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Building using BlackBerry NDK 2.0

  • Either copy the .pk3 files from your official Quake3 CD(testing only) or any custom packages (pk3 files) you have made to the resource/baseq3 directory.

Building from Momentics IDE

  • Run BlackBerry Momentics IDE.
  • Import the project from the Quake3 directory.
  • If you want to be able to debug, select the project and go to Project -> Build Configurations -> Set Active -> Device-Debug
  • Build the project.
  • Debug or Run the project.

Build from Makefile

  • Run cmd.exe and execute the following commands:

    > cd [bbndk] -- where [bbndk] is where the QNX NDK was installed (i.e. C:\bbndk-2.0.0)

    > bbndk-env[.bat/.sh]

    > cd [Quake3]/qnx -- where [Quake3] is the directory where Quake3 was extracted to

    > make

  • Following this, the relevant binaries should reside in the following subdirectories:

    • [quake3]/qnx/nto/arm/o.le.v7/quake3 (ARM release)
    • [quake3]/qnx/nto/arm/o.le.v7.g/quake3_g (ARM debug)
  • Run the following to build the Quake3 bar file. Add the additional parameters for signing keys and debug tokens.

    > blackberry-nativepackager -package bar-descriptor.xml -e qnx/nto/arm/o.le.v7/quake3 quake3 -e resource/baseq3/pak0.pk3 baseq3/pak0.pk3 icon.png

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