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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<project basedir="." default="obfuscate" name="yguard">
<property name="work.dir" value="target/obfuscated"/>
<property name="artefact.file" value="target/${}"/>
<target name="obfuscate" unless="">
<taskdef name="yguard" classname="com.yworks.yguard.YGuardTask" classpath="../utils/obfuscation/yguard.jar"/>
<mkdir dir="${work.dir}"/>
<property name="renamelog" value="${work.dir}/renamelog-preprocessor.xml"/> <!--default value for rename log-->
<inoutpair in="${artefact.file}" out="${work.dir}/${}"/>
<rename logfile="${renamelog}">
<property name="language-conformity" value="legal"/>
<property name="overload-enabled" value="true"/>
<property name="naming-scheme" value="small"/>
<property name="digests" value="none"/>
<!-- specify the baseline for incremental Java obfuscation-->
<!-- the baseline.xml is the copy of renamelog.xml in previous build -->
<!-- <map logfile="${buildType.dir}/baseline.xml"/> -->
<keep localvariabletable="true" localvariabletypetable="true">
<property name="mapping-scheme" value="scramble"/>
<patternset id="RIMPatternSet">
<include name="net.rim.**.*"/>
<property name="mapping" value="RIMEIDE"/>
<patternset refid="RIMPatternSet"/>
<!-- Specify patterns to avoid obfuscation -->
<!-- 1. for RIM IDE related packages -->
<!-- 1.1
1) preserve all class names under "net.rim.ide" and "net.rim.usb" packages
2) preserve all public, protected or default-access (package) methods and fields declared in above classes
<class methods="friendly" fields="friendly">
<include name="net.rim.ide.**.*"/>
<include name="net.rim.usb.*"/>
<include name="net.rim.vm.EventLog"/>
<!-- Following packages should be removed once Cris completes his changes -->
<include name="net.rim.sdk.*"/>
<include name="net.rim.sdk.rc.*"/>
<include name="net.rim.sdk.rc.parser.*"/>
<include name="*"/>
<!-- 1.2
1) preserve all class names under "net.rim.sdk.alxbuilder" package
2) preserve all public methods and fields declared in above classes
<class methods="public" fields="public">
<include name="net.rim.sdk.alxbuilder.*"/>
<!-- 1.3 preserve certain fields for connecting to usb device
1) preserve the field "private int _channelPtr" in class "net.rim.usb.USBConnection"
2) preserve the field "private int _eventPtr" in class "net.rim.usb.USBConnection"
3) preserve the field "private USBConnection _parent" in class "net.rim.usb.USBConnection$AuthThread"
4) preserve the field "private USBConnectionListener _listener" in class "net.rim.usb.USBConnection$AuthThread"
<field class="net.rim.usb.USBConnection" name="_channelPtr"/>
<field class="net.rim.usb.USBConnection" name="_eventPtr"/>
<field class="net.rim.usb.USBConnection$AuthThread" name="_parent"/>
<field class="net.rim.usb.USBConnection$AuthThread" name="_listener"/>
<!-- 2. for EJDE packages
1) preserve all class names under "net.rim.ejde.delegate" package and sub-packages
2) preserve all public, protected methods and fields declared in above classes
<class methods="protected" fields="protected">
<include name="net.rim.ejde.delegate.**.*"/>
<include name="net.rim.ejde.external.**.*"/>
<include name="org.objectweb.**.*"/>
<adjust replaceContent="true">
<include name="*.xml"/>
<include name="*.properties"/>
<include name="**/"/>
<move file="${work.dir}/${}" tofile="${artefact.file}"/>
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