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* Copyright (C) 2002-2010 The DOSBox Team
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
/* $Id: dos_inc.h,v 1.83 2009-10-28 21:45:12 qbix79 Exp $ */
#include "dos_system.h"
#ifndef DOSBOX_MEM_H
#include "mem.h"
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack (1)
struct CommandTail{
Bit8u count; /* number of bytes returned */
char buffer[127]; /* the buffer itself */
} GCC_ATTRIBUTE(packed);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack ()
struct DOS_Date {
Bit16u year;
Bit8u month;
Bit8u day;
struct DOS_Version {
Bit8u major,minor,revision;
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack (1)
union bootSector {
struct entries {
Bit8u jump[3];
Bit8u oem_name[8];
Bit16u bytesect;
Bit8u sectclust;
Bit16u reserve_sect;
Bit8u misc[496];
} bootdata;
Bit8u rawdata[512];
} GCC_ATTRIBUTE(packed);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack ()
enum { MCB_FREE=0x0000,MCB_DOS=0x0008 };
#define DOS_FILES 127
#define DOS_DRIVES 26
#define DOS_DEVICES 10
// dos swappable area is 0x320 bytes beyond the sysvars table
// device driver chain is inside sysvars
#define DOS_INFOBLOCK_SEG 0x80 // sysvars (list of lists)
#define DOS_CONDRV_SEG 0xa0
#define DOS_CONSTRING_SEG 0xa8
#define DOS_SDA_SEG 0xb2 // dos swappable area
#define DOS_SDA_OFS 0
#define DOS_CDS_SEG 0x108
#define DOS_FIRST_SHELL 0x118
#define DOS_MEM_START 0x16f //First Segment that DOS can use
#define DOS_PRIVATE_SEGMENT 0xc800
/* internal Dos Tables */
extern DOS_File * Files[DOS_FILES];
extern DOS_Drive * Drives[DOS_DRIVES];
extern DOS_Device * Devices[DOS_DEVICES];
extern Bit8u dos_copybuf[0x10000];
void DOS_SetError(Bit16u code);
/* File Handling Routines */
/* Routines for File Class */
void DOS_SetupFiles (void);
bool DOS_ReadFile(Bit16u handle,Bit8u * data,Bit16u * amount);
bool DOS_WriteFile(Bit16u handle,Bit8u * data,Bit16u * amount);
bool DOS_SeekFile(Bit16u handle,Bit32u * pos,Bit32u type);
bool DOS_CloseFile(Bit16u handle);
bool DOS_FlushFile(Bit16u handle);
bool DOS_DuplicateEntry(Bit16u entry,Bit16u * newentry);
bool DOS_ForceDuplicateEntry(Bit16u entry,Bit16u newentry);
bool DOS_GetFileDate(Bit16u entry, Bit16u* otime, Bit16u* odate);
/* Routines for Drive Class */
bool DOS_OpenFile(char const * name,Bit8u flags,Bit16u * entry);
bool DOS_OpenFileExtended(char const * name, Bit16u flags, Bit16u createAttr, Bit16u action, Bit16u *entry, Bit16u* status);
bool DOS_CreateFile(char const * name,Bit16u attribute,Bit16u * entry);
bool DOS_UnlinkFile(char const * const name);
bool DOS_FindFirst(char *search,Bit16u attr,bool fcb_findfirst=false);
bool DOS_FindNext(void);
bool DOS_Canonicalize(char const * const name,char * const big);
bool DOS_CreateTempFile(char * const name,Bit16u * entry);
bool DOS_FileExists(char const * const name);
/* Helper Functions */
bool DOS_MakeName(char const * const name,char * const fullname,Bit8u * drive);
/* Drive Handing Routines */
Bit8u DOS_GetDefaultDrive(void);
void DOS_SetDefaultDrive(Bit8u drive);
bool DOS_SetDrive(Bit8u drive);
bool DOS_GetCurrentDir(Bit8u drive,char * const buffer);
bool DOS_ChangeDir(char const * const dir);
bool DOS_MakeDir(char const * const dir);
bool DOS_RemoveDir(char const * const dir);
bool DOS_Rename(char const * const oldname,char const * const newname);
bool DOS_GetFreeDiskSpace(Bit8u drive,Bit16u * bytes,Bit8u * sectors,Bit16u * clusters,Bit16u * free);
bool DOS_GetFileAttr(char const * const name,Bit16u * attr);
bool DOS_SetFileAttr(char const * const name,Bit16u attr);
/* IOCTL Stuff */
bool DOS_IOCTL(void);
bool DOS_GetSTDINStatus();
Bit8u DOS_FindDevice(char const * name);
void DOS_SetupDevices(void);
/* Execute and new process creation */
bool DOS_NewPSP(Bit16u pspseg,Bit16u size);
bool DOS_ChildPSP(Bit16u pspseg,Bit16u size);
bool DOS_Execute(char * name,PhysPt block,Bit8u flags);
void DOS_Terminate(Bit16u pspseg,bool tsr,Bit8u exitcode);
/* Memory Handling Routines */
void DOS_SetupMemory(void);
bool DOS_AllocateMemory(Bit16u * segment,Bit16u * blocks);
bool DOS_ResizeMemory(Bit16u segment,Bit16u * blocks);
bool DOS_FreeMemory(Bit16u segment);
void DOS_FreeProcessMemory(Bit16u pspseg);
Bit16u DOS_GetMemory(Bit16u pages);
bool DOS_SetMemAllocStrategy(Bit16u strat);
Bit16u DOS_GetMemAllocStrategy(void);
void DOS_BuildUMBChain(bool umb_active,bool ems_active);
bool DOS_LinkUMBsToMemChain(Bit16u linkstate);
/* FCB stuff */
bool DOS_FCBOpen(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset);
bool DOS_FCBCreate(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset);
bool DOS_FCBClose(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset);
bool DOS_FCBFindFirst(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset);
bool DOS_FCBFindNext(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset);
Bit8u DOS_FCBRead(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset, Bit16u numBlocks);
Bit8u DOS_FCBWrite(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset,Bit16u numBlocks);
Bit8u DOS_FCBRandomRead(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset,Bit16u numRec,bool restore);
Bit8u DOS_FCBRandomWrite(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset,Bit16u numRec,bool restore);
bool DOS_FCBGetFileSize(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset);
bool DOS_FCBDeleteFile(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset);
bool DOS_FCBRenameFile(Bit16u seg, Bit16u offset);
void DOS_FCBSetRandomRecord(Bit16u seg, Bit16u offset);
Bit8u FCB_Parsename(Bit16u seg,Bit16u offset,Bit8u parser ,char *string, Bit8u *change);
bool DOS_GetAllocationInfo(Bit8u drive,Bit16u * _bytes_sector,Bit8u * _sectors_cluster,Bit16u * _total_clusters);
/* Extra DOS Interrupts */
void DOS_SetupMisc(void);
/* The DOS Tables */
void DOS_SetupTables(void);
/* Internal DOS Setup Programs */
void DOS_SetupPrograms(void);
/* Initialize Keyboard Layout */
void DOS_KeyboardLayout_Init(Section* sec);
bool DOS_LayoutKey(Bitu key, Bit8u flags1, Bit8u flags2, Bit8u flags3);
enum {
static INLINE Bit16u long2para(Bit32u size) {
if (size>0xFFFF0) return 0xffff;
if (size&0xf) return (Bit16u)((size>>4)+1);
else return (Bit16u)(size>>4);
static INLINE Bit16u DOS_PackTime(Bit16u hour,Bit16u min,Bit16u sec) {
return (hour&0x1f)<<11 | (min&0x3f) << 5 | ((sec/2)&0x1f);
static INLINE Bit16u DOS_PackDate(Bit16u year,Bit16u mon,Bit16u day) {
return ((year-1980)&0x7f)<<9 | (mon&0x3f) << 5 | (day&0x1f);
/* Dos Error Codes */
#define DOSERR_NONE 0
/* Remains some classes used to access certain things */
#define sOffset(s,m) ((char*)&(((s*)NULL)->m)-(char*)NULL)
#define sGet(s,m) GetIt(sizeof(((s *)&pt)->m),(PhysPt)sOffset(s,m))
#define sSave(s,m,val) SaveIt(sizeof(((s *)&pt)->m),(PhysPt)sOffset(s,m),val)
class MemStruct {
Bitu GetIt(Bitu size,PhysPt addr) {
switch (size) {
case 1:return mem_readb(pt+addr);
case 2:return mem_readw(pt+addr);
case 4:return mem_readd(pt+addr);
return 0;
void SaveIt(Bitu size,PhysPt addr,Bitu val) {
switch (size) {
case 1:mem_writeb(pt+addr,(Bit8u)val);break;
case 2:mem_writew(pt+addr,(Bit16u)val);break;
case 4:mem_writed(pt+addr,(Bit32u)val);break;
void SetPt(Bit16u seg) { pt=PhysMake(seg,0);}
void SetPt(Bit16u seg,Bit16u off) { pt=PhysMake(seg,off);}
void SetPt(RealPt addr) { pt=Real2Phys(addr);}
PhysPt pt;
class DOS_PSP :public MemStruct {
DOS_PSP (Bit16u segment) { SetPt(segment);seg=segment;};
void MakeNew (Bit16u memSize);
void CopyFileTable (DOS_PSP* srcpsp,bool createchildpsp);
Bit16u FindFreeFileEntry (void);
void CloseFiles (void);
void SaveVectors (void);
void RestoreVectors (void);
void SetSize (Bit16u size) { sSave(sPSP,next_seg,size); };
Bit16u GetSize (void) { return (Bit16u)sGet(sPSP,next_seg); };
void SetEnvironment (Bit16u envseg) { sSave(sPSP,environment,envseg); };
Bit16u GetEnvironment (void) { return (Bit16u)sGet(sPSP,environment); };
Bit16u GetSegment (void) { return seg; };
void SetFileHandle (Bit16u index, Bit8u handle);
Bit8u GetFileHandle (Bit16u index);
void SetParent (Bit16u parent) { sSave(sPSP,psp_parent,parent); };
Bit16u GetParent (void) { return (Bit16u)sGet(sPSP,psp_parent); };
void SetStack (RealPt stackpt) { sSave(sPSP,stack,stackpt); };
RealPt GetStack (void) { return sGet(sPSP,stack); };
void SetInt22 (RealPt int22pt) { sSave(sPSP,int_22,int22pt); };
RealPt GetInt22 (void) { return sGet(sPSP,int_22); };
void SetFCB1 (RealPt src);
void SetFCB2 (RealPt src);
void SetCommandTail (RealPt src);
bool SetNumFiles (Bit16u fileNum);
Bit16u FindEntryByHandle (Bit8u handle);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack(1)
struct sPSP {
Bit8u exit[2]; /* CP/M-like exit poimt */
Bit16u next_seg; /* Segment of first byte beyond memory allocated or program */
Bit8u fill_1; /* single char fill */
Bit8u far_call; /* far call opcode */
RealPt cpm_entry; /* CPM Service Request address*/
RealPt int_22; /* Terminate Address */
RealPt int_23; /* Break Address */
RealPt int_24; /* Critical Error Address */
Bit16u psp_parent; /* Parent PSP Segment */
Bit8u files[20]; /* File Table - 0xff is unused */
Bit16u environment; /* Segment of evironment table */
RealPt stack; /* SS:SP Save point for int 0x21 calls */
Bit16u max_files; /* Maximum open files */
RealPt file_table; /* Pointer to File Table PSP:0x18 */
RealPt prev_psp; /* Pointer to previous PSP */
Bit8u interim_flag;
Bit8u truename_flag;
Bit16u nn_flags;
Bit16u dos_version;
Bit8u fill_2[14]; /* Lot's of unused stuff i can't care aboue */
Bit8u service[3]; /* INT 0x21 Service call int 0x21;retf; */
Bit8u fill_3[9]; /* This has some blocks with FCB info */
Bit8u fcb1[16]; /* first FCB */
Bit8u fcb2[16]; /* second FCB */
Bit8u fill_4[4]; /* unused */
CommandTail cmdtail;
} GCC_ATTRIBUTE(packed);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack()
Bit16u seg;
static Bit16u rootpsp;
class DOS_ParamBlock:public MemStruct {
DOS_ParamBlock(PhysPt addr) {pt=addr;}
void Clear(void);
void LoadData(void);
void SaveData(void); /* Save it as an exec block */
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack (1)
struct sOverlay {
Bit16u loadseg;
Bit16u relocation;
} GCC_ATTRIBUTE(packed);
struct sExec {
Bit16u envseg;
RealPt cmdtail;
RealPt fcb1;
RealPt fcb2;
RealPt initsssp;
RealPt initcsip;
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack()
sExec exec;
sOverlay overlay;
class DOS_InfoBlock:public MemStruct {
DOS_InfoBlock () {};
void SetLocation(Bit16u seg);
void SetFirstMCB(Bit16u _first_mcb);
void SetBuffers(Bit16u x,Bit16u y);
void SetCurDirStruct(Bit32u _curdirstruct);
void SetFCBTable(Bit32u _fcbtable);
void SetDeviceChainStart(Bit32u _devchain);
void SetDiskBufferHeadPt(Bit32u _dbheadpt);
void SetStartOfUMBChain(Bit16u _umbstartseg);
void SetUMBChainState(Bit8u _umbchaining);
Bit16u GetStartOfUMBChain(void);
Bit8u GetUMBChainState(void);
RealPt GetPointer(void);
Bit32u GetDeviceChain(void);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack(1)
struct sDIB {
Bit8u unknown1[4];
Bit16u magicWord; // -0x22 needs to be 1
Bit8u unknown2[8];
Bit16u regCXfrom5e; // -0x18 CX from last int21/ah=5e
Bit16u countLRUcache; // -0x16 LRU counter for FCB caching
Bit16u countLRUopens; // -0x14 LRU counter for FCB openings
Bit8u stuff[6]; // -0x12 some stuff, hopefully never used....
Bit16u sharingCount; // -0x0c sharing retry count
Bit16u sharingDelay; // -0x0a sharing retry delay
RealPt diskBufPtr; // -0x08 pointer to disk buffer
Bit16u ptrCONinput; // -0x04 pointer to con input
Bit16u firstMCB; // -0x02 first memory control block
RealPt firstDPB; // 0x00 first drive parameter block
RealPt firstFileTable; // 0x04 first system file table
RealPt activeClock; // 0x08 active clock device header
RealPt activeCon; // 0x0c active console device header
Bit16u maxSectorLength; // 0x10 maximum bytes per sector of any block device;
RealPt diskInfoBuffer; // 0x12 pointer to disk info buffer
RealPt curDirStructure; // 0x16 pointer to current array of directory structure
RealPt fcbTable; // 0x1a pointer to system FCB table
Bit16u protFCBs; // 0x1e protected fcbs
Bit8u blockDevices; // 0x20 installed block devices
Bit8u lastdrive; // 0x21 lastdrive
Bit32u nulNextDriver; // 0x22 NUL driver next pointer
Bit16u nulAttributes; // 0x26 NUL driver aattributes
Bit32u nulStrategy; // 0x28 NUL driver strategy routine
Bit8u nulString[8]; // 0x2c NUL driver name string
Bit8u joindedDrives; // 0x34 joined drives
Bit16u specialCodeSeg; // 0x35 special code segment
RealPt setverPtr; // 0x37 pointer to setver
Bit16u a20FixOfs; // 0x3b a20 fix routine offset
Bit16u pspLastIfHMA; // 0x3d psp of last program (if dos in hma)
Bit16u buffers_x; // 0x3f x in BUFFERS x,y
Bit16u buffers_y; // 0x41 y in BUFFERS x,y
Bit8u bootDrive; // 0x43 boot drive
Bit8u useDwordMov; // 0x44 use dword moves
Bit16u extendedSize; // 0x45 size of extended memory
Bit32u diskBufferHeadPt; // 0x47 pointer to least-recently used buffer header
Bit16u dirtyDiskBuffers; // 0x4b number of dirty disk buffers
Bit32u lookaheadBufPt; // 0x4d pointer to lookahead buffer
Bit16u lookaheadBufNumber; // 0x51 number of lookahead buffers
Bit8u bufferLocation; // 0x53 workspace buffer location
Bit32u workspaceBuffer; // 0x54 pointer to workspace buffer
Bit8u unknown3[11]; // 0x58
Bit8u chainingUMB; // 0x63 bit0: UMB chain linked to MCB chain
Bit16u minMemForExec; // 0x64 minimum paragraphs needed for current program
Bit16u startOfUMBChain; // 0x66 segment of first UMB-MCB
Bit16u memAllocScanStart; // 0x68 start paragraph for memory allocation
} GCC_ATTRIBUTE(packed);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack ()
Bit16u seg;
class DOS_DTA:public MemStruct{
DOS_DTA(RealPt addr) { SetPt(addr); }
void SetupSearch(Bit8u _sdrive,Bit8u _sattr,char * _pattern);
void SetResult(const char * _name,Bit32u _size,Bit16u _date,Bit16u _time,Bit8u _attr);
Bit8u GetSearchDrive(void);
void GetSearchParams(Bit8u & _sattr,char * _spattern);
void GetResult(char * _name,Bit32u & _size,Bit16u & _date,Bit16u & _time,Bit8u & _attr);
void SetDirID(Bit16u entry) { sSave(sDTA,dirID,entry); };
void SetDirIDCluster(Bit16u entry) { sSave(sDTA,dirCluster,entry); };
Bit16u GetDirID(void) { return (Bit16u)sGet(sDTA,dirID); };
Bit16u GetDirIDCluster(void) { return (Bit16u)sGet(sDTA,dirCluster); };
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack(1)
struct sDTA {
Bit8u sdrive; /* The Drive the search is taking place */
Bit8u sname[8]; /* The Search pattern for the filename */
Bit8u sext[3]; /* The Search pattern for the extenstion */
Bit8u sattr; /* The Attributes that need to be found */
Bit16u dirID; /* custom: dir-search ID for multiple searches at the same time */
Bit16u dirCluster; /* custom (drive_fat only): cluster number for multiple searches at the same time */
Bit8u fill[4];
Bit8u attr;
Bit16u time;
Bit16u date;
Bit32u size;
} GCC_ATTRIBUTE(packed);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack()
class DOS_FCB: public MemStruct {
DOS_FCB(Bit16u seg,Bit16u off,bool allow_extended=true);
void Create(bool _extended);
void SetName(Bit8u _drive,char * _fname,char * _ext);
void SetSizeDateTime(Bit32u _size,Bit16u _date,Bit16u _time);
void GetSizeDateTime(Bit32u & _size,Bit16u & _date,Bit16u & _time);
void GetName(char * fillname);
void FileOpen(Bit8u _fhandle);
void FileClose(Bit8u & _fhandle);
void GetRecord(Bit16u & _cur_block,Bit8u & _cur_rec);
void SetRecord(Bit16u _cur_block,Bit8u _cur_rec);
void GetSeqData(Bit8u & _fhandle,Bit16u & _rec_size);
void GetRandom(Bit32u & _random);
void SetRandom(Bit32u _random);
Bit8u GetDrive(void);
bool Extended(void);
void GetAttr(Bit8u & attr);
void SetAttr(Bit8u attr);
bool Valid(void);
bool extended;
PhysPt real_pt;
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack (1)
struct sFCB {
Bit8u drive; /* Drive number 0=default, 1=A, etc */
Bit8u filename[8]; /* Space padded name */
Bit8u ext[3]; /* Space padded extension */
Bit16u cur_block; /* Current Block */
Bit16u rec_size; /* Logical record size */
Bit32u filesize; /* File Size */
Bit16u date;
Bit16u time;
/* Reserved Block should be 8 bytes */
Bit8u sft_entries;
Bit8u share_attributes;
Bit8u extra_info;
Bit8u file_handle;
Bit8u reserved[4];
/* end */
Bit8u cur_rec; /* Current record in current block */
Bit32u rndm; /* Current relative record number */
} GCC_ATTRIBUTE(packed);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack ()
class DOS_MCB : public MemStruct{
DOS_MCB(Bit16u seg) { SetPt(seg); }
void SetFileName(char const * const _name) { MEM_BlockWrite(pt+offsetof(sMCB,filename),_name,8); }
void GetFileName(char * const _name) { MEM_BlockRead(pt+offsetof(sMCB,filename),_name,8);_name[8]=0;}
void SetType(Bit8u _type) { sSave(sMCB,type,_type);}
void SetSize(Bit16u _size) { sSave(sMCB,size,_size);}
void SetPSPSeg(Bit16u _pspseg) { sSave(sMCB,psp_segment,_pspseg);}
Bit8u GetType(void) { return (Bit8u)sGet(sMCB,type);}
Bit16u GetSize(void) { return (Bit16u)sGet(sMCB,size);}
Bit16u GetPSPSeg(void) { return (Bit16u)sGet(sMCB,psp_segment);}
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack (1)
struct sMCB {
Bit8u type;
Bit16u psp_segment;
Bit16u size;
Bit8u unused[3];
Bit8u filename[8];
} GCC_ATTRIBUTE(packed);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack ()
class DOS_SDA : public MemStruct {
DOS_SDA(Bit16u _seg,Bit16u _offs) { SetPt(_seg,_offs); }
void Init();
void SetDrive(Bit8u _drive) { sSave(sSDA,current_drive, _drive); }
void SetDTA(Bit32u _dta) { sSave(sSDA,current_dta, _dta); }
void SetPSP(Bit16u _psp) { sSave(sSDA,current_psp, _psp); }
Bit8u GetDrive(void) { return (Bit8u)sGet(sSDA,current_drive); }
Bit16u GetPSP(void) { return (Bit16u)sGet(sSDA,current_psp); }
Bit32u GetDTA(void) { return (Bit32u)sGet(sSDA,current_dta); }
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack (1)
struct sSDA {
Bit8u crit_error_flag; /* 0x00 Critical Error Flag */
Bit8u inDOS_flag; /* 0x01 InDOS flag (count of active INT 21 calls) */
Bit8u drive_crit_error; /* 0x02 Drive on which current critical error occurred or FFh */
Bit8u locus_of_last_error; /* 0x03 locus of last error */
Bit16u extended_error_code; /* 0x04 extended error code of last error */
Bit8u suggested_action; /* 0x06 suggested action for last error */
Bit8u error_class; /* 0x07 class of last error*/
Bit32u last_error_pointer; /* 0x08 ES:DI pointer for last error */
Bit32u current_dta; /* 0x0C current DTA (Disk Transfer Address) */
Bit16u current_psp; /* 0x10 current PSP */
Bit16u sp_int_23; /* 0x12 stores SP across an INT 23 */
Bit16u return_code; /* 0x14 return code from last process termination (zerod after reading with AH=4Dh) */
Bit8u current_drive; /* 0x16 current drive */
Bit8u extended_break_flag; /* 0x17 extended break flag */
Bit8u fill[2]; /* 0x18 flag: code page switching || flag: copy of previous byte in case of INT 24 Abort*/
} GCC_ATTRIBUTE(packed);
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma pack()
extern DOS_InfoBlock dos_infoblock;
struct DOS_Block {
DOS_Date date;
DOS_Version version;
Bit16u firstMCB;
Bit16u errorcode;
Bit16u psp(){return DOS_SDA(DOS_SDA_SEG,DOS_SDA_OFS).GetPSP();};
void psp(Bit16u _seg){ DOS_SDA(DOS_SDA_SEG,DOS_SDA_OFS).SetPSP(_seg);};
Bit16u env;
RealPt cpmentry;
RealPt dta(){return DOS_SDA(DOS_SDA_SEG,DOS_SDA_OFS).GetDTA();};
void dta(RealPt _dta){DOS_SDA(DOS_SDA_SEG,DOS_SDA_OFS).SetDTA(_dta);};
Bit8u return_code,return_mode;
Bit8u current_drive;
bool verify;
bool breakcheck;
bool echo; // if set to true dev_con::read will echo input
struct {
RealPt mediaid;
RealPt tempdta;
RealPt tempdta_fcbdelete;
RealPt dbcs;
RealPt filenamechar;
RealPt collatingseq;
RealPt upcase;
Bit8u* country;//Will be copied to dos memory. resides in real mem
Bit16u dpb; //Fake Disk parameter system using only the first entry so the drive letter matches
} tables;
Bit16u loaded_codepage;
extern DOS_Block dos;
static Bit8u RealHandle(Bit16u handle) {
DOS_PSP psp(dos.psp());
return psp.GetFileHandle(handle);
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