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JAM335 Hands-on Lab


Getting Deep Device Integration with Third Party Extensions


Add native functionality to your BlackBerry® 10 web apps with third party web extensions. These custom built extensions allow you to achieve deep level integration device capabilities such as NFC. See live examples of third party extensions at work and gain the knowledge to bring new native functionality to your web apps.


  • Understand how to install, configure and use development tools for BlackBerry WebWorks extensions development
  • Using the template, develop, compile and deploy an extension.
  • Test the functionality of the extension using TestHarness software and a sample webworks application.

Presented at

BlackBerry Jam Europe (Feb 5-6, 2013)

Created and Presented By

Agenda and format (2 hrs)

All content for this presentation was made available as a PDF and sample code for attendees to download at the start of the session. Attendees are encouraged to complete tasks in order but can do so at their own pace. Each task has beginner, intermediate and advanced materials. Speakers are available to assist attendees understand the requirements of the lab and guide them through completing each step if they get stuck.

All content is available as a PDF so people can follow along at their own pace. Development tools must already be setup (don’t have time to configure everything) Attendees will first be guided through building the web layer of the extension template, followed by the native component. Attendees will then be shown how to compile and configure the extension for use with the WebWorks SDK Finally, attendees will compile and use this extension in a real app running on a live device.

Lab Setup

This lab requires that attendees have the following development tools available: