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Tim Jansen <>
Christian Leutloff <>
Steve M. Robbins <>
Patrick Berny <>
Patrick Hartling
Peer Sommerlund
Duane Murphy <>
Gigi Sayfan <>
Armin "bored" Michel <>
Jeffrey Morgan <>
'cuppa' project team (
Phil Verghese <>
Lavoie Philippe <>
Pavel Zabelin
Marco Welti <>
Thomas Neidhart
Hans Bühler <> (Dynamic Window library used by MFC UI)
John Sisson
Steven Mitter <>
Stephan Stapel <>
Abdessattar Sassi <> (hp-ux plug-in support)
Max Quatember and Andreas Pfaffenbichler (VC++ 7 MFC TestRunner go to source line)
Vincent Rivière
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