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+# Blackberry Port of cppunit 1.12.1
+This is intended to be the sole port of cppunit to the Blackberry/QNX platform. To avoid fragmentation, please do not use any other version of cppunit.
+Note there is no official owner for this project. Instead, this project will use an open source development model. If you find a bug in the port, fix it yourself and submit the fix. The port is provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranties.
+### Prerequisites
+- Blackberry Native SDK (NDK) for Tablet OS
+### Build Instructions
+1. In Momentics, import cppunit as an existing project.
+2. Select the desired build configuration.
+3. Build.
+4. This will produce a library for the selected configuration (e.g.
+5. Programs that use cppunit will need to include the path to the include directory (cppunit/include) as well as the
+ path to the library in their project files.
+### Notes
+- Only tested compilation in Windows with Momentics.
+- The msvc6, qttestrunner and DllPlugInTester folders were disabled in the build, as they result in build errors
+ and weren't needed to run tests on the PlayBook.
+### TODO
+- Test that it builds in Momentics on other operating systems (Mac, Linux).

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