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Initial commit of DOSBox 0.74.

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+The DOSBox Team
+Sjoerd v.d. Berg <harekiet>
+Peter Veenstra <qbix79>
+Ulf Wohlers <finsterr>
+Tommy Frössman <fanskapet>
+Dean Beeler <canadacow>
+Sebastian Strohhäcker <c2woody>
+Ralf Grillenberger <h-a-l-9000>
+nick_without_<> @

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+Things needed for compilation.
+ The Simple DirectMedia Library available at
+ The dll distributed with the windows version of DOSBox is slightly
+ modified. You can find the changes in the sourcepackage of DOSBox
+ (src/platform/sdl-win32.diff). If you want the patched sourcetree
+ send us an email. (see README)
+ Licensed under LGPL
+ Note that only version 1.2 and its subversions (1.2.8, 1.2.13 etc.)
+ are currently supported.
+Curses (optional)
+ If you want to enable the debugger you need a curses library.
+ ncurses should be installed on just about every unix distro.
+ For win32 get pdcurses at
+ License: Open source
+Libpng (optional)
+ Needed for the screenshots.
+ For win32 get libpng from
+ See for more details.
+ License: Open Source
+Zlib (optional)
+ Needed by libpng.
+ For win32 get libz (rename to zlib) from
+ See for more details.
+ License: Open Source
+SDL_Net (optional)
+ For modem/ipx support. Get it from
+ Licensed under LGPL
+ For compressed audio on diskimages. (optional)
+ This is for cue/bin cdrom images with compressed (mp3/ogg) audio tracks.
+ Get it from
+ Licenced under LGPL
+ (optional)
+ for Alsa support under linux. Part of the linux kernel sources
+ Licensed under LGPL
+If you want compile from the CVS under a unix system, you'll also need
+automake (>=1.6), autoconf(>=2.50). Should be available at
+For building on unix systems.
+If you are building from the cvs run ./ first before doing the following.
+1. ./configure
+2. make
+In step 1 you could add the following switches:
+ enables the internal debugger. --enable-debug=heavy enables even more
+ debug options. DOSBox should then be run from a xterm and when the sdl-
+ window is active press alt-pause to enter the debugger.
+ enables some memory increasing inlines. This greatly increases
+ compiletime for maybe a increase in speed.
+ disables the emulated fpu. Although the fpu emulation code isn't
+ finished and isn't entirely accurate it's advised to leave it on.
+ disables the assembly fpu core. Although relatively new the x86 fpu
+ core has more accuracy then the regular fpu core.
+ disables the dynamic x86 specific cpu core. Although it might be
+ be a bit unstable, it can greatly improve the speed of dosbox on x86
+ hosts.
+ Please note that this option on x86 will result in a different
+ dynamic/recompiling cpu core being compiled then the default.
+ For more information see the option --disable-dynrec
+ disables the recompiling cpu core. Currently x86 and x86_64 only.
+ You can activate this core on x86 by disabling the dynamic-x86 core.
+ disables all dynamic cores. (same effect as
+ --disable-dynamic-x86 --disable-dynrec)
+ disables OpenGL-support (output mode that can be selected in the
+ DOSBox configuration file).
+ disables unaligned memory access.
+Check the src subdir for the binary.
+NOTE: If capslock and numlock appear to be broken. open
+src/ints/bios_keyboard.cpp and go to line 30 and read there how to fix it.
+Build instructions for VC++6
+Don't use VC++ 6: it creates faulty code in core_normal.cpp
+Later Visual Studio versions work fine (vs2003/.net, vs2005, vs2008)
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+# Main Makefile for DOSBox
+SUBDIRS = src include docs visualc_net
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