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# Project template manifest file. This provides input to the New Project Wizard
# to direct the creation of a project from a template.
# This file is a Java properties file. The properties supported are:
# - [required] The succinct name of the project template shown in the wizard
# template.description - [required] A brief description of the project template
# - [required] The name of the example project that is created
# icon - [optional] The icon file to generate and list in the bar-descriptor.xml.
# Should be named "icon.png"
# actions - [optional] Space-delimited list of the permissions required (actions performed)
# by the application. The "run_native" action is implicit.
# open.file - [Optional] The file to open in an editor when the project creation
# is finished. Usually the bar-descriptor.xml (which is not in the
# example storage folder!)
# libs - [required] The libraries to which to link the project binary. Space-separated list.
# sources - [required] The source files to add to the project. Space-separated list.
# resources - [optional] Other non-source files to add to the project. Space-separated list.
# readmes - [optional] Read-me files to add to the project but not packaged in the BAR.
# Space-separated list.
# For the 'sources' and 'resources' lists, additional properties may optionally be defined
# that map the files to destination paths in the project. Depending on the kind of project
# that is created, these may be relative to some directory or other within the project (e.g.,
# a 'src/' directory.
# These properties consist of 'path.' appended by the source file name. For example:
# resources: some-file.xml other-file.xml
# path.some-file.xml: resources/config/main.xml
# path.other-file.xml: resources/misc/stuff.xml
# BlackBerry® 10 OS Example Play Wav Project
template.description: Create a new BlackBerry® 10 OS Example project to play an audio file in wav format. PlayWav
icon: icon.png
open.file: bar-descriptor.xml
libs: bps screen asound
sources: main.c dialogutil.c dialogutil.h
resources: LICENSE NOTICE sample.wav
readmes: readme.txt
orientation: portrait
actions: play_audio