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See the file INSTALL for basic instructions. A short explanation for
each non-standard configure option follows.
Some output from the library will use a class name to distinguish
between tests. Normally, the Run-Time Type Information (RTTI) system
is used (specifically, the type_info::name() function) to generate the
name. Some compilers return human-readable names via this interface.
Other compilers do not.
If your compiler does not generate a pleasing class name, specify
this option; the names will be generated by other means. The names
are used only for diagnostic purposes -- no functionality will be
lost nor gained by using this option.
System Notes
We have a number of reports that the shared library fails to
build properly. This may manifest itself as a failure to
build and run the test suite ("make check").
The workaround is to build a static library only. Configure using
./configure --disable-shared
Then build normally.
DEC alpha with cxx V6.1-029 and RogueWave STL
A user reports that you have to issue the command
in order to get ostream defined in namespace std. Otherwise, the
build reports the following error.
Cannot define CppUnit::OStringStream
If the compiler complains about 'exception', it may help to
re-run configure with
on the configure line. Please let us know about your experiences
with this platform so that we can keep this information up-to-date.
IRIX 6 / MIPSpro compiler
The MIPSpro compiler requires the "-LANG:std" flag to enable the
standard C++ library. You must set the CC variable when you configure,
as follows
./configure CC='CC -LANG:std'
There is a bug in released versions of libtool prevents the -LANG flag
from being properly passed during the linking stage. To check if you
have this bug, examine the output of "grep 'no.*irix' libtool". If
you see a line like "no/*-*-irix*)" then you suffer from the bug. [A
fixed version of libtool will look like "no/*-*-irix* | /*-*-irix*)".]
If your libtool script suffers from the bug, open it in an editor,
find the first line that contains "with_gcc", and change it to
read "with_gcc=no".
The MIPSpro version 7.30 is able to compile cppunit proper, but will
fail to compile the example testsuite. I am assuming this is due
to known bugs in the compiler (7.30 is not the latest version).
The library appears to function OK. Please let us know if you find
it otherwise.
Solaris/Sun CC compiler
Use the following configure line:
./configure CXX=CC CXXFLAGS="-pta -instances=static -mt
-xtarget=generic -g -features=no%transitions
-xildoff" LD=CC LDFLAGS=-xildoff
In Forte C++ compiler for Solaris all the linking has to go via
CC and ar, ld should not be run directly. For archive use CC -xar and
for linking and generating the .so use CC -G
Notes: CC 5.5 don't need that much flag to compile correctly. Though, I'm not
sure what are the required one.
./configure --disable-shared
The autogen tools don't seem to generate correctly script to handle dynamic linking.
If anyone know how to get it working, please contact us.
Use the following options with configure to
enable the use of aCC and cc for the compilation of
./configure --enable-hpuxshl CC=cc CXX=aCC CXXFLAGS="-AA"
AA sets all the necessary flags to enable namespaces,
stl v2,....