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  • Added OpenGLView for HTML5
  • Integrated HTML5 publishing to BlackBerry 10
  • Added virtual keyboard support for BlackBerry
  • Key codes for A-Z are now capitalized, like Flash
  • Improvements to HTML5 TextFields
  • Added Event.ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE for the stage in HTML5
  • Added FocusEvent.FOCUS_IN/FOCUS_OUT for the stage in HTML5
  • Added a FlashDevelop project for the "nme create project" template
  • Added ActuateExample, SimpleOpenGLView and HerokuShaders samples
  • Minor command-line tool fixes
  • Various other improvements


  • Multiple improvements to the command-line tools
  • Added the "nme create" command for sample and template projects
  • Added PiratePig, NyanCat and six new sample projects
  • Added initial support for Raspberry Pi
  • Made improvements to support OUYA
  • Fixed z-order errors on HTML5
  • Fixed disappearing and out-of-place issues on HTML5
  • Improved sleep on SDL targets to reduce CPU usage
  • Improvements to support current Haxe development builds
  • Continued improvement to the Stage3D compatibility layer
  • Minor fixes and improvements


  • Added support for a new Haxe-based project format
  • Added alpha feature support for Stage3D APIs
  • Restored Mac OS X 10.6.8 compatibility
  • Minor fixes


  • Improved support in OpenGLView for older graphics chipsets
  • Restored Windows XP compatibility
  • Multiple fixes and improvements


  • Post-release bug fixes


  • Updated to be compatible with Haxe 3 when it is available
  • New and completely rewritten command-line tools
  • Added direct renderer support, for custom OpenGL display objects
  • SWF libraries are now integrated with nme.Assets
  • "neash" and "jeash" code paths are now "native" and "browser"
  • Significant compatibility improvements with HTML5
  • Added fast drawTiles support for HTML5
  • Initial work to support DirectX and WinRT
  • BlackBerry native extensions can now receive system events
  • Improved Windows 8 support
  • Improvements to ByteArray support
  • Many small fixes and improvements
  • Removed integration for Adobe AIR
  • Removed integration for Apache Cordova


  • Added BlackBerry 10 support
  • Fixed build issues with Xcode 4.5
  • Improved compatibility with Xbox 360 and PS3 gamepads
  • Initial work to expose low-level GL functions
  • Various small fixes


  • Project names are now optional when running commands ("nme test blackberry")
  • Added support for OpenGL 2 shader-based rendering
  • Improved support for AIR mobile
  • Minor fixes for BlackBerry release signing
  • Fixed compatibility for webOS devices
  • Flags with two dashes ("--connect") now pass through to the Haxe compiler
  • Build ID file changed from "" to ".build"
  • Implemented Sound.loadCompressedDataFromByteArray
  • Implemented Sound.loadPCMFromByteArray
  • Fixed AJAX asset loading on HTML5
  • Improved compatibility for MP3 file formats for Flash
  • Removed need for Event.RESIZE to get initial iOS stage width and height
  • Compatibility fixes for Windows 8 RTM


  • Added support for SVG assets
  • Improved OS X icons
  • Added gap-free MP3 embedding in Flash
  • Multiple consistency fixes for HTML5
  • Corrected SharedObject support for Linux
  • Fixed a regression with music on Android
  • Fixed some Linux host issues
  • Improved the unit tests for Flash and HTML5


  • Added (beta) support for Apache Cordova, deploying HTML5 to Android, iOS and BlackBerry
  • Added initial support for BlackBerry OS 6 and 7 devices, using HTML5
  • Added (beta) support for Adobe AIR, deploying Flash to the desktop (so far)
  • Improved trace() to consistently output in real-time on native targets
  • Added support for in Flash and HTML5
  • Added support for in Flash and HTML5
  • Improved HTML5 rendering to use CSS3 transforms
  • Added custom HTML5 preloader support
  • Fixed HTML5 glow and drop shadow filters
  • Disabled touch scrolling by default for HTML5 projects
  • Improved bitmapData.draw for all platforms
  • NME is now an extension, removing the need for boilerplate tags
  • Added an OpenGL line scaling mode on native targets (used by default)
  • Implemented bitmapData.noise for native targets
  • Implemented displayObject.getBounds and displayObject.getRect for native targets
  • Changed stage focus events to FocusEvent.FOCUS_IN and FocusEvent.FOCUS_OUT
  • Fixed URLLoader for BlackBerry
  • Fixed issues which occurred for launching iOS projects
  • Added unit tests for bitmaps, display objects and graphics


  • Added support for the BlackBerry simulator
  • Implemented the "build" and "run" commands for iOS devices (without opening Xcode)
  • Improved support for current versions of Xcode
  • Added the "rebuild" command for use with development builds
  • Expanded "nme setup blackberry" to help with keystore and debug token files
  • Added the "clean" command and "-clean" flag to clean the export directory
  • Increased the resolution support for Windows and Mac icons
  • Added "-minify" and "-minify -yui" flags to help reduce HTML5 output
  • Imported documentation from the open-source Flex SDK
  • Added orientation and accelerometer support for HTML5
  • Added multi-touch support for BlackBerry
  • Updated to support Haxe 2.10
  • Added "ios" preprocessor define
  • Implemented Capabilities.language
  • Added Lib.pause() and Lib.resume() for use with fullscreen native UI
  • Added launchImage support for iOS
  • Many small fixes and improvements


  • Official support for debug and release native libraries
  • Improved the windowing and shortcuts for OS X applications
  • Added dynamic sound support for iOS
  • Improved ByteArray support for HTML5
  • Added 2x2 transforms on drawTiles
  • Added "windows", "mac" and "linux" preprocessor defines
  • Many small fixes and improvements

NME-99 Linux installer fails on new Ubuntu install
NME-98 Waxe cpp compilation problem: ApplicationMain.hxtemplate, getAsset() method returning nothing
NME-97 nme/neash.geom.Rectangle unison() method bug
NME-96 SDL_GL Anti-aliasing bug
NME-94 Jeash SimpleButton impl. is missing
NME-93 HTTPStatusEvent: Recursive typedef is not allowed
NME-88 hasEventListener for MOUSE_UP on stage (iOS) fails
NME-87 ObjectHash breaks compilation
NME-86 TextField.htmlText problem on windows/C++
NME-85 TextField.htmlText crash
NME-84 Signing APK files fails because of wrong version of Java JDK
NME-83 Version number in NMML does not get passed through to Android APK file
JEASH-11 Using ObjectHash targeting HTML5 fails.
JEASH-5 jeash.display.SimpleButton


  • Jeash is now a part of NME
  • Refactored to better handle multiple backends
  • Updated documentation for Haxe 2.09
  • Added dynamic sound support to Windows, Mac, Linux, BlackBerry and webOS
  • Added release signing for BlackBerry
  • Improved orientation handling for BlackBerry
  • Added build numbers for iOS, Android and BlackBerry
  • Improved the ObjectHash data type
  • Improved stability and HTML text handling in TextFields

NME-81 Alpha not being set for DisplayObjects with SW-rendered children
NME-74 Command+Q should quit the application on a Mac


  • Updated for Haxe 2.09
  • Improved support for BlackBerry
  • Improved URLLoader
  • Improved accelerometer orientation

NME-79 Compilation errors for neko on haxe 2.09
NME-78 Need to add a .keys() method to nme.ObjectHash
NME-67 DisplayObjectContainer::nmeGetObjectsUnderPoint calls itself rather than it's children
NME-62 BlackBerry target needs _sans, _serif, _typewriter default fonts
NME-56 Can't compile to Android
NME-55 ia32-libs-multiarch instead of ia32-libs on new linux ubuntu 11.10
NME-54 Hard coded path for windows blackberry bin directory
NME-39 TextField.wordWrap allows line breaks when a character has accents


  • Added native BlackBerry support.
  • Added armv6/armv7 support for iOS and Android.
  • Improved quality and stability when drawing shapes.
  • Fixed support for older webOS devices.

NME-52 Iphone dependency tag not working
NME-51 Add Lib.getURL support for Linux
NME-50 TriangleCulling is inverted between Flash and CPP targets (Win x64 tested)
NME-49 Windows crash with latest rc
NME-47 ObjectHash class not found
NME-45 Three of the Graphics classes are not defined under flash
NME-44 SQLite 1.06 from haxelib caused iOS build to fail
NME-39 TextField.wordWrap allows line breaks when a character has accents
NME-38 defaults _sans, typewriter not displaying on android 2.3
NME-37 soundChannel.stop () is not working for sounds on webOS
NME-35 Hardware-based bitmaps are sometimes rendering white (Windows)
NME-34 Events that are removed while they are still bubbling cause an error (NME 3.2)
NME-33 Events appear not to dispatch when the object is not added to the display list
NME-31 Inverted rotationY in Matrix3D.decompose
NME-30 Inconsistency in Matrix3D.transformVector(s)
NME-29 Alpha in colorTransform/concatenatedColorTransform is slightly different than Flash
NME-28 The tag does not create target directories if they do not exist
NME-27 Graphics drawn using Tilesheet.drawTiles do not register click events for the parent object
NME-26 Using a BlendMode or mask fails when the object has lines
NME-24 Calling "removeChild" when the object is not a child does not throw an error
NME-22 displayObjectContainer.addChildAt calls addChild internally, but it should act separately
NME-20 Using bitmapData.draw fails when the target includes lines
NME-19 Delta for MouseEvent.MOUSE_WHEEL should be reversed
NME-18 Custom display object events are not bubbling
NME-16 nme.utils.Timer does not respect a change in delay unless it is stopped and restarted
NME-13 Input TextFields do not respect defaultTextFormat if you don't set the text property first
NME-11 Use system folders for SharedObject on Mac
NME-7 Need to implement nme.system.Capabilities for BlackBerry
NME-6 Need to implement SharedObject for BlackBerry
NME-5 Need to implement accelerometer support for BlackBerry
NME-3 Android JNI is causing issues in NME 3.2
NME-1 Checking the size of a Shape fails when lines are included


  • Added "nme.text.NMEFont" to allow haxe-based fonts.
  • Added "nme.display.SimpleButton" support to SWF generation.
  • Resolved issues when compiling waxe-based projects that don't use NME.
  • Updated "nme setup" for newer toolchains.
  • Android builds now require Android NDK r7 or newer.
  • iOS builds now compile for armv7 by default.
  • Stability improvements and small fixes.


  • Android applications will install to external storage (SD card) by default.
  • Improved support for special directories on all targets.
  • Added built-in support for SWF assets (Flash and C++ targets).
  • Created a new "display" command for improved IDE support.
  • Revised and improved the NMML file specification.
  • Addressed "disappearing object" issues with the software renderer.
  • Added support for "template" files, overwriting the default files for each target.
  • URLLoader now supports HTTP POST and SSL on C++ targets.
  • Added "mobile", "web" and "desktop" defines, for simplicity.
  • Tilesheet.drawTiles now includes compatibility for use in Flash.
  • Joystick support added for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Improved tessellation for primitives in the hardware renderer.
  • Made it possible to add additional iOS frameworks through NMML.
  • Automatically handling orientation changes on iOS now.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed graphics.drawTriangles (sorry!).
  • Moved the drawTiles API to "nme.display.Tilesheet".
  • Added Flash support for tileSheet.drawTiles.
  • Improved the Flash preloader.
  • Added preloader support to HTML5.
  • Added "nme.utils.Timer".
  • Several small fixes.


  • Added HTML5 support (together with Jeash).
  • Added support for Opera widgets, using Flash.
  • Added support for Chrome apps, using Flash.
  • Added multi-touch for webOS.
  • Added code for NME installer.
  • Added cross-publishing for Neko (experimental).
  • Added "document" command for project documentation.
  • Updated support for changes in XCode 4.3 and OS X Lion.
  • Updated support for changes the Android SDK tools.
  • Added "nme.Assets" for strong-typed, cross-platform embedded assets.
  • Added "" support for Neko and C++ targets.
  • Added "nme.JNI" to simplify Java access on Android.
  • Added "nme.system.Capabilities" for screen DPI on Neko and C++.
  • Added "build", "run" and "test" support for iOS.
  • Added support for scale, alpha, RGB and smoothing in graphics.drawTiles.
  • Added "setup" command to automate install of necessary toolchains.
  • Added support for Android release-signing.
  • Improved TTF and WAV embedding on Flash.
  • Improved support for NME extensions.
  • Many other compile, feature and consistency improvements.


  • Added install-tool to make cross-platform development easier.
  • Added webOS support.
  • Added CURL support.
  • Many, many improvements to flash compatibility.


  • Overhauled just about everything.
  • Added initial Android support.


  • A few minor changes to make neash integration easier.
  • Fixed bug with rendering PNG images to bitmaps.
  • Added some font-path logic to make finding font files easier on non-windows.


  • Major upgrade to add the flash drawing API.
  • Renamed some classes to conform to the flash class structure.
  • Statically link NME.ndll with SDL libraries for windows.
  • Added initial Linux port.
  • Removed SGE dependency.
  • Added a bunch of examples.
  • Added a GameBase class to simplify some tasks.


  • Removed SDL_Net (haXe has far superior capabilities)
  • Added SGE
  • Removed SDL_TTF replacing it with functions in SGE
  • Added Bitmap Font support from SGE
  • Added scale and rotate surface support from SGE


  • Added a couple of samples to get users going with the library


  • Initial release of the Neko Media Engine (NME)