functions
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp: added std:: prefix to catch
(exception& e). Integrated a modified version of Tim Jansen patch
(#403745) for TestCase to make the unit test (TestCaseTest)
pass. If the setUp() fail then neither the runTest() nor the
tearDown() method is called.
* examples/examples.dsw: added cppunittest projects to workspace.
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.*: renamed
* examples/cppunittest/*: added unit tests for: HelperMacros,
TestAssert, TestCaller, TestCase, TestFailure, TestResult,
TestSuite, TestDecoratorTest, TestSetUp, RepeatedTestTest,
Orthodox, Exception.
2001-06-05 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp: removed #include <config.h>,
cppunit/config.h was already included.
* src/cppunit/cppunit.dsp: removed TestAssert.cpp from project.
* added/updated .cvsignore files for beter handling of windows
* added include/cppunit/config.h with a default configuration for
VC++ 6.0.
* include/cppunit/.cvsignore: removed config.h from the list of
ignored file.
* renamed VC++ configurations without RTTI from "Debug No
CU_USE_TYPEINFO" to "Debug Crossplatform".
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: added include <math.h> for fabs().
2001-06-02 Steve M. Robbins <>
* src/cppunit/Exception.cpp: Remove unnecessary namespace
declaration; it confuses Doxygen.
2001-06-02 Steve M. Robbins <>
* Add "-I config" to aclocal flags, to pick up
the new .m4 files.
* config/ac_cxx_namespaces.m4: New. Taken from
* config/ac_cxx_string_compare_string_first.m4: New. Detect
if std::string::compare() takes string argument first.
2001-06-02 Steve M. Robbins <>
* include/cppunit/TestAssert.h: Declare generic assertion_traits
class. Replace notEqualsMessage functions for long and double by
a generic, template function. Replace assertEquals for longs by a
generic template function. Inline all class methods. Define new
CPPUNIT_ASSERT_DOUBLES_EQUAL; the old names are available by
editing <cppunit/config.h>.
* src/cppunit/TestAssert.cpp: Removed. Move code to inline
* config/ac_cxx_rtti.m4: New. Taken from
* include/cppunit/ New. Input file for installable,
generated config.h file.
* Use AC_CXX_RTTI; generate include/cppunit/config.h.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TestSuiteBuilder.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/TypeInfoHelper.h:
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TestFactoryRegistry.cpp:
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp:
Use "#if CPPUNIT_USE_TYPEINFO" rather than "#ifdef".
* src/cppunit/TypeInfoHelper.cpp: Allow for std::string::compare()
that takes the string in the first argument.
* doc/cookbook.html:
* examples/cppunittest/TestCallerTest.cpp:
* examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest.cpp:
* examples/hierarchy/BoardGameTest.h:
* examples/hierarchy/ChessTest.h:
* examples/msvc6/HostApp/ExampleTestCase.cpp:
* include/cppunit/TestCase.h:
* include/cppunit/extensions/Orthodox.h:
Replace assert by CPPUNIT_ASSERT.
Replace assertLongsEqual by CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL.
Replace assertDoublesEqual by CPPUNIT_ASSERT_DOUBLES_EQUAL.
* examples/cppunittest/.cvsignore: Add UNIX generated files.
2001-06-01 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* examples/cppunittest/ added
* added examples/cppunittest/Makefile to AC_OUTPUT.
* examples/cppunittest/TestCallerTest (suite),
examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest (suite): fixed 'ISO C++
forbids taking the address of a bound member function to form
a pointer to member function' bug reported by g++.
* examples/cppunittest/TestCallerTest (suite),
examples/cppunittest/TestResultTest (suite): removed dependency on
2001-06-01 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* added project cppunittest to examples/: unit tests to test cppunit.
The main file is CppUnitTestMain.cpp. Unit tests have been implemented
for TestCaller and TestListener.
* added project CppUnitTestApp to examples/msvc6: graphical runner
for cppunittest.
* added TestListener to TestResult. It is a port of junit
* updated some .cvsignore to ignore files generated with VC++.
2001-05-30 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* src/cppunit/TestCase.cpp (toString): put type_info in std
namespace and inside CU_USE_TYPEINFO ifdef.
2001-05-29 Steve M. Robbins <>
* examples/hierarchy/main.cpp: Remove extraneous includes.
* src/cppunit/TextTestResult.cpp (addError, addFailure): Do not
emit a newline.
* include/cppunit/extensions/HelperMacros.h: Rework documentation.
(CU_TEST_SUITE): Move definition of member function suite() ...
(CU_TEST_SUITE_END): ... to here.
(CU_TEST): Use '&' to take address of member function
* include/cppunit/extensions/AutoRegisterSuite.h: Declare "factory"
as a TestFactory*.
2001-05-28 Steve M. Robbins <>
* doc/other_documentation.dox: Don't include "CppUnit" in
anchor text, since Doxygen puts its own anchor around it.
* doc/ (html/index.html): Depend on
* doc/ (EXCLUDE): Move config.h and estring.h to
EXCLUDE_PATTERNS; they were not being excluded.
* ChangeLog: Reformat all entries to start with <TAB>. See
<> for change log
* doc/cookbook.html: Update all code examples, except for TestRunner
2001-05-23 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* Updated CU_TEST_SUITE macro documentation. It is now stated
explicitly that you do not need to specify template parameter as
macro argument. The documentation example has been updated to
reflect that.
2001-05-23 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* added '--add-missing' option to automake.
* added '--force' option to libtoolize and removed
* config: removed generated files from CVS.
2001-05-20 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* Fixed bug #424320 (VC++ TestRunner): access violation caused by
NULL pointer in history list. NULL pointer are not added to the
history anymore.
2001-05-19 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* Added some items to the TODO list for VC++ TestRunner.
* "Debug" configuration is now the default configuration in VC++
* Modified sort order in the test browser of VC++ TestRunner so
that tests are in the same order as in the suite. Suites are still
sorted alphabetically.
* Merged Steve M. Robbins patch to replace assertImplementation
with assert in hierarchy example.
* Added a TextTestRunner to runner tests. It is based on Michael
Feather's version, but have been rewriten.
* Removed traces that printed the test name in TextTestResult
while running.
* Added the test name to error and failure report in
* Updated hierarchy example to use TextTestRunner.
2001-05-18 Baptiste Lepilleur <>
* Symbol CU_USE_TYPEINFO must be defined instead of USE_TYPEINFO
to compile RTTI.
* Added back default constructor to TestSuiteBuilder which use
RTTI. It is available only if CU_USE_TYPEINFO is defined.
* Moved TypeInfoHelper.h from src/cppunit to
* Macro CU_TEST_SUITE in HelperMacros.h now use TestSuiteBuilder
default constructor if CU_USE_TYPEINFO is defined, otherwise it
use the type name given to the CU_TEST_SUITE macro.
* TestFactoryRegistry::registerFactory(factory) now generate a
dummy name based on a serial number instead of using RTTI. The
macro CU_TEST_SUITE_REGISTRATION and class AutoRegisterSuite can
now when CU_USE_TYPEINFO is not defined.
* Added a new Configuration named "Debug Without CU_USE_TYPEINFO"
to msvc6 projects. The flag CU_USE_TYPEINFO is not defined in that
2001-05-17 Steve M. Robbins <>
* (dist-hook): Copy files relative to $(top_srcdir).
* doc/ Generated doc files depend on Doxyfile.
* doc/ Use autoconf substitutions in file names.
* examples/hierarchy/ (check_PROGRAMS): Build hierarchy
with "make check", not "make all".
* examples/hierarchy/ (INCLUDES):
* src/cppunit/ (INCLUDES): Search in
* Added .cvsignore files.
2001-05-16 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* Merged Debian packaging support files by Christian Leutloff from
debian package version 1.5.4-2. Added make target 'debian' for
debian package creation.
2001-05-09 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* Release as 1.5.5.
* Finished CppUnitW 1.2 merge. Removed RTTI depency from
TestSuite. Added TestCaller constructor for calling methods in
existing TestCases.
2001-04-29 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* Merged Baptiste Lepilleurs CppUnitW 1.2. Some differences:
TypeInfo stuff (in TestSuite) compiled in only if USE_TYPEINFO is
set. TestSuite.getTests now returns a const ref instead of taking
a ref as parameter. Removed auto_ptr stuff from
TestFactoryRegistry: auto_ptr cannot be used in containers.
2001-04-28 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* Merged MSVC++ specific TestRunner and example adapted from
Micheal Feathers version by Baptiste Lepilleur.
* Moved cppunit subdir into src.
2001-04-24 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* Merged Baptiste Lepilleurs patch for TestRegistry: now TestCases
do not automatically register with the Registry anymore.
* Added extension headers from Micheal Feathers port to
2001-04-19 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* Added MSVC++ workspace and project files, submitted by Baptiste
2001-04-15 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* Moved public headers from cppunit into new subdir
include/cppunit. This should make more clear which headers are
used internally only (like estring.h).
* Moved autoconf auxiliary stuff into new subdir config, to make
the top dir less crowded.
* Prefixed std:: to cerr, cout and endl.
2001-04-14 Bastiaan Bakker <>
* Release as 1.5.4
* Added support for RPM generation.
* Added autoconf support for Doxygen document generation: Doxygen
and GraphViz dot are automatically detected and LaTeX and HTML can
be switch on or off.
* cppunit/TextTestResult.cpp: changed cout to stream. Fixes bug
* cppunit/TextTestReulst.cpp: add '#include <iostream>'. Fixes
bug #223290
* cppunit/*.cpp: removed bogus 'inline' specifiers. Fixes bug
#224542 and #223291.
* doc/header.html: corrected link to CppUnit project page Fixes
bug #414073
* cppunit/*.cpp, examples/hierarchy/main.cpp: removed all 'using
namespace ...' occurences.
2001-01-31 Tim Jansen <>
* cppunit/TestCase.cpp, cppunit/TestCase.h, cppunit/TestSuite.h,
cppunit/TestSuite.cpp: applied patch #402271 by bwithrow. Fixes
bug #220207
* cppunit/TestSuite.cpp (deleteContents): clear vector after
contents have been deleted (so there are no invalid pointers in
the vector) Patch #403540 / #403542
* cppunit/TestCaller.h: create Fixture with empty constructor so
that only the TestCaller but not the Fixture instance is
registered in the TestRegistry Patch #403541 / #403542
* examples/hierarchy/BoardGameTest.h,
examples/hierarchy/ChessTest.h, examples/hierarchy/main.cpp:
initialize example TestCases with TestSuite so that the
TestCallers are registered in the TestRegistry Patch
#403542. Fixes bug #415249
* cppunit/TestCaller.h, cppunit/TestCase.cpp, cppunit/TestCase.h:
changed documentation; made hopefully clearer which constructor
registers the instance in the TestRegistry; corrected syntax in
code example Patch #403542.
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