BlackBerry 10 Specific QtLocationSubset API
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BlackBerry 10 Specific QtLocationSubset API

The QtLocationSubset library provides support for positioning and geocoding/reverse geocoding. It is based on the Qt Mobility 1.2 QtLocation module. It lacks support for landmarks, mapping and routing. The following enhancements have been made:

  • To support the BlackBerry 10 geocoding/reverse geocoding I/O, the text() and setText() methods from Qt 5 were backported to the QGeoAddress class.
  • Support for features of the BlackBerry 10 Location Manager not supported by the QtLocation API was added through the Qt property system applied to the BlackBerry 10 specific subclass of QGeoPositionInfoSource.
  • Similarly, the BlackBerry 10 related ability to set the level of specificity (address, city, country) for a geocode request is supported utilizing Qt’s property system with subclassed QGeoSearchManagerEngine.
  • Declared metatypes for all of the QGeo* value type classes (backported from Qt 5).