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make_preload: Don't output a C comment start inside a comment

We already avoid outputting a comment terminator ("*/") inside
a comment to avoid causing a syntax error. Also avoid outputting
the start of a comment ("/*") to avoid causing a compiler warning.

Noticed-by: Tuncer Ayaz
latest commit a0f45f9290
Björn Gustavsson bjorng authored
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autoconf erts/ Remove test for reversed setvbuf() arguments
doc Merge branch 'dev' into major
emulator make_preload: Don't output a C comment start inside a comment
epmd Update copyright years
etc Update copyright years
example Update copyright years
include Improve ethread atomics
lib/internal The R13B03 release.
lib_src Merge branch 'dev' into major
preloaded Merge branch 'dev' into major
start_scripts OTP-8323 Cross compilation improvements and other build system
test Merge branch 'dev' into major
.gitignore Update .gitignore files
AUTHORS The R13B03 release. erts/ Suppress parallel make
aclocal.m4 Merge branch 'dev' into major Merge branch 'bjorn/some-configure-clean-ups'
info.src The R13B03 release.
ntbuild.erl The R13B03 release.
prebuild.skip The R13B03 release. Update version numbers for R15A development
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