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Build Instructions
1. Gather dependencies
You will require a number of other libraries in order to build OpenTTD. Each dependency is located in a separate repository. The list is as follows:
- lzma
- SDL (1.2)
- TiMidity
- TouchControlOverlay
Checkout all of the repositories and import the projects into a workspace in the NDK.
2. Build project
First you should choose a build configuration (Device-Debug, Device-Release, or Simulator) and make sure all the projects have that build configuration selected. Then select the openttd project and build it.
3. Run
Create a new run configuration for openttd. You will need to specify runtime arguments otherwise the game will likely not display correctly. The required arguments are:
-b 32bpp-optimized -r 1024x600
This will choose the 32bpp optimized tileset and select the correct resolution. Click Run to start the game. Have fun!