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Sample Description:
The GLES20Template sample is a template that you can use to set up your
application to use the BPS infrastructure. The template also demonstrates how
to setup an EGL surface and render graphics on the screen.
Feature summary
- Initializing BPS and registering to receive navigator and screen events
- Creating a screen context and setting up an EGL surface for receiving
libscreen events
- Rendering an object on the screen using OpenGL ES
- BlackBerry Native SDK for Tablet OS 2.0 or later
- One of the following:
- BlackBerry PlayBook tablet running BlackBerry Tablet OS 2.0 or later
- BlackBerry Tablet Simulator 2.0 or later
Importing a project into the Native SDK:
1. From the the Sample apps page, download and extract the sample application.
2. Launch the Native SDK.
3. On the File menu, click Import.
4. Expand General, and select Existing Projects into Workspace. Click Next.
5. Browse to the location where you extracted the sample app, and click OK.
The sample project should display in the the Projects section.
6. Click Finish to import the project into your workspace.
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