Adaptation of Minimoog (Toni Jovanoski)'s QTweetLib
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QTweetLib v.0.5 originates from


  • Uses QJson library by Flavio Castelli for parsing JSON responses
  • JSON parsing is done in multithreaded way using QThreadPool
  • User Streams support is not fully completed (fetches responses correctly, JSON parsing is not full implemented)



BlackBerry 10 Native SDK and Simulator:


  1. Clone or download/extract this code locally
  2. Start the SDK and click "File" > "Import" > "General" > "Existing Projects into Workspace"
  3. Click "Browse" to "Select root directory:" and "Finish" to import.
  4. From the "Project Explorer", right-click "QTweetLib" and select "Build-Configurations" > "Set Active" > "Device-Release"
  5. From the "Project Explorer", right-click "QTweetLib" and select "Build Project"
  6. The build output is QTweetLib/QTweetLib/arm/o.le-v7/

Creating your own BlackBerry 10 app:

  1. Start the SDK and click "File" > "New" > "Project" > "BlackBerry Project" > "Application" > "Cascades"
  2. Click "Next" and select the "Template" for your app.
  3. Click "Next" and enter your "Project name:" and other "Basic Settings"
  4. Add required includes from QTweetLib to your project code.
  5. Link to in your bar-descriptor.
  6. Develop and build your app using the SDK and Simulators or a BlackBerry 10 device.